Toronto Protesters Give Inadequate Excuses For Last Week’s Mayhem (feat. Cathy Walker & Davin Ouimet)

Last week a group of protesters caused mayhem on the streets of Toronto– causing gridlock, intimidating motorists and smashing a car’s windshield while a woman was alone inside of it. In response to criticism, they came out with some rather inadequate excuses for their bad behaviour. The fact Toronto’s activist community continues to support this behaviour is evidence of their moral bankruptcy…

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  1. someone named Davin Ouimet ran for the Marijuana Party in Vancouver in a BC election in 2001

    same person?

    1. Indeed he did. Lots more to come on Davin- he’s been involved in RadLeft shit disturbing (under a different name than he uses now) for a very long time- and, Davin/Davyn has deep connections with some seriously problematic people…

  2. Kathy, if you are reading this, it may behoove you to know that blocking traffic is in fact NOT a treaty right. My question is, ( and this question applies to everyone ) so now that this cars window was smashed, what exactly was proven by the smashing? What was proven is that the vast majority of these professional protesters indeed have no clue as to what they are actually protesting. All they want to to is to create havoc, property destruction and piss as many people off as they can. What was accomplish but assault this lady in the car by smashing her window? I see as well that these same professional protesters love to claim to support womens equality, yet, ATTACKED a female driver and why, because she was driving a nice and expensive car. I really hope that the courts throw the book at the guy who did it and further, I really hope that the cops will be much more strict from now on as to these ” protest marches ” . ……….. protesters my ass, moe like professional criminals ………..

      • The Hammer on September 9, 2013 at 12:11
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      On the surface it appears these groups are trying to win people over. That is supposedly the reason for the demonstrations. So how exactly are they trying to win people over to their way of thinking by blocking traffic and vandalizing cars? Seems more like the are just trying to punish anyone who does not share their extreme narrow political views.

    • Devils Trumpet on September 9, 2013 at 10:53
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    Dear Kathy,please show me the treaty(treaties) that contain(s) the wording that specifically gives you the right to block traffic.I’m sure your ancestors were thoughtful enough and incredible visionaries to include blocking traffic and damaging personal property in the treaties you bizarrely believe exist.
    I’ll explain why others,like the walk for AIDS or breast cancer were allowed to momentarily inconvenience drivers,it’s quite simple really.They had permits douche bag.It doesn’t matter whether you block traffic for five minutes or twenty minutes,the length of one light or a hundred lights,you are not entitled,your word,to stand in the middle of a busy intersection,violently break windshields and frighten others.
    Your sorry-ass,contemptuous excuses are so bogus,a five year old has better sense than the lot of you.The self-serving justifications may play well with your fellow comrades but you’re fooling only yourselves.You’ll only attract the lowest of the low and none of the tactics you use or the excuses you give will earn you one scintilla of respect that you demand.

    • brotherwolf on September 9, 2013 at 15:54
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    And therein pays the problem with these professional protesters. they seem to think that they are entitled to do anything they want, any time they want. its this sense of entitlement that really pisses people off. Yes, people are allowed to march on the street because , they have PERMITS they applied for an dare not groups that are known for causing trouble. Some months ago i attended a parade i photographed , think is was the Sikh parade. There were easily OVER 25,000 people participating yet, since this was know as a peaceful event with people who are not trouble makers, there were LESS than 15 cops on bikes to address traffic issues. This parade was so well organized that they even had their OWN CLEAN UP CREW who left the streets cleaner than when they started. The jack asses that predominate these events like the ones where the car was smashed are far too common an occurrence these days. The cops really need to clamp down on them hard .

    • The Hammer on September 10, 2013 at 08:39
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    So why is it okay for this Davin Ouimet or Calfchild to make flat out racist comments. First towards blacks then towards Asians.

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