Radical Feminist Protester Gone Stupid!

Both sides have people who aren’t quite there, more to come soon…

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    • Reader on October 1, 2013 at 10:25
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    Sorry to be so critical of you, but there is a big difference between someone you describe as having “gone stupid” and in the case of the person you videoed, was always stupid.

  1. None of the “queer feminists” was quite there. Zach’s speech was a masterpiece of incoherence.

    • Dave on October 2, 2013 at 01:24
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    “Both sides have people who aren’t quite there, more to come soon…”

    Can you actually be a bit more objective and stop pretending both sides are bad.

    “Bash back” (the group in your video) are an extremist group who hold Communist signs, make completely unfounded allegations and even have banners boasting about how they kill people.

    At other Toronto feminist protests there has been law breaking by feminists every single time, such a violence, intimidation and pulling fire alarms which puts people lives in danger. We see mobs covering their faces armed with clubs and other attacking posters waving box cutters around.

    Now I dare say that there’s a slightly crazy men’s activist out there somewhere and if you dig hard enough you’ll find some dirt to pin on someone, but that applies to every group and if it takes so much effort to find something/someone then that’s proves the point doesn’t it?

    Zero digging and effort s required to find crazed feminists up to no good, they turn up every time, break the law time after time, say ridiculous things, abuse men and try to deny people their freedom of speech, and they are often in paid positions of immense responsibility (e.g. student union leaders) with a duty to protect the rights of large numbers of of men and women.

    Searching for “balance” is commendable but the way you try to paint both sides as somehow equally bad is going to damage your credibility, and that’s a shame because you do so much good work on this site.

    By all means go after lunatics on all sides, but please make it clear whether they’re the minority in a particular group/movement or whether they’re the norm and/or in position of power.

  2. I can’t believe people actually listen to this stuff! They need to mature and move on with life.

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