Taylor “PottyMouth” Flook Tries To Label Me As Illegal at the No One Is Illegal March!


One of the more disturbing moments I had at yesterday’s marches was when Taylor Flook decided to go all Dave Vasey on me and start insisting I had no right to be out on Toronto’s streets! You may remember Taylor from back in February when she came out of nowhere throwing potty language and  ad-hominem attacks at me.

It started on the march from Queen’s Park back to City Hall, after the most excellent Occupy Gardens event. Once again, PottyMouth came to me and  started attacking and insulting. I told her she was invading my safe space and asked her to back-off, but she ignored that.

Oh, and PottyMouth, here’s the Canadian definition for assault. Read it, and you will see that you are absolutely wrong in what you said to me…

Later, on the March from City Hall to Alexandra Park, PottyMouth came after me again. This time she decided to start saying bad things about my mother- what is this, a schoolyard? No, it is a No One Is Illegal march!

Once more, I informed her that she was invading my safe space. Unfortunately, it seems she doesn’t have respect for other people’s safe spaces and she continued.

This time she showed-up with a guy from No One Is Illegal and asked me to leave. Apparently, No One Is Illegal except for your’s truly! It reminds me of the time that Harsha Walia tried to make me illegal at Occupy Vancouver. Oh, the irony! (please also see the conversation I had with Roseanne Barr & Occupy Police about Harsha’s stance on violence at Occupy)

And then, finally, PottyMouth and Trey Winney decided to block my filming of this public event using, of all things, one of the flags used by the Black Bloc crowd I was filming!

Are these people for real? They want to abolish all borders for illegal immigrants- but, once people arrive in our country, they want to dictate who can stand outside on the streets of our cities and who can’t. Oy Vei!

The only positive thing I can say about PottyMouth’s behaviour yesterday was that, at least, she avoided the potty language this time. What happened, did Judy Rebick finally wash her mouth out with soap?

And it seems that Toronto isn’t the only occupation with a ‘Flook problem’, and that Taylor isn’t the only TIDES Foundation/George Soros funded stooge in her family. According to someone at Occupy Edmonton, her sister Chelsea has done quite a job damaging the good folks at Occupy Edmonton too! (and the Sierra Club is also TIDES funded…)

Oh look, and she

And, not only Black Bloc, but CUPE Black Bloc!

Wake up Occupy Toronto! You have been hijacked by a very ugly 5%!

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