[Updated] Andy Lehrer Has Made A Very Ominous Threat Towards Me… (And how I caught him)

Andy Lehrer associates with masked anarchists

Andy Lehrer associates with masked anarchists

Update: Lehrer has started having a temper tantrum, denies that he was there, and is threatening to sue me. If you read what Causepimps.ca have to say about him, this appears to be par for the course. I saw the guy with my own two eyes, and I talked with him. So, officially, it’s my word against his. (and my witness).


On January 15th, only a few hours after I helped with the arrest of a man who brutally assaulted me, someone posted a very ominous threat against me in the comments section of this website. I usually don’t pay too much attention to the threats any longer, but this one was quite different:

Threat from Andy Lehrer...

Threat from Andy Lehrer…

I considered this to be a pretty serious threat- a warning that I will have to watch my back forever. I did a search on the IP address and noticed it was posted from an Internet cafe less than a kilometre from where I was, on St. Clair. Considering my success tracking down my attacker early in the day, I figured I was ready for another adventure. So, I made my way up there…

The moment I walked in I noticed someone I recognized. He was a bigger white man who looked like he came from an Eastern European background. At first I thought he Michael Laxer- I’d never seen Laxer in person, but my mind was telling me it was him. He denied he was Laxer, which was right, but then I realized who he really was. So, I waited a minute and then spoke out the word “Andy!”, he turned around looked visibly shaken.

Andy Lehrer with an anarchist...

Andy Lehrer with an anarchist…

When I went onto Google to verify, I saw Andy’s picture and – bingo – it was, indeed, him. Then, earlier today, someone posted an interesting comment on my article about my stakeout at Ryerson University:


First, notice that the writer confirms that Lehrer uses the pseudonym of ‘Abba Kovner’- further confirmation my instincts were right on who I saw at the Internet cafe that night. Next, the organizations listed are the very organizations I’ve been critically writing about- we call this motive. And, if you read Lehrer’s bio on the CausePimps website, you’ll see he’s been involved with these same groups.

Lehrer’s also connected to Ryerson University where he worked with members of the Ryerson Student Union on the disastrous takeover of the CKLN radio station. In the end, after all of the infighting, hate and dirty tricks- the CRTC revoked the station’s license. (Alex Balch was arrested inside the RSU’s building.)

It’s my understanding that Lehrer is one of the leaders of the Socialist Party of Ontario.  I’ll be confirming this tomorrow- and, if he is, I will be registering a very serious complaint. In his threat, Lehrer openly admits he wishes to use his access to the voter rolls with the intention of causing me harm.

This leads us to a very interesting question- who has access to the voter rolls, and what are the rules for using and distributing the information on them? It seems to me there could be a very serious privacy and security issue here. I’ll be writing with an update as I learn more.

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