How I’m Learning Not To Take Anonymous So Seriously (feat. @YourAnonNews, @TorontoPolice & Sakura Saunders)


In (all of) Anonymous we (can’t) trust…

If you’re a regular reader you’ll probably remember my first interaction with Anonymous on February 13th. The genius who runs the @YourAnonNews Twitter account (w/1 million+ followers) tweeted that I like to try to get Canadian activists arrested on false charges. I explained to them they were mistaken, but the person running the account wasn’t up for discussion. This puzzled me, as I’d always been told that the people in Anonymous are in the world to make it a better place- not to be used as a tool for smearing people for political purposes.

I hadn’t thought much about it since then as nothing had come out of it but a nice bump in new readers- so, I looked at it as free publicity. Well, tonight @YourAnonNews has come on the radar once again, and I’m thankful to them for directing new readers in my direction. It appears that my article about Sakura Saunder’s cop baiting Barrick Gold protest has shaken-up a few feathers. It’s also taught me that I can’t automatically take people who self-identify as Anonymous seriously, not even if they have a million followers.

I smell a rat…

I also smell an idiot. Or, perhaps, a group of people who are so desperate not to have their criminal antics exposed  they’re willing to compromise their own credibility. In this case, they made the most seriously lame of all allegations I’ve ever seen. What @YourAnonNews posted on Twitter tonight really takes the cake:

So, the premise of their statement is that the Toronto Police have admitted, on video, that I’m an undercover officer- can I get my cheque now please? There’s also the tin-foil hat conspiracy angle in this deviously worded tweet, implying that the video’s been taken offline now, but the heroes at @YourAnonNews have saved us a copy! Deep.

If you haven’t yet seen my video on Sakura Saunder’s Barrick Gold cop-baiting protest yet, now’s the time to have a look. I included a clip of the video @YourAnonNews is referring to at 1:10 in the video where Captain Yarr focusses his camera on me and makes the implication I’m an undercover officer.

When Captain Yarr said to the cop “how come that undercover can be there” he was referring to why I was allowed to stand on the sidewalk and he wasn’t. The answer was simple, Yarr was part of a rabble of anarchists that were getting into a pushing match with the police. I was only a bystander filming the idiot’s antics, and wasn’t being aggressive towards the police. Duh!

Yarr was acting like an idiot. You can see on the cop’s face that he’s doing his very best not to (unprofessionally) burst out into fits of laughter. What Yarr, and apparently @YourAnonNews seemed to have misunderstood is that the cop was being patronizing when he responded saying “you just said it sir!”. Personally, I laughed at it the first time- it was amusing watching the joke fly over Captain Yarr’s head. But, in retrospect, I’m quite a bit disappointed. When this cop made a joke out of my being called an undercover he may just have exposed me to danger.

I’ll be honest, the first time that @YourAnonNews started tweeting nonsense about me I was shaken-up for a couple of hours. Not knowing what to expect, I was also on high-alert the next few days- tightening up security on my website, burning backups onto a DVD (can’t erase it that way), stuff like that. But this time, after reading their incredibly lame tweet, I could only start to laugh. That, and enjoy watching all of my new readers.

So, I responded:


And Toronto anarchist Zach Ruiter took only moments to retweet @YourAnonNews attack:


Only 130 followers Zach? You should buy some like Civilian Media did!

At this point, it didn’t take very long before a few hundred people watched the video I then responded with a link to the story behind it and picked-up a couple hundred readers. Free advertising, thanks @YourAnonNews! I’d also like to thank you for so transparently compromising your credibility at the same time you tried to slander me- I’d !never had been able to discredit your lies as well as you did on your own. Большое спасибо!

But, then, @YourAnonNews went into a temper tantrum and responded with a very angry tweet that indicated their intention to commit a crime against me:


So, when this person identifying as a member of Anonymous is exposed for their lies and incompetence,how do they respond? Simple, just threaten to publicly defame the person as a racist, sexist pig! And, of course include an #FTP (f##k the police). Is this what Anonymous stands for now? (I’m guessing not…)

I really don’t know enough about Anonymous to make any estimate of how much influence @YourAnonNews has over their (dis)organization- but, from looking at their Internet footprint, it appears they’re fairly high-profile. But they’re not recognized by all as saints- I’ve already had a few people introduce themselves and let me know they find @YourAnonNews to be problematic.


So I did some digging into @YourAnonNews’ list of people they’re following on Twitter- learning some interesting things. First, the person running this account is clearly sympathetic to anarchists, following people like Franklin Lopez- one of the world’s most prominent promoters of activist violence. I also saw Min Reyes there, but I already know that- we’ve spoken about it, Min tells me the account is run out of Canada.

Then I found this:


The @YourAnonNews account only follows 276 other twitter accounts- very low considering they’re followed by over a million (not that there isn’t any trickery in this, Twitter followers can be purchased, traded, etc..).  Prometheus Radio only has about 1,200 followers, so it was curious to see them being followed by @YourAnonNews. The significance of this is that I’ve written about Prometheus Radio before- it’s a funded group that previously employed Sakura Saunders (she has a long history with Soros funded NGO’s) and was run out of a Mennonite church in Pennsylvania.

You can see where this is going…

I’m going to be very interested to see how all of this pans out. How people at Anonymous react to this situation will say a lot about their (dis)organization. If Anons start attacking me for having documented the truth (and without opening a dialogue) then I’ll personally know Anonymous cannot be trusted. But, on the other hand, if something constructive comes out I’ll be happy to see that @YourAnonNews is an anomaly.

Either way, it should be an interesting next few days.

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  1. Lol, anyone who think Anonymous is the real deal… I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

    Much like Europe’s Julian Assange, or the U.S. Alex Jones, Anonymous is a glorified CoIntelPro, dis-Information Global Governance puppet.

    1. It certainly is beginning to look that way…

      1. The @YourAnonNews account was used to harass me on New Year’s eve 2012. The person running the account that day was obviously part of the racist, rotten group called Rustle League that had been harassing me since November. The post was a taunt, part of ongoing stalking, and was followed up by flooding my email with 100,000 spam. I have asked repeatedly to know WHO EXACTLY made the tweet and for assurances that this person and their group have been removed off YAN permanently. I’ve gotten no response. My conclusion is that YAN is a tainted account being used to stalk and harass people like me, who are helpful and friendly to activists. It is a complete misuse of a news account to allow it to be used to harass and smear, and particularly so off-base. When this was done to me, the people “favoriting” the tweet were @AnonChingShih and @msBecker both of whom I consider highly counterproductive because of such things. But who posted the tweet? They need to be removed. I have screenshots of all this, if anyone wants to see.

        1. Sorry to hear you’ve been subject to this too- but, equally, it’s interesting to learn I’m not their only victim. I may just be asking you for screenshots sometime- it depends on if the Toronto Police need them for their investigation…

    • Reader on April 27, 2013 at 09:30
    • Reply

    I always wondered why they use a likeness of Guy Fawkes, when we all know what happened to his plot and the price he paid for his utter failure.

    1. Very insightful…

      • James on April 27, 2013 at 20:04
      • Reply

      It actually relates to a somewhat cult classic, V for Vendetta. The main character wears the mask.

      1. Yeah, I’m familiar with that- great movie!

    • James on April 27, 2013 at 14:40
    • Reply

    First benchmark of being trustworthy is accountability. Anonymous is anything from a loose collective to a bunch of individuals stealing a logo and claiming to be part of the group. When something bad is done by those claiming to be Anonymous, such as sending threatening letters to visitors of Montreal’s Grand Prix or releasing dangerously erroneous info about the Amanda Todd case, then other members always claim they aren’t group, more of a set of ideals (sort of like Occupy having no leader).
    You cannot trust them because you can’t hold them accountable, or see if they hold themselves accountable.

    1. Indeed, very well put…

    • The Hammer on April 29, 2013 at 08:54
    • Reply

    Anonymous is basically being hijacked by the same type of people who hijacked Idle No More and Occupy. These radical activists see a group like Anonymous and automatically assume the Anonymous people are just like them. And since it is anonymous it is easy for the radicals to portray themselves as part of Anonymous.

    If the real Anonymous had a problem with you your blog would be attacked.

    Have a look at this video posted by Anonymous 5 years ago. It shows them at a protest against Scientology in Vancouver. It shows them learning what they can and cannot do from a VPD officer.

    And here is a video thanking the VPD and praising the two VPD officers who were at the protest. They were also thankful that the police were there. Have a listen. Does this sound like the clowns now pretending to be Anonymous:

    1. Yep, it sure looks like that- and, I know the individuals who are doing it now, their anonymity is soon to disappear…

        • The Hammer on April 29, 2013 at 13:07
        • Reply

        They are mostly just a bunch of goofball hackers who hang out on 4Chan trading funny cat pictures and making racist jokes.

        1. Yeah, it looks like it- and, from my understanding, the vast majority would most likely not be happy with the politics of the people running the #YourAnonNews account if they knew what they were doing…

            • The Hammer on April 29, 2013 at 13:37
            • Reply

            Pretty much. And this has been going on a while now. Marxist extremists pretending they are part of and speak for Anonymous. Mostly the end up outing themselves. As most of these extremists are also attention whores who cannot stay “Anonymous” for long.

            • The Hammer on April 29, 2013 at 13:40
            • Reply

            If you want to have some fun Tweet back to @YourAnonNews with the Youtube clip I posted with the comment “Looks like you guys are big fans of the Vancouver Police Department and like having them at your protest’s”

            Could get a funny reaction.

            1. Thanks for the recommendation- done. It will be interesting to see how they react…

    • MTB on April 29, 2013 at 12:48
    • Reply

    As usual, fascinating stuff Greg – keep it up and don’t let these idiots scare you.

    1. Thank you. And, yes, these idiots aren’t scaring me. All they’re doing is giving me free publicity, and I thank them for that. :)

    • huehuehue on May 15, 2014 at 13:30
    • Reply

    You should totally be laughing all the way to the bank. YAN is now a corporation, complete with embezzlement and scumbaggering, you should seek a retraction, and threaten to sue the entity if they don’t make amends. I’m only half-joking.

    1. Are you serious about their being incorporated now? In what country?

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