[Updated] Andy Lehrer Has Made A Very Ominous Threat Towards Me… (And how I caught him)

Andy Lehrer associates with masked anarchists

Andy Lehrer associates with masked anarchists

Update: Lehrer has started having a temper tantrum, denies that he was there, and is threatening to sue me. If you read what Causepimps.ca have to say about him, this appears to be par for the course. I saw the guy with my own two eyes, and I talked with him. So, officially, it’s my word against his. (and my witness).


On January 15th, only a few hours after I helped with the arrest of a man who brutally assaulted me, someone posted a very ominous threat against me in the comments section of this website. I usually don’t pay too much attention to the threats any longer, but this one was quite different:

Threat from Andy Lehrer...

Threat from Andy Lehrer…

I considered this to be a pretty serious threat- a warning that I will have to watch my back forever. I did a search on the IP address and noticed it was posted from an Internet cafe less than a kilometre from where I was, on St. Clair. Considering my success tracking down my attacker early in the day, I figured I was ready for another adventure. So, I made my way up there…

The moment I walked in I noticed someone I recognized. He was a bigger white man who looked like he came from an Eastern European background. At first I thought he Michael Laxer- I’d never seen Laxer in person, but my mind was telling me it was him. He denied he was Laxer, which was right, but then I realized who he really was. So, I waited a minute and then spoke out the word “Andy!”, he turned around looked visibly shaken.

Andy Lehrer with an anarchist...

Andy Lehrer with an anarchist…

When I went onto Google to verify, I saw Andy’s picture and – bingo – it was, indeed, him. Then, earlier today, someone posted an interesting comment on my article about my stakeout at Ryerson University:


First, notice that the writer confirms that Lehrer uses the pseudonym of ‘Abba Kovner’- further confirmation my instincts were right on who I saw at the Internet cafe that night. Next, the organizations listed are the very organizations I’ve been critically writing about- we call this motive. And, if you read Lehrer’s bio on the CausePimps website, you’ll see he’s been involved with these same groups.

Lehrer’s also connected to Ryerson University where he worked with members of the Ryerson Student Union on the disastrous takeover of the CKLN radio station. In the end, after all of the infighting, hate and dirty tricks- the CRTC revoked the station’s license. (Alex Balch was arrested inside the RSU’s building.)

It’s my understanding that Lehrer is one of the leaders of the Socialist Party of Ontario.  I’ll be confirming this tomorrow- and, if he is, I will be registering a very serious complaint. In his threat, Lehrer openly admits he wishes to use his access to the voter rolls with the intention of causing me harm.

This leads us to a very interesting question- who has access to the voter rolls, and what are the rules for using and distributing the information on them? It seems to me there could be a very serious privacy and security issue here. I’ll be writing with an update as I learn more.

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  1. I believe you’ll find that, at very least, parties registered to campaign in any given election have access to some voter registration information. Just how much, and under what conditions (confidentiality, etc.) I don’t know. I have worked on media relations for several campaigns so I’ll ask around.

    1. Thanks. I’m going to be making some phone calls about this myself. It appears potentially alarming…

  2. you are a champion and an inspiration to many people who are resisting the marxist influence on our governments and social movements.

    thanks for all you do!

  3. Regardless, it’s a very disturbing message, and a very disturbing glimpse into the mind of an obviously prominent “activist”.

  4. Greg it isn’t just a threat on you, it’s a threat on all of the canadian people, notice he stated “all of the enemies of the people”? That means his people, the communist ones. This is a national security issue, pay attention to the behaviour of this government and see what you can deduce from their behaviour (because I suspect factions within operating government are in on it)

    1. That’s a great observation- and you’re absolutely right. Like the rulers of the Soviet Union, the Canadian old-left believes that it’s necessary to trample over people in order to build their (utopian) perfect world. Stalin thought it was perfectly okay to destroy the lives of 1.8 million Kulaks. For Andy Lehrer, it’s okay to use the voter rolls to threaten people.

      Certainly not the world we want to see…

        • Georgian on January 22, 2013 at 22:59
        • Reply

        Stalin reviled Trotskyites of the ilk of Lehrer and Laxer. Now you know why he had to crack down so hard against such scum. You think Trotskyist-NDP-“progressive” types would have had the stomach to fight REAL Nazi’s to the death? As pictured, Lehrer and his masked ARA posse (Shane Ruttle Martinez) act out against their modern day “Nazi’s” by disturbing and inconveniencing ordinary people spending money at a a Jack Astor’s restaurant. (2004).

    • silent observer on January 17, 2013 at 22:02
    • Reply

    Hi Greg.

    I’ve worked on a Provincial NDP campaign and had volumes of people’s personal info given to me, when I left the campaign I was never asked to return any of it. addresses phone numbers, how they were going to vote, how they previously voted. Most of this info came through my home computer.

    I’ve shred/ deleted the info when it wasn’t collected from me by the people I was working for. I’ve always questioned the ethics of it.

    Greg you have raised some very serious questions… I hope elections Canada and the RCMP are looking into the info you’ve brought forward.

    Thank you for your tireless research, please take care as I believe these people will try to hurt you again…

    1. thank you silent observer! You just nailed my concern perfectly, this is an absolute scandal! Do Canadians feel safe voting? Because I never did and now I definitely don’t.

        • Seriously? on January 29, 2013 at 12:23
        • Reply

        I also echo this sentiment of concern. Any of the robocall scandals pale in the face of this obvious threat. This isn’t just manipulating elections by misinformation but implying that there could be physical consequences to any member of society and that the means to implement that threat have been provided to them because they are voting members of the public. It is truly one of the largest threats to democracy I’ve ever seen. It needs to be kicked up to Elections Canada, RCMP, every member of parliament and the media.

    • silent observer on January 18, 2013 at 01:55
    • Reply

    Hi xtofury consider this, you are only as safe as the volunteer or campaign worker team..
    If you have someone like this man working on a campaign… then you should be very afraid, as he has so clearly pointed out to Greg..

    • rraefyn on January 18, 2013 at 03:26
    • Reply

    Another leftie roach revealed, well done Greg! Please remain vigilant when dealing with these creeps in person. This particular insect obviously hates the light more than most and may retaliate in a physical way.

    Reading silent observers account of the appallingly lax security protocols for privacy has me shaking my head in disgust. I don’t even want to imagine what other breaches could be made by people like Andy Lehrer if they manage to penetrate deeper into the system.

    Canadians need to know how poorly managed their voting privacy is by our government. I’ve had enough of my own experiences with voting mismanagement to be very concerned. I’m sharing this.

    1. I’ve been speaking with some people about voter roll security today and heard some troubling stories about security/privacy issues. I’m got a lot of research ahead of me- when I’m done, I’ll share my findings…

    • The Hammer on January 18, 2013 at 08:38
    • Reply

    A very interesting bio on this causepimps website. So this Lehrer person changes his name, engages in voter intimidation, big fan of censorship,has articles critical of him removed from google search……. seems like your typical communist.

    Based on what causepimps says you can expect Lehrer to try and have this article removed. Maybe he will hire Jason Bowman as a lawyer lol

    • The Hammer on January 18, 2013 at 09:01
    • Reply

    Ah, nevermind. See that he has already started with his threats. He does not seem to understand that it is not slander if it is the truth.

    • Fat Blocker on January 18, 2013 at 21:53
    • Reply

    Lehrer and Laxer are indeed leaders of the Socialist Party of Ontario and are listed as such on the party’s website and in the filings with Elections Ontario. Forming a political party (even a laughably fringe one like this) does give them easier access to certain info as well as the right to issue tax receipts in exchange for “donations” (grifter alert!) but on the other hand now they must also open their books and obey the laws. So go get ’em!

    • Fat Blocker on January 18, 2013 at 22:00
    • Reply

    FYI the Socialist Party of Ontario has no relationship with another group called The Socialist Party of Canada who have been around since the 1900’s although they haven’t actually run any candidates since the 1930’s and are mostly a kind of think tank. That means they are probably not actually registered as a party. Therefore while I bet they are not pleased to have their name associated with the likes of Lehrer (assuming they know who and what he is) there is probably not much they could do about it.

    • Richard on January 22, 2013 at 12:15
    • Reply

    I assume its to Elections Canada that you’ll make the complaint. Complaining to the Socialist Party about one of their leaders acting like a scumbag would be like complaining to the National Socialist Party that one of its leaders is a racist.

    1. Yes, definitely. I’ve already been in contact with Elections Ontario and they’ve given me the complaint form that I’ll be filling out today. I’ve also leaned some (scary) information about how voter rolls are handled- an article will be coming out on this soon…

    • Remius on January 22, 2013 at 13:21
    • Reply

    Hmn. Nice. Oh, btw that anarchist behind Lehrer looks a lot like Shane Martinez.

      • Georgian on January 24, 2013 at 11:37
      • Reply

      Oh…you mean Shane David Ruttle? Yes, that’s him. Here’s a bio someone wrote of the agitator: [link removed due to questionable content].
      So, a name change to “Martinez”. Of course, we now know that “Andy Lehrer” was once “Andre Robert Bratu” until he changed it in 2000. I wonder when Andy will be forced to change his name again?

        • Derek on February 10, 2013 at 00:45
        • Reply

        Metapedia is a white supremacist website. So is “the freedom site” which I noticed someone posted a link to as well. Unfortunately, when you start writing about ARA you’re going to get their old neo-nazi white supremacist enemies coming out of the woodwork and posting here in order to try to gain influence and push their websites and views.

        1. Thanks for the heads-up, I removed that link now. I agree with you, it seems a lot of the information on ARA is on some sketchy websites. For my research I’ve been concentrating on going through old news archives in the library, and personal interviews. It’s going to take some time to dig through everything- should be a few days still until I put out a story…

  5. Hello, I’m investigating a man called Andy Leher who claims to have a possible lead on missing Doctor Who and The Goon Show episodes. He is a man from Canada like yourself and uses this Twitter: @AndyLehrer . In your opinion is this the same man who sent you the threatening messages?

    1. It’s the same Twitter account, yes. Fascinating Story you’re working on, but I wouldn’t trust the guy further than I could throw him (and he’s seriously overweight)

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