Fukushima: The Internal vs. External Radiation Deception…

A small particle of plutonium found in lung tissue…

One of the greatest scientific crimes being committed against the people of Japan, and other countries where the radiation has drifted, is the deception of the effects of internal vs. external radiation. This is a deception so nefarious, it should be considered to be a crime against humanity…

One of the more popular tools used to deceive people about radiation exposure is the story about the amount of radiation one gets flying on an airplane. The average air passenger is exposed to 1 millirem (millionth of a rem) of external gamma radiation coming from space. On average, a person is exposed to 100 millirem living on earth. Both of these are not a major concern, as our skin is able to protect us from it.

However, ingested or breathed in, a tiny speck of one millionth of a gram of uranium, plutonium, or other highly radioactive materials are enough to be lethal. But, when we listen to the media about the effects of radiation, they tend not to tell us that- they stick to measuring the effects of radiation by their external measures.

Can you see all of the ways this could be problematic?

When the Fukushima plant exploded, it distributed tonnes of uranium, and other radioactive materials into the sky. Some of this material came out in large chunks, distributed locally, and some came out as a fine dust. The dust has blown all across Japan, and to other countries carried in the wind. Anyone who ingests a small dust particle is highly likely to get cancer.

Then there’s the problem of the radiation flowing into the sea. When the melt-through’s started at Fukushima the plant operators had to take drastic measures and inject sea water into them to keep them from being further damaged- they are still circulating sea water through the reactors today. A large amount of that water cycles back into the ocean- this is the reason that the Pacific is becoming as badly poisoned as I mentioned in my story about fish farming.

This radiation is being introduced into the food chain, and is the reason that radioactive tuna were discovered off of the California coast earlier this year. This is where the debate becomes a global issue. The media is reporting the radiation is not enough to have an effect on people’s health. The problem is that they are basing this story on the levels of allowed external radiation, and are ignoring the fact that the tuna will be ingested.

The same problem goes for other food products that have found to be contaminated. Pacific seaweed is one example- and, in Japan, radioactivity has been found in rice, mushrooms, tea, and dozens of other foods. But, the media still reports this as ‘allowable limits’.

The problem is that, taken internally- no amount of radiation is safe. The reality of what the media is saying is totally wrong. The fact is that they are taking a statistical viewpoint. The majority of people who ingest that tuna will not get cancer- but, a small number of people will.

The US & Canadian governments are not currently testing seafood for radiation. And, the majority of food items coming from Japan aren’t tested either. Considering this, and knowing that even tiny levels of internally ingested radiation could cause cancer- are you willing to take the risk of eating Pacific fish?

I’ll leave you with a video from Japan’s NHK news network where Dr. Shuntaro Hida, a man who extensively studied the effects of Hiroshima, discusses his views on the dangers of internal radiation. He’s one of the world’s primary experts on the issue, his story is well worth listening to…

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  1. Thank You Greg for getting this for focusing on this particular issue.You will find that depleted uranium particles do much the same thing…

  2. Indeed, good point- something I should have mentioned…

    • bonnibrai on August 9, 2012 at 23:23
    • Reply

    The thing I don’t understand is the thousands of nuclear tests on U.S.soil and the French underwater tests didn’t seem to have this effect .What are your thoughts on that?

    1. First, they did- there was a lot of radiation, and many people got cancer from it. But, what has happened at Fukushima is much worse. Look at what happened at Chernobyl, and there were 2.5 Chernobyl’s at Fukushima.

      Another big difference is that at Fukushima they are recycling water over several tonnes of radioactive waste. It comes in from the ocean, and back into the ocean after it flows through the waste and burning molten radioactive lava. This has been happening for almost a year and a half now, the last I heard was that they flow 150 tonnes of water through the plant per day…

        • Mr. Push on August 13, 2012 at 17:15
        • Reply

        scary scary stuff…

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