Culture Jamming (At McDonalds…)

I’ve never seen a more inept nor insulting set of ads from McDonalds before. They’ve covered the city with posters with questions about the content and nutritional value of their food (if you can call it that). This one in-particular caught my attention…

How could they not have been concerned this one would be ridiculed? Or, are they ridiculing us?

Anyhow, what part of the animal does McDonald’s use for their burgers? Share with us what you think it is- be creative!

My entry is horse anus…

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    • Standing Water on September 25, 2012 at 04:43
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    Are you suggesting that horse anus isn’t a delicious, healthy foodstuff?

    • brotherwolf1 on September 25, 2012 at 09:11
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    I may never eat there again .

    Actually, some years ago, may five or six, i tried to go vegaterian . It worked for me for a few weeks, but I found that I was really running out of energy fast. being as hyperactive as i am, i really notice it when i start to get that energy drain, and frankly , I rather like and enjoy the fact that i have so much of it and can do things that most persons half my age can’t do anymore.

    However, I found that this reduction in energy i was having was a product of what i was , and was not eating. Sadly, i had no choice but to revert back to my old diet. This did and still have a conflict with me in that it is quite well known that i am a HUGE animal lover , so the obvious conflict for me is the killing of animals for consumption.

    i know i certainly don’t have the answer but I would always welcome one .

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