The Black Bloc Have Honoured Me With A Personalized Chant!

Anarchist Joey- more to come on him!

There’s a funny thing about Toronto’s anarcho-primitivist community. On the one hand, they are complete attention whores- putting on a show for every TV camera they see. But, every time they see me with a camera, they feel the need to swear, issue threats, and try to block my filming. Even in a crowd where dozens of people are taking pictures…

I was walking along College Street, casually filming the crowds chanting ¬†yesterday when one of their leaders decided to go all Dave Vasey on me and try to block my filming. I wasn’t filming anything in-particular, but this guy decided it was necessary to start issuing threats.

There is a lot of repressed anger among the anarcho-primitivist crowd…

Prior to this incident, the Bloc had chanted about three issues- making love with the police, revolution, and student fees. This was a nice change really, typically they only chant about their love for the police. That said, it would great if they could come-up with one for the bankers one day!

So imagine how surprised, and honoured, I was when I heard they made-up a special chant just for yours truly! I caught it all on video for you my dear readers- have a look!

I’m guessing, that if I were an anarcho-primitivist, this chant would have bothered me- I’ve just learned that the word ‘goof’ is one of the worst insults that can be found in Canadian prison slang.

That said, this isn’t really a problem for me- when I go to a demonstration, I’m always sure to follow Abbie Hoffman’s top two pieces of advice for revolutionaries:

I’ve never gone all Alex Hundert and found myself in jail, so I’m gleefully ignorant of prison slang. Perhaps, if these guys could see past all of the brainwashing and groupthink of their peers, they’d find themselves in the same position…

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