If An Twelve Year Old Can Get It, Why Can’t The Occupy Movement?

Come on Occupiers! Let’s quit talking about identity and safe-space politics and start talking about what founded our movement! Once we fix the government and the bankers, the rest will come with it…

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  1. Zane should be avery proud father! I’m a proud viewer! From Miami, Florida, USA.

    -tips hat-

    1. Indeed! His daughter is smarter than the Occupy movement! lol

      1. think about it.. for war, majority of the soldiers were brain dead and got resurrected by ‘their duty to die for it’, the occupy movement once compromised by George Soros and his likes also attracted tons of brain dead people.. some swayed by fake facilitators that are shills paid by GS… and many others are fanatics frankly! The minority lurk and expose and learn and grow on… while they… try to “change”… the following are compromised. adbusters, culturejammers, moveon, change, wallstreet… all those orgz are smoking guns bredren.

        1. Yep, it is definitely a Soros affair! We need to talk…

          1. got facebook?

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