Vancouver Police Ignore Anarchists With Flaming Torches, Anarchists Burn Down House…

The Vancouver Police Department just let them roam with torches...

The Vancouver Police Department just let them roam unhindered with lit torches…

Two weeks ago, during Vancouver’s May Day march, a group of anarchists marched down the street with flaming torches. The anarchists were carrying signs saying things like “Rich Scum Beware, CLASS WAR” and “Mayday Means Attack”. One anarchist vandalized the sidewalk writing ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards). The only action the police took that day was to surround the controversial Pidgin restaurant to keep the protesters away from it. No action was taken to deal with the lit torches.

I my article about May Day I warned that Vancouverites should take these threats seriously. The city’s anarchists have been gradually getting out of control- and, unlike Toronto’s reaction prosecuting the criminals behind the G20, Vancouver anarchists have not seen any real consequences for their actions. Now, the anarchists have proved my prediction to be correct…

Last night a house was set on fire at an East Vancouver construction site. A group called the anti-gentrification front claimed responsibility on the Anarchist News website with the following statement:

“Last night we burned down a yuppie development on 1st ave near Victoria. We are tired of seeing our lives and memories being torn down one development at a time. We wish and will create fear for developers in East Vancouver. The class war is heating up. We have no intention on stopping. If we, if you, allow this continue you will be pushed out of East Vancouver due to rising rent and gentrification. If you are the cause of gentrification you should never feel safe”

According to one of the neighbours the previous house on the lot was being used as an illegal squat- it appears this is the anarchist’s sick form of revenge for losing their space. Another neighbour who lives right next door said they were terrified, East Vancouver houses are very close beside each other and their house, and lives, were put at risk. Looking at a picture of the fire, you can see the flames hitting the neighbour’s home.

Firefighters working to put out the blaze...

Firefighters working to put out the blaze…

According to the developer who was building the house, this isn’t his only building where he suspects there was arson. Six months ago another East Vancouver house he was building was set on fire- he said that people saw a ‘kid’ running away afterwards. There’s no evidence anarchists were involved with this fire, but the house was reportedly also previously occupied by squatters.

Vancouver Police and the BC Crown have been very lax in their response to the city’s problem with anarchist violence over the past few years. When the VPD ignored the anarchists with flaming torches on May Day they only set the stage for what happened last night. It’s time for something to change, this madness can’t be allowed to continue.

David Eby must be so proud…

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  1. Last time I checked arson was a crime or do they no longer teach the criminal code at Police school?

    1. Yeah. Had the VPD done some arrests during May Day perhaps they could have better identified some of the firebugs. Their lack of reaction was beyond irresponsible…

    • James on May 17, 2013 at 06:15
    • Reply

    Well, these idiots wanted to bring the public’s attention to their cause, and now they have it, as does anyone else who could be mistaken for them. What they failed to realize, like the child who believes any attention is good attention, is the general public is going to be so sick of their antics that the police could beat them publicly on the steps of city hall and all anyone will say is “it is about time something has been done about those idiots.” Montreal is a a great example of that, people are so sick of the protests and associated violence, that any sympathy is gone.

    And this guys sure didn’t do Walia and her ilk any favours, becuase as any criminal organisation has learned, you can get away with a lot more if you aren’t in the news all the time, either for being to flashy or too dangerous to the public.

    Like I said, they wanted attention, now they have it. Good luck with that. (Glad no one was physically hurt.)

    • brotherwolf1 on May 17, 2013 at 14:01
    • Reply

    Ok, so let me see if I understand this. these anarchist burn this place to the group because they don’t want to have a builder come in and build on the property. So, the place get burned down which means it will be demolished, meaning it will be a lot prime ready for a builder to build upon . Well, never let it be said that these anarchists were the brightest bulbs in the box.. No wonder they don’t have jobs…. they’re too stoopeeed to have one .

    1. The sad part about it is that they were taking a single family house and building a multi-person dwelling- creating more affordable housing for people in a very expensive city…

    • Jamie Scott on May 17, 2013 at 15:28
    • Reply

    With the phrase “you should never feel safe” these ‘anarchists’ have crossed the line and become ‘terrorists’.

    Round them up and detain them all on pre-crime terror charges – just like the Toronto 18. Hold them indefinitely, until their mentality has repaired. If it doesn’t, they are held.

    We don’t need them in our society.

    1. Yeah, I’m beginning to think the same thing myself…

      We also have to do something about the politicians who’ve been enabling and promoting these people- people like David Eby, Adrian Dix and Don Davies whose appearances at their events have only emboldened them….

    • Agent Provocateur Watch on May 17, 2013 at 17:56
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    I thought ACAB stood for “All Corporate A$$holes Beware”???

    1. I prefer AAAB (All anarchists are bastards) lol

    • The Hammer on May 18, 2013 at 08:27
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    Who do the police take their marching orders from? Have a look at city hall and you will find the reason the police are soft on anarchists.

    • Jamie Scott on May 18, 2013 at 12:17
    • Reply

    Well, in hyper-corrupt BC, if SFCD’s want anarchy, then there shall be anarchy. (Secret Foundation Corporate Donation) Maybe it’s time to restrict political donations to individual people, and keep the steering-money out. Ban corporate donations to police departments too. Whatever they need, cities or provinces should pay; not corporations supplying free body armour, bikes and drones, like they are now.

    Things can get dirty quick.

    • Canada Now on May 22, 2013 at 10:14
    • Reply

    City hall is run by anarchists with backroom funding from the Tides foundation. Tides has a history of creating disident campaigns suited to its hidden corporate dark money funders. Are the anarchists creating firesale prices for some sick corporate agenda? Anarchists with torches in front of the Tides foundation headquarters and no city police?????

    [Editor’s note: None of the information in this comment has been confirmed through my research]

    1. That’s an interesting observation. I think it’s time to do some analysis of just who could benefit from the chaos being caused by the anarchists…

      1. By not curbing the anarchists, the police are only a part of the problem. The main problem will be lax liquor laws, the RCMP allowing drugs to get into the community to catch the drug lords, and of course, the CSIS and their spooks monitoring everything but not letting the local police know.

        This is a surveillance society but its citizens are never clued in. Why? Because it would endanger them.

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