Anarchists For Andrew Cash!

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    • Alex on February 10, 2013 at 06:16
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    Are these Anarchists on a Payroll,if they are you can bet they are control opposition

    1. Could very well be- it astounds me the police didn’t make any arrests…

  1. These propaganda mercenaries are not anarchist, what you have here are members of the Communist party of Canada and associates (Tides CANADA founded INM puppets) posing as anarchist.

    Your boy Andrew and the NDP are directly connected to the Communist party of Canada and Tides Canada (Rockefeller brother foundation, George Soros Open Society Foundations, USAID) via NDP leader Thomas Mulcair who just so recently joined paid for propaganda ENGO (environmental non governmental organization) petro industry payed lobbyist, leaders for a soirée at Joel Solomon (Tides Canada) private house party; where they discussed the many faceted ways in which they could all benefit ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) from the ongoing pay per view Climate change non-sense.

    Mulcair Communist connection can be traced back to Union (Communist Party of Canada) leader and guro Dave Coles and UNPA (Global Governance) MInion Council of Canadians Maude Barlow. It is well worth mentioning that the NDP was created by Quebec’s Communist Party of Canada leaders of whom control two of Québec’s political party and way to many to mention Unions across Canada.

    And I’m just barely scratching the surface.

    Wendigo – Manufactured Grievances
    Is IdelNoMore a Communist Opperation?

    Truth or dare Questions

    1. BTW, I’ve got a great picture of David Eby and Thomas Mulcair at Joel Solomon’s condo in my article about Linda Solomon’s lying about being Pulitzer Nominated…

      1. Where did you get that Pic? have anymore of those?

        1. The picture came from someone who was there that night, I dont have any others unfortunately…

    • James on February 10, 2013 at 09:35
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    Could someone tell me what the purple flag with the links of chain and the tree represents? I see it a lot out here.


    1. It is the Haudenosaunee flag created in the 1980s. It is based on the Hiawatha Wampum Belt … created from purple and white wampum beads centuries ago to symbolize the union forged when the former enemies buried their weapons under the Great Tree of Peace. It represents the original five nations that were united by the Peacemaker and Hiawatha. The tree symbol in the center represents an Eastern White Pine, the needles of which are clustered in groups of five.

      The funny thing about this particular flag is that it was spoted among the sea of red branding Communist flags or Red Sqare during the Maple Spring Québec Student stand off. Please note that the Québec stand off was all organized via the Québec Student Union and the Le Collectif Emma Goldman l’Union communiste libertaire (UCL) -Saguenay.

      1. The Collectif Emma Goldman Facebook account tried to ‘friend’ me on Facebook when I began writing about what was happening in Quebec. I also saw a couple of people with EGC logos on their clothes at the Sid Ryan/OCAP rally a couple of weeks ago. So, I realized they existed, but didn’t know that they were so elemental. Something more to research, thanks for all of the great information!

        1. Québec is a cesspool of Global Governance minions, all abiding to the will and nature of the beas

  2. James I believe that’s a Mohawk Six Nations flag. Also the same guy who told Ezra Levant he was NOT Mohawk is again carrying the Mohawk warriors flag.. Sheesh…wonder what he’s getting paid… Bet it’s not as much as the white protestors- for- hire.

    • James on February 10, 2013 at 10:40
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    Thanks folks.
    Truth….I am very familiar with last yrs “Maple Spring” having lived through most of it, and having been to most of the larger or more violent protests (as someone who is trying to be an informed observer, not as an active participant in them.) I am familiar with most of the machinations of those protests, both public and underlying, however I am not familiar with the UCL, so if you could elaborate on that it would be appreciated. AS for the Quebec Student Union, is that a specific name or are you referring to the various groups which include (CL)ASSE, FEUQ and FECQ?

    Thanks again,

    1. the Quebec Student Union, is that a specific name or are you referring to the various groups which include (CL)ASSE, FEUQ and FECQ? Correct, various student unions.

      This is where Québec Solitaire formerly Marxist Leninist Mao Party or FLQ… lol…. get in to play

      The devil’s in the details.

      I could go into the details, but I won’t. This is one Pandora box I can not open for you, but I will give you the Key. This is a road you and you alone must travel. Even if I did go in to the details you probably wouldn’t believe me. Like I said, “the devil’s in the details”.

      Look in to.:

      – Québec Solitaire Françoise David and Étienne David-Bellemare

      – Françoise David and The Marxist Leninist Mao Party of Québec

      – Simon Tremblay-Pépin , Étienne David-Bellemare, Le collectif anarchiste Emma Goldman and UCL (Union Communiste Libertaire A.K.A the Socialist International )

      – The Communist party of Canada and Major Unions groups in Canada

      NDP founder marxist Jean Duceppe… lol… as in Gilles Duceppe (son of Jean Duceppe) one time Member and head cheerleader of the Bloc Québecois.

      I could go on forever…

      It may all sound far fetch but it’s not. It all ties in neatly with Occupy, Maple Spring, IdelNoMore and other global protests. All funded and supported via NGO status private banks Socialist International cheer leaders such as George Soros and company.

      for this one look into

      – Soros relation with Tides Foundation A.K.A Tides Canada and the White House

      – Rockefeller relation with the CFR (Council on Foreign Relation) and CFR’s relation with the White House.

      There are a few Canadians hook into this CFR side show such as Zbig and Trudeau. there’s also Demarais Power corp relation in all of this that makes it all most interesting, not to mention PQ Pauline Marois ties to Desmarais; but that’s another story all together.


      1. A lot of this makes sense to me- it jives with the research I’ve done so far, my research has taken me to look into most of these organizations already. Some of the names are new though I’ll have to look into them, thank you for sharing!

        1. Hey, it’s my pleasure. Anything I can help those who are interested and have the will to understand the true nature of the beast.


          1. BTW- I love your Eby/Mulcair/Walia graphic- it’s worth a thousand words, at least!


              • The Hammer on February 11, 2013 at 08:37
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              That is Harsha Walia???? Oh man it is. I was wondering “Who is the man’s face shopped onto that woman in front?” lol

              1. Yep, that is Harsha Walia.

        2. Thanks! Anything to get the mass awaken, even if it means going a bit on the far side…lol

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