Occupy Anniversary: My CBC Interview- The Long Version!

I was a bit disappointed with the Interview I did on CBC’s The National when I saw it last night. It turns out that the video I posted last night was only a ‘teaser’ version. Today a friend sent me the full version of the interview- I’m much happier with this one.

It was a nice surprise to hear Kalle Lasn’s take on occupy was very similar to mine. His explanation of the ‘old-left’ vs. the ‘new-left’ was right on the money. And, hey, they spelled my name properly on this one!

Enjoy the show!

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  1. Good show, Greg! A lot of people must be mad that CBC talked to you and not to them.

    1. They’re probably more upset to see that Kalle Lawsn agrees with my prognosis that Occupy was hijacked by the old left. Lol

        • Standing Water on September 15, 2012 at 00:03
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        I think it’s important to note that violence is a part of the old left—possibly in a legitimate way. Back when striking trade-unionists would be actively attacked, both judicially and extra-judicially simply for organizing workplaces, maybe there was something to say for a bit of push when the union was shoved. Now, tho, the union isn’t being pushed except metaphorically, so I have no idea where these old-guard get off re: the use of force against people who aren’t using force against them.

        It was very appropriate to include that footage of the “sacred fire” and the mob response to it. I saw it all, firsthand, and it was one of the most savage acts of violence I’ve ever seen. I had been on the fence up until then, hoping that the peaceful, positive people, of whom there were many at OV, would be able to overpower the small but influential violent minority. At that point, I realized that such was not to be—the violent minority had co-opted the larger part of OV, and what had begun as a legitimate political expression, perhaps a generation-defining sort of political theater, had degraded into little more than a riot, of which history contains many examples.

        Good interview, Greg. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

    • The Hammer on September 15, 2012 at 09:49
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    I think you and Kalle Lasn hit the nail right on the head. Even some unions backed away from the movement. Like the Longshoremen in California’s bay area. Radical occupiers went to the docks to protest. Calling for an end to globalization and expected the unionized dock workers to rise up and join them. Did it not occur to these idiot protesters that those dock workers make their living through globalization? Churches were once one of the biggest supporters of the occupy movement. The Christian church has a long history of supporting the poor and opposition of banking. Then anti-religeon biggots in the occupy movement started leading protests against churches.

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