Video Indicates James Holmes May Have Had An Accomplice!

Witness to shootings who said James Holmes may have had an accomplice…

It is very possible that the person in this interview is guessing wrong- after all, there was probably a lot of confusion in the theatre. But, he says clearly that “from what we know he wasn’t alone…the second can of tear gas didn’t come from his side.” Very interesting…

The video is after the break…


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    • KramLaFup on July 21, 2012 at 02:31
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    there is another eyewitness interview saying someone on a cell phone went and opened the emergency exit and propped it open with foot as he motioned a wave to whomever was outside.

    1. That’s interesting information- thanks for sharing!

    2. Do have link to the interview ,please?Or from where did you get this information.
      Thank you

    • TD on July 21, 2012 at 03:45
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    I, and many other people, suspect security agency involvement.. a “false flag” event, where it is all set up to convince the public of terrorist threat while being guided by the agencies that are supposed to protect us!! The Underwear Bomber was also set up and many others in recent history… People before you assume I am crazy, please look up information about false flag events and recent ones. They DO happen… even Hitler staged one!! This may also be one in order to remove more people’s rights out of fear. People get scared and let them take away rights and tell them that terrorists are under every rock… which they aren’t!! Even if this isn’t a false flag event. a few people use guns in a negative way should not make responsible gun owners lose their weapons… for instance, there are a few people who drive wrong and kill or injure people but the majority of drivers haven’t lost their cars or licenses… punish those who break the law, don’t punish everyone!! If licensed gun owners are being responsible why should they lose their guns because someone else uses them irresponsibly??? The gangs are going to get guns whether you make them illegal or not, especially when you have jackasses in the security agencies selling them to gangs anyway!!! Look at Fast and Furious…. where else are these guns being sold? We can’t be told, it’s a “national security threat” to tell us…. yeah, right… I think our “security” agencies are the real threat at this point!!! They and governments are creating terror (fear of terrorists) while stripping our rights away in Canada and especially in the US under the guise of “protecting” us!!!. This is messed up and is unacceptable… People STOP putting up with these manipulations!!!

  1. TD~ YAY! Tell it LIKE IT IS! Let’s just say, look at it from a bigger picture perspective vs. the easily agitated ego worm hole view…These days there is plenty of info out there that proves many of the agencies people think are ” here to protect” are actually creating the biggest deceptions causing a divide and conquer within the people. We no longer have the excuse of ignorance… And no one else to blame for complacency.

    • Foxtrot on July 21, 2012 at 08:16
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    Can there be a major news event occur without some idiot alleging a conspiracy?

    1. I hope not, or life would get rather boring. lol

  2. Remember Anders Breivik? He was not alone. There were eyewitnesses and one guy was even apprehended for a while. He killed 69 people, mostly kids on 22. july 2011, In Norway.

    1. Interesting, I’ll have to look that up. Thanks for sharing!

  3. if I was that man, suicide watch would stop me, or else I’d “darth vader” it with a sporting full face mask.

  4. I wish I made screen caps. Early on in the morning, about 6AM here, there were stories saying the Police were pursuing a second suspect in the mall.

    The timing with the US vote to sign on to the UN Small Arms Treaty next week is either a shock or not, depending on your perspective. If you think there are no conspiracies ever than you can just believe in the coincidence of this timing.

    First though maybe look up “Sirhan Sirhan brainwashed assassin” you of conspiratorial ignorance.

    1. Yeah, I’ve thought about Sirhan Sirhan in this context. It’s quite possible there is much more to the story than we are being told. In particular, it is astounding how small this guy’s Internet footprint is…

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