Anarchy In Quebec! (Time to talk to the NDP…)

This is what useful idiots look like!

A group of thugs invaded the Universite du Quebec a Montreal today. Spray painting the walls, invading classrooms and calling the students scabs for daring to go to classes- and, a couple of women were assaulted. What happened was like the early stages of a new Kristallnacht– how can we accept this kind of hooliganism in Canada?

Have a look at the video and see for yourself:

If today’s actions looked bad, the results were much worse. The Quebec government just announced that they are planning to shut-down the universities for the rest of the term. So, because of the actions of a minority of students, and some out-of-town thugs like Ashleigh Ingle & Brandon Gray, the majority of students will end up paying a very high price.

This is not just a group of simple anarchist thugs. Yes, the majority of them are useful idiots who know not what they do. But, their leaders, people like Ashleigh, are Marxist/Trotskyist unionists with deep connections to people in the NDP.

Ashleigh Ingle, Anarchist leader, trade unionist, high-school teacher, and terrorist?

And, when one starts investigating who the Black Bloc’s connections are- all roads lead to people like Judy Rebick, Winnie Ng, David McNally, and Carolyn Egan. All of these people have deep connections to the leaders of this idiocy- if they aren’t part of the solution, these champagne socialists are definitely part of the problem!

These idiots in black masks are being manipulated- and the people behind them are directly connected to the NDP’s Socialist Caucus. It looks to me like a cynical ploy to get their party, and their caucus, back into power.

This is what Marxism looks like!

One has to wonder why Mulcair hasn’t stepped-in to stop this yet. Is he really a moderate? Or, is he a gentle front-man who is waiting on the player’s bench until the anarchist Zamboni does its job…

I’ve had enough of this, I’m sure the peaceful students have too. The question is,why aren’t Canadians standing-up and speaking out? Don’t they realize how close this is to real-life terrorism happening in their own cities? Stand up people, call/write to your MP’s, the PM- write to Mr. Mulcair. Enough is enough!

We can’t let this go any further. Bad things happen when the ‘Black Shirts’ take-over. The time for action is now!

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