This Is What Trotskyists Look Like!

I joined the Marxism mailing list a few months ago after I found out how Macdonald Stainsby is quite active on there- it was one of my first clues about the type of people we are dealing with here. It is an interesting group where you’ll find a lot of hard-core unionists like Sid Shniad.

Anyhow, thought y’all may enjoy this clipping where one of their members decided to share some of Trotsky’s ‘wisdom’ with us…

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    • Dave on June 25, 2012 at 23:12
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    What’s the problem with the quote by Trotsky? He certainly wasn’t advocating the extermination of the Jews – rather he was predicting that’s what Hitler would do (or try to do). That’s certainly more prescient than the vast majority of people who didn’t think the Jews were at serious peril. Perhaps had more people shared Trotsky’s view the Holocaust could have been prevented?

    1. What does this have to do with Hitler?

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