A Great Video About George Soros… (Let’s start a debate!)

This video gives a great understanding of who Soros is and what he does. Pay special attention to the word ‘globalizing’. Also pay attention to the part discussing Soros’ support of Islamic causes…

Put this all into the microcosm of the Occupy movement, and the ideals the 5% have been trying to impose on us. I’ll leave that to you to figure out for now, and am curious to hear your thoughts on it. So, please, throw them into the comments section and let’s start a dialogue.

Yes, lefties, it’s Glenn Beck- I don’t want to hear about it. Please let’s not turn this into a conversation of hate and division. If you like Soros, give us some reasons why- and, if you don’t like him, do the same. If you are unsure, or on-the-fence, ask some questions.

Occupy can only succeed in dealing with the ‘1%’ (more like .1%) if we can drop our ideologies and pre-programmed assumptions and get into an honest debate. Are you ready for that Occupiers?


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    • brotherwolf on May 12, 2012 at 11:01
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    Well, I am still not certain what criteria is used to determine exactly who is considered 1% , and what verifiable set of criteria’s are used to make that determination. For example, if a person in abject poverty purchases a lottery ticket and wins twenty million dollars, are they now considered part of the one percent, keeping in mind that ten minutes before they won, they had no idea where the meal was coming from.

    The next point for me is that I personally have no objection to a CEO earning 10 or 15 million a year. That CEO runs a company that turns over , possibly billions of dollars a year, if not daily. That company most likely has thousands if not tens of thousands of employees who would be out of work if the company did not exist or was not longer profitable. Further, that CEO is the one who has his or her head on the line if things go very bad. Therefore, to compensate such a person with that type of pay is not unreasonable at all.

    I also support tax breaks for big corporations because without those tax breaks, they would then simply move to someplace that will offer them and voila, we have thousands of unemployed persons to look after. the cost of the tax breaks is far cheaper that the cost of paying out uic to unemployed workers, and at least, they are still paying something.

    Back on the subject that this reply is based on, I think there is so much more we need to learn about soros and what he controls. I think his tentacles are far reaching into areas we would have never considered.

  1. Soros has totally infiltrated occupy victoria. I’ve been waiting for that debate for over a year and all these occutards can do is admit to being infiltrated but continue to play by the rules those infiltrators (who were there from the very start) had setup, because these rules are mirror images of the same rules used in the cult-like ngo’s of soros.

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