Harsha Walia’s Gonna Get It! (Bob Ages Too!)

Ben Pearson (in one of the best Occupy Vancouver pictures ever!)

UPDATE: This article includes some inaccuracies, please refer to the comments section for updated information

I’ve written about this issue a few times now, and posted the (very popular) video of Occupy Vancouver Gone Wild! It all started after Ben Pearson began to ask questions about OV finances. Ben’s a brave man, and I commend his tenacity in keeping-up the good fight here….

Well, despite his calling-out the people who have been trying to oppress his questions, they have only got more aggressive and unreasonable. It seems there is something they are really scared about in his questions. But, Ben isn’t the type of people to let the ‘bad guys’ win. If only more people in this world were so honourable!

Have a look at Ben’s posting in the Occupy Vancouver! Facebook page a couple days ago:

I remember the incident where he talks about a kerfuffle going on about OV finances. Tristan Markle (of the Mainlander) was amongst a couple other people who hijacked the General Assembly (GA) one night and called for an explanation of what was happening with finances.

They arrived a few minutes before the GA started and got the group into a talk about how money wasn’t being accounted for properly. The crowd got rather upset and started the GA on their own before the facilitators arrived. Nothing came out of this, but a number of people walked-away from OV that night and didn’t show-up much after that.

Anyhow, after Ben made this posting he got a lot of crap from a (minority) of the people on the Facebook page. One person in particular (MadLove) started to make some unfounded disparaging remarks. Ben came back with a reasonable response:

MadLove came back with some more disparaging attacks (I won’t entertain him by publishing his drivel)- but, Ben came back and made things very clear:

I agree with Ben entirely. The affinity group he is referring to are all people from Harsha Walia’s No One Is Illegal gang of treasonous thugs.  And, the Finance Committe was led by Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians- the people who brought Harsha’s thugs into the Olympics the day they smashed-up the windows at the Hudson Bay Company and got into a street brawl with the police. (The same day David Eby mysteriously withdrew his legal observers)


You’ll notice Ben also mentions issues with the W2 Media Centre. This is another nefarious part of Vancouver’s professional protester culture. The centre is run by Irwin Oostende, a man who’s fame includes attacking transsexual women, and running a part-time rave club.

Irwin eagerly ran-along with the politics and banned Ben from going to W2. Curiously, this is the same place where OV runs finance meetings. Is this a mere coincidence? Hmmm….

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  1. Hi there, MadLove is a friend of many involved in our organization, but is in no way officially involved with Shambhala Music Festival, and his views & opinions are his own, not ours. He in no way represents the views of our company.

    Please correct your post. Thanks.

    If you would like to reach me to discuss anything, please email [email protected]. My name is Britz Robins, I am the director of social media for SMF.


    1. Thanks for the correction. I’ll fix this in a few minutes.

      1. Thank you, much appreciated. :)

    • Occultpie Myass on May 11, 2012 at 18:14
    • Reply

    WOW This sounds very much like the Toronto Occupy debacle. As of yet the finances and the dissapearance of donation monies has NEVER been rectified. Those who dared to question have been harrassed, threatened and banned. Corruption reigns within the Occupy movement.

    • Ben on May 11, 2012 at 20:16
    • Reply

    Just a couple more corrections, Greg, but otherwise I appreciate this piece (though the title is a bit melodramatic, don’t you think?).

    First, It wasn’t Madlove’s remarks that I was responding to. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t commenting at all in that thread. I was answering Trevor Walper’s scathing statements, and addressing the blame issue with John.

    Second, This affinity group is composed of: a few people in OV Finance whom I’ve rattled with my investigation, a few from OV Facilitation whom I’ve called out in the past for not incorporating voted and agreed on changes to GA’s that would aid inclusivity, and a “anti-discrimination” group that calls themselves the “Circle of Protection” (or as some have now been calling them – C.o.P.’s). that could very possibly be members of NOII, but I don’t know for sure where they come from or their intentions.

    Greg, I’ve seen your potential for greatness in some of these articles, you have a real knack for putting correlations together and getting to the truth that others don’t, but sometimes you need to confirm the whole story before sensationalizing a half truth too. I challenge you to do a bit more research and verification on your stories before printing things. Honestly, I think if you did that, you’d be a damn great journalist, and wouldn’t experience near as many problems with people in your community. But that’s just my opinion :)

    1. Hi,

      I guess I got this part wrong because I blocked Trevor- he’s been harassing too many people, and I was sick of it. Apparently MadLove is going under the psudo John NoEndbridge, or so I was told. His was the only part of this conversation I saw.

      Many of the members of the circle of protection are NoII people (and close associates). And, this is their key tactic that they use. I know, because like you I’ve been targeted with it. I’ve been studying these people for months now, and I know their intentions- they are closely connected to the people in the finance group, and all work as a team together. It is the same here in Toronto. Once you know their tactics though, they are rather transparent.

      Thanks for your recognition and advice- I understand what you are saying, particularly with this article. I try to make things a bit fun, as reading about lefty craziness can be a bit dull at times. I’ll work towards the goal of toning it down. Actually, I’m in the middle of writing something about that now.


        • Ben on May 12, 2012 at 03:27
        • Reply

        Oh, I see. I’m sorry but you need to question your source. I know John NoEmbridge Pourier, I’ve rallied with him and verified he is that fb profile, he’s real and not a psudo for Madlove. He’s a straight up – no crap kinda guy that questions everything and isn’t afraid to give you a good ego check, but he’s one of the good apples from what I’ve seen.

        I can understand the need to stir the soul to get people into some kind of action with colourful wording… It’s been damn hard for me to get anyone’s attention with the truth, let alone stir them into taking action about it. I think you have real talent, I’m just trying to help you hone it from an observers view for what it might be worth :)

        In earnest,

        1. I totally appreciate that Ben. One of the things I like about you is how straightforward you appear to be, and how you are willing to point-out the truth- even when it could cause conflict. If everyone was like this we’d have a much better world…


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