Kitchener, Ontario – Wednesday May 30, 2012. — CASSEROLE PROTEST — (l. to r.) Kathrin Celejewski, Dan Kellar (red flag), and Alexis Castro (tan pants) bang on their pots as they march down King St. from city hall to Market Square. LO-Casseroles-30
Summary: Students and sympathizers of the Quebec tuition protests, are having their own demonstration at Kitchener City Hall to show their support for the movement. The protestors will be banging pots and pans together to show support for the Quebec protests. (Charles Boyes, UW PhD student and the organizer of the event, 519-998-9403) [photo: Peter Lee, Record staff – story by Linda Givetash] • 8:44:49 PM • 30-05-12 •

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