Occupy Montreal Gone Wild!

Picture of one of the smoke bombs in the Montreal Metro...

Here’s an interesting video of a demonstration yesterday by Occupy Montreal. They were gathering in ‘jail solidarity’ for their members who were arrested for throwing smoke bombs into the Metro. This is interesting on a couple of levels…

First, what is happening in their heads that they would celebrate people who did such a stupid act? Do they not realize that the majority of the 99% are not impressed by such juvenile pranks? Not to mention that 1000’s of people had their lives disrupted while the Metro was closed for three hours!

Nothing good could have come out of this act…

I’m not very good at my French, so please deal with the poor translation- but, here’s what the speaker is saying at the start of the video:

“…this is not a media circus…we would appreciate it if you would not talk to the media in order to make this protest remarkable. Because they are not here to help…”

So, what do they do? They decide to block the cameras with their flags and iPhones, and generally make themselves look like fools. I thought the idea behind a demonstration was to get the attention of the people and the media! Have these people lost their minds?

This reminds me of the incident at Occupy Vancouver where Darren Pearson and Captain Sweep decided it was a good idea to harass Mi Jung Lee from CTV as she did a live broadcast from our camp back in November. Regardless of your opinion about the press- it is never a good idea to treat them with aggression. Just look into the camera like it is the eyes of your lover, show the people out there Occupiers are good, empathetic beings.

Captain Sweep doing some ye olde cop-baiting...

When are people in the Occupy movement going to realize that there are people who are leading them astray? Until this happens, the movement is unlikely to move anywhere beyond being¬†ridiculed…

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  1. lol they are not speaking real french, I’d translate but I was taught french that is spoken in france — quebecers have bastardized the language.

    • James on May 15, 2012 at 22:30
    • Reply

    Dude, you have to do your homework. It was not OccupyMontreal that smoke bombed the metro, but a splinter group of the student/tuition boycott movement. Just saying.

    1. You’re right, it wasn’t OM who threw the smoke bomb. It was, however, OM who ran the jail solidarity where the shunned and fought the media. And, it was Brandon Gray from OT who is with them in the pictures.

    • James on May 15, 2012 at 22:37
    • Reply

    Fair enough. You know, you have someone who has been living this for the past four months, you can always email if you want more texture to what is a pretty complicated and confusing situation in QC right now….

    1. I’ll do that- thanks!

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