The BCGEU May Not Only Be Full Of Shit…

Did the BCGEU do this?

Did the BCGEU put a new meaning to the concept of the flying squad on Thursday?

The mining industry was holding a conference at the ritzy Four Seasons hotel in Vancouver. Suddenly, the fire alarm was pulled, and some identified subjects ran into the conference room and threw a bag that was reportedly a mixture of urine and faeces. No political message accompanied the attack! (say what?)

What was the value of pulling the fire alarm?

I was contacted by someone who was in the room today, who apparently was a victim of the shit-slingers, so I started to dig into the issue. My first reaction was that the perpetrators were probably some of the idiots in the Deep Green cult. Does anyone know if Macdonald Stainsby was in town?

Mac Stainsby- NDP Hitman & Pie Thrower…

But, after a quick Googling of the incident I found an interesting article in the Vancouver Province. (otherwise known as the SunVinceTaiPost)

In the article they mentioned that, at the same time as the shit slinging happened, the BCGEU were in talks with the provincial government in the very same hotel. What a coincidence!

I’ve seen these sort of shenanigans happen before at Occupy Vancouver’s port blockade back in December. On the surface, it seemed to be only an OV event- but, I’ve learned through back-channels that it was actually a shot taken by the ILWU against the CAW. Blocking the truck drivers caused them to lose pay.

Michael H Hejazi as a California Union Activist (things that make you go hmmmm)

Unionist Black Bloc leader┬áMichael H Hejazi was at the front of the line that day…

If anyone has any information to share, please email me at: grenouf(at) All communications will be confidential and not released without your express permission.

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  1. A great big thank you to the person who sent me the anonymous lead- this could be interesting…

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