Talking About the Casseroles On The Roy Green Radio Show Today!

I called into the nationally syndicated Roy Green show today on the Corus radio network. Catherine Swift was on from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. I shared my thoughts on how the Casseroles have been gradually hijacked by the Marxists & Anarchists. To my (happy) surprise, Swift agreed with me entirely!

She then goes on to discussing her thoughts on union involvement, and Occupy and how it was hijacked by the very same people…

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    • Foxtrot on July 15, 2012 at 19:51
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    Hey Greg, do you know anything about these guys? They seem to be the ones behind the push to spread the student protest to Ontario.

    They also seem to be a faction in Occupy

    1. I recognise one of them from the first Toronto Casseroles march. He’s near the top left, middle eastern guy with a beard. If I recall, he’s with the York University Canadian Federation of Students. He’s also with

    1. I’ll share a link with you later from a group of student reps supporting the student strikes. There are more Marxists on that letter than the 4th International!

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