How The President Of The CUPE 2073 Is A Danger To Society (feat. Rob Chamberland & A Voice For Men)

CUPE 2073 President Rob Chamberland longs for the days of the Haymarket Massacre...

CUPE 2073 President Rob Chamberland longs for the days of the Haymarket Massacre…

Rob Chamberland is the president of the CUPE 2073, a Toronto based local for people who are hearing impaired. He’s an Anarcho-Syndicalist, a branch of anarchism/socialism that believes the future demands a violent revolution after which we should all be led by the unions. For most Canadians, this is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

One of Chamberland’s functions at CUPE (official, or assumed) has been to act as their online defender- put simply, he’s an Internet troll who regularly attacks and smears people who’ve said critical things about his union. Chamberland can be pretty good at it too, people who don’t understand his patterns often fall prey to his attacks.

Rob Chamberland is a very dangerous man- both for his union, and for society at large…

As a revolutionary Anarcho-Syndicalist who’s promoted the use of violence Chamberland, like many of his associates, was very unhappy when I first started associating with people at Occupy Toronto. I was outspoken against the use of violence- it’s the (very misguided) belief of the militants is that anyone who promotes pacifism is ‘an enemy of the movement’ and therefore must be crushed. So, Chamberland, Sakura Saunders, and other Activistocrats held a public hearing denouncing me for writing critically about ‘the movement’.

While all of this was happening you could hear people in the background yelling out “WTF?” and similar statements of complete surprise at how outrageous some of their statements were. Watching the video later on I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to the stories I’ve heard from people who survived the horrors of the Soviet Union.

They ended the meeting handing out a pre-prepared declaration against your’s truly. Once everyone had a copy it was then read aloud, as if by a judge officiating their decision. I managed to get a copy of the document from someone who was there. It was rather surprising to see that it was endorsed by the CUPE 2073.

Rob Chamberland, perverting the minds of our young...

Rob Chamberland, perverting the minds of our young…

This kind of behaviour just goes to show how low Canadian union executives can slither these days. It also shows how scared the professional activists are of having their anti-social activities exposed. Fortunately, the result of that meeting was that the rank & file at Occupy quickly began to walk away until only the hardcore agitators remained.

This week Chamberland published a story on his blog titled One Reason MRA’s are Incompatible with Women. It’s not about me, it’s a story about some of the weaknesses of the Men’s Right’s movement- in it, he brings-up the infamous chapter from Warren Farrell’s The Myth Of Male Power where he makes a rather controversial statement about date rape. I can’t provide any analysis of Chamberland’s criticism- I know way too little about the Men’s Rights movement, and even less about Warren Farrell.

Somehow, in his wisdom, Chamberland has decided to state in his article that I am a member of the Men’s Rights movement, I “wrote a piece” for an MRA publication called A Voice For Men, and that I was acting as a spy on behalf of them at a Men’s Rights meeting at the University of Toronto.

That’s all news to me!

To set the record straight, I have never written an article for AVFM. I did give them permission to republish an article I wrote about the radicals using black bloc tactics trying to shut-down free speech, but with the stipulation they print at the bottom of the article that I support feminism and I’m not am MRA. (Which they did, but Paul Elam warned me it wouldn’t win me any friends among the MRA’s.)

His article included a picture of me ( taken by the socialist obedience cult kid) while I was covering the last UofT Men’s Right’s meeting- the caption reads that I’m “Anti-​​Feminist Intel­li­gence Gathering for AVFM”.

What makes theatrically entertaining is that the article I wrote that night was highly critical of AVFM. So, in addition to clowns like Rob Chamberland calling me a spy for the MRA movement, there are MRA’s who are accusing me of being a spy on behalf of the feminists. You can’t make this stuff up!

An angry little man who lives in a very big boat...

An angry little man who lives in a very big boat…

Chamberland, and people in his community, have come to an agreement they call “diversity of tactics”. What this means is that it’s accepted that some activists may engage in violent acts- and, if this does happen, it’s absolutely unacceptable to criticise what happened. So, basically, people who promote violence (like Chamberland’s comrade Alex Hundert) have carte blanche to do whatever they please. It’s this agreement that brought Toronto the carnage of the G20.

One of the most disturbing things many people observed abut Occupy was how people were promoting and glorifying anarchist violence. Chamberland was directly involved in this sort of stuff- regularly posting items and starting conversations glorifying and justifying anarchist violence. Much of the audience for this was young impressionable kids.

Rob Chamberland, perverting the minds of innocent young people...

Rob Chamberland, perverting the minds of innocent young people…

When a younger activist sees a statement like this, coming from a president at a ‘respected’ union, they’re going to be influenced. Suddenly, it’s not as bad to engage in violence- who’s getting hurt by it anyhow- the insurance company? Window smashing isn’t violence anyhow!

Tell that to Eva Botton- from everything the judge said about her at the trial it sounds like she’s one of the innocents who got recruited and temporarily bought into the madness. She’s just finished her first month of a ten month sentence- it’s unlikely she will be able to continue her studies into a career in criminology.

How many more innocent people’s lives are we going to allow to get hurt before we take action to make monsters like Rob Chamberland stop?


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  1. Not only do I agree, I’ll go one step further and point out he’s also one of the biggest assholes on the net.

    1. Yeah, he’s certainly high up there on the asshole scale…

    • brotherwolf1 on May 6, 2013 at 09:01
    • Reply

    Property damage IS violence and is something we all pay for with higher prices to cover insurance rates, higher prices to cover costs for security and so forth. i wonder, if these idiots had the windows smashed in their homes, would they still say that its not violence ? i would be you dollars to donuts that the first thing they would do is c\all the cops . Its about time these useless idiots stopped defending acts of violence and own to their actions.

    • The Hammer on May 6, 2013 at 13:08
    • Reply

    A union for people who are hearing impaired?

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