Victoria Activistocrat Zoe Blunt Loses Her Grip- Resorts To Cyber-Bullying…

Zoe Blunt (a.k.a. Traci Parks) – Grip Lost, Pimping Out The Hate…

A friend came to me today and mentioned that I may want to check out Zoe Bunt’s Twitter feed. So, I searched in Twitter, clicked on her feed, and discovered a bit more about Blunt’s ugly side. She’s been in heated debate with Victoria’s We Are Change group the past couple of weeks- well, today, it seems she lost it and exposed how hateful and full of malice Blunt is.

It also exposed a lot of the hypocrisy to be found amongst the radical environmentalists. The way Blunt handled this situation closely mirrored how her comrade Harsha Walia attacked me. Many other people have been attacked this way. It seems that end-of-the-world cults like Blunt’s Deep Green Resistance can get really nasty when they believe we have a couple of years to save the earth

The first thing I saw on Blunt’s Twitter feed wasn’t totally unexpected. It was a link to a video by The Stimulator (Franklin Lopez, an anarchist who makes pro-violence videos). Right at the beginning of the video there’s a clip of someone shooting a cop in the head, followed by images of riots, burning police cars, and justifications why activists should embrace the use of violence.

But, as I said, that was totally expected. What I didn’t expect was to see blunt has decided to use Twitter as a tool to cyber-bully Ryan Elson. The problem is that Elson doesn’t use Twitter, so he had no idea these things were being said about him until I told him. And, the things that Blunt was saying were downright nasty.

Here, have a look:

The problem is, Blunt has no actual evidence that Elson is racist. And, from what I’ve seen of him, this is definitely not the case. I also asked him his views on race and racism a couple of days ago- there wasn’t a hit of anything to worry about. I’ve also seen what little evidence Blunt has put forward, and there’s nothing in it that show’s racist beliefs.

What it does show, however, is how desperate and out of control Blunt was today. She used the most blunt (pun intended) and unsophisticated tactic too. Blunt simply sent out a bunch of links (with very weak evidence) and then repeated the word ‘racist’ with each message. It’s a cheap trick, but it will work with the ignorant sheep who don’t ask questions.

What Blunt did to Elson is very similar to what Harsha Walia tried with me. There’s one big exception though- Walia used 3rd parties to spread her hate, Blunt made the mistake of compromising herself by spreading hate directly through her account.

I believe very strongly in the battle to stop all pipelines being built across British Columbia- so, on this issue, she and I are on the same team. Blunt is a leader in the pipeline battle- and, after what I saw come out of her today, I’m deeply troubled to see her at the helm.

I’m sure that Blunt cares about the battle against the pipeline- but it scares me to think she is a person in power…

We’ve seen this all before- more times than we’d like to have seen it. Someone questions the logic of people involved with the Deep Green Resistance- the result is that DGR members retaliate with the most vicious attacks imaginable. It’s their standard mode of operation for them to accuse people of being sexist, racist, whatever-ist. Elson, Tezporah Berman, myself, and many others have been the victims of these attacks.

The good news is that more and more people are awakening to what’s been going on. Each time they repeat this pattern they get exposed now. In the case of Blunt, she has exposed the depths of her depravity in this incident. It’s time for people in the activist community to stand-up against this kind of bullying. The longer we allow it to go one, the more people will be hurt…

I found one more interesting post of Blunt’s today- it’s a message from Blunt to one of Vancouver’s more notorious supporters of violent Black Bloc tactics:

Typical, isn’t it? All roads filled with radical hate eventually end-up at David Eby…

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    • The Hammer on November 4, 2012 at 09:45
    • Reply

    That she is promoting this video may be expected but it is also alarming. After some childish humor and profanity this “Stimulator” encourages people to join this group going to Texas to sabatage the Keystone pipeline there. He makes it sound like a cute, fun adventure where they get to cause havok, prevent a pipeline from being built, then hide from authorities in the woods, laughing at them the whole time.

    Hopfully the activists in Zoe’s flock have enough good sense to see through “The Stimulator’s” overly romantic propoganda. Anyone who goes to Texas and sabatages oil pipelines is putting both their freedom and their life in serious jeopardy. Not to mention how futile it would be.

    1. It would be incredibly futile. The only thing that will result out of sabotaging the pipeline is that there will be young people who find their lives messed-up after being caught and thrown into prison. So sad…

    • The Hammer on November 4, 2012 at 13:17
    • Reply

    And it would not be like Alex Hundert and Mandy Hiscocks. Getting a typical soft Canadian sentence in a cushy medium security Ontario jail. It would be a long sentence in an over-crowded state pen rammed with American and Mexican gang members in hot, semi-arid Texas. There will be little sympathy for outsiders attacking an industry that many Texans depend on for their employment. Hopfully people are aware enough to realize this.

    • Tamara D. on November 4, 2012 at 16:07
    • Reply

    When you believe you hav only 2 years to stop global extinction, you will get nasty. It is out of fear. It’s like being backed into a corner, the attacker is extinction. In their minds that have to do whatever it takes to stop it or everything will die. I do not believe in global warming or that mankind is a disease (some people believe we are a disease) but I used to and I too felt the intensity of fear of mass extinction… It is a powerful motivator. Of course, to those who don’t and never believed it, it seems silly and extreme. I can say, as one who did believe it it is a very real and motivating sense… fear of extinction.

    I don’t believe global warming from humans is happening… my friends still do… I am unable to explain why I’ve change my mind (looked into it and saw evidence it wasn’t happening). I have a hard time recalling facts with clarity, but I have seen them and can return to the sources. I haven’t yet referred my friends to them.. though they could look into it themselves too, they’re not helpless. It troubles me that if I have chosen rightly, it means all this carbon tax etc is for naught and people are going to subjugated to policies and regulations which take away their rights in the name of saving the earth when there is no threat, just so the big boys in power get more control over people’s lives :(

    So that is why some of them are so “nasty”. It is out of fear, a powerful motivator. I am certain if they were not feeling such urgency they would not do these nasty things. Good people, when in a state of panic, can do terrible things… Please forgive them, they are not all cruel and nasty by nature, they are afraid. Also, don;t let them do harmful things, just don;t hate them…. That’s all I’m saying. Don;t let them harm others, or even themselves if yu can help them… just try to remember that it is fear motivating alot of them, not nasty, evil, malignancy or hatefulness…..

    1. Fear breeds irrationality and ignorance, the two great enslavers. It also allows emotion to fuel actions, which can be misguided and hateful and nasty. Some of these people, especially Zoe Blunt are guilty of being so vindictive, that they feel they have to deliver retribution to those who oppose them. These acts of retribution are hateful and incredibly oppressive to the people that fall victim to them. I don’t trust Zoe Blunt and their is no justification for hatred.

  1. When Zoe Blunt makes comments about people being white males is that not also showing how racist she is? imagine if she was making comments about black youth? or indian women? she is a hateful woman.

    • The Hammer on November 6, 2012 at 09:13
    • Reply

    I beleive global warming from humans probably happening. And if it is, we are not going to stop it. Not the way these activists are advocating it will not. It was the time I spent living in Asia which has lead me to think this way. It does not matter what we do. Shut down the tar sands, have everyone give up their cars, switch to “green” energy, sign onto the Kyoto Protocol. All of it will mean nothing.

    Asia is too big and most of their economies are flying. Billions of people are moving from poverty and into the middle class. The success of the Indian and Chinese is becoming more well known. They are not alone. Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia all have a rapidly expanding middle class. And all these countries dwarf Canada in terms of population.

    This growing Asian middle class wants the same things the middle class in Europe and the Americas have come to rely on. Cars and more electricity. The things causing global warming. More and more of them are driving. China alone builds coal electric plants at an average of one per week. The pollution that hangs over every city in Asia is far beyond what people in North America can even comprehend.

    If global warming is caused by humans then stopping a pipeline or putting some windmills is not going to stop it. Better to focus on more controllable environmental issues and learn how to adjust to the world we have created.

  2. @Hammer it’s all hinged on access to cheap energy. Without that you can’t have economic growth. Why do you think the US has been struggling and Europe is on fire (in a bad way, not a good way). I wouldn’t worry about the Asian economic miracle much longer, all good growth must come to an end.

    @Tamara D. Are you a climatologist? How about you share your evidence that climate change isn’t happening. Certainly save the world a headache if you showed all those scientists up.

  3. Sigh. This psycho has started harassing me on Twitter too now.

    1. They work in a pack, I’m sure many familiar faces will come up. Don’t respond to them, and be sure to register this with the police if they continue.

  4. I myself have been publicly slandered and cyber bullied by Zoe Blunt (Tracie Marie Park). She created an entire blog about me that told people that I conned people into giving me money for a disease, she is convinced, did not exist. She is an incredibly hateful woman. A true socio path. A compulsive liar. Please email me at [email protected] if you would like a full explanation and proof of the lies she spread against me. I don’t want to draw attention away from this blog, I just want to contribute evidence of her cyber bullying. Zoe will call ANYONE out who opposes her. She will call you anything from a racist, a fascist, to a bully or a socio path. She will even go as far as to fabricate stories to justify her blogs and propagation of hatred. She will bully people on line until people are provoked enough to create a counter blog, and then she will take you to court over it. She is highly mentally unstable and a monumental hypocrite. I know because I used to know her personally. And it would appear that she is only getting worse.

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