Dear Roseanne Barr: Please Stop Promoting Kevin Annett, He’s A Monster


Dear Roseanne,

It’s been over two years since we last spoke during Occupy. I appreciated back then how you helped stand-up against the people who were promoting violence in the movement. Ever since that incident I’ve only had good feelings about you- so, please understand, I come in peace.

Today I learned some deeply disturbing information that you’ve been promoting a man named Kevin Annett- a con-artist who has been abusing Canada’s indigenous communities for many years. I’m writing to warn you about Annett, and to appeal to you to help reverse the damage he’s caused.

Annett is a former United Church minister who holds the distinction as the only person who has ever been defrocked by the church. The church gave Annett plenty of chances to keep his robe, but as his behaviour became increasingly erratic, they gave him the option of visiting a psychiatrist- he refused, and the relationship was over. Since that happened, Annett has been on a crusade to get revenge against the church.

Annett took on a very serious and genuine issue- the Indian residential schools are a black mark in Canadian history, and many children suffered from abuse. The problem is that Annett has only continued the pattern of abuse- appropriating the voices of indigenous communities, and viciously slandering native people who are brave enough to take a stand against the damage he’s been doing.

Take the story of Willie Blackwater, a heroic man who was the first native person to publicly discuss the (horrible) abuse he was subjected to at a residential school. It was Blackwater’s brave actions that led to the Canadian government’s apology to residential school survivors. Blackwater noticed very early on that Annett was stealing his people’s voices and spoke out asking him to stop. Annett’s response was to label Blackwater a “dimestore indian” and to spend the next few months smearing this heroic man’s name.

It was around that time when Annett was first publicly criticised in the media. In 2008 Terry Glavin (a respected Canadian journalist) put out his story exposing Annett titled Truth And Native Abuse.

In 2011 Annett began victimizing people at the Six Nations reserve in Ontario when he showed-up claiming to know the location of a “mass grave” of children from the Mohawk Residential School. After only two hours of digging (less than a foot deep) he magically pulled out what he proclaimed as children’s bones. A few days later Annett showed up at Occupy Toronto, pulled the bones out of his pockets (ignoring every rule about maintaining evidence) and proclaimed himself a hero.

The problem is that they weren’t children’s bones, they came from animals. One witness who was with Annett during the ‘dig’ claimed that the bones smelled like they were rotting when they ‘came out of the ground’. If they were the bones of children, they would have been 30+ years old (and no longer rotting). When asked to send the bones for DNA testing, Annett refused- when the people at the Six Nations asked him for the bones back he refused.

In 2012 I was approached by the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) to help with their research exposing Annett’s crimes. If you believe that Annett is real, you really need to watch this video– it shows the damage Annett did to the Six Nations community. I also suggest you watch this video of community members denouncing Annett for the damage he did there.

The most disturbing link I saw on your website was the story about Steve Finney and Amy Smart- two of Annett’s most recent victims. Annett has (insanely) claimed that he’s ‘dissolved’ the Canadian state and that the country’s laws are no longer valid; Finney and Smart swallowed this story hook, line and sinker- much to their (and their young daughter’s) demise.

Finny & Smart had their child taken away by the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) after allegations were made about her being abused. Annett encouraged them to take destructive (and insane) activities like visiting CAS and delivering a (fraudulent) legal notice that their agency was dissolved by Annett’s fake court. Following Annett’s advice resulted in an innocent child being kept from her family.

It’s also important to note that by publishing the child’s name on your website you are both endangering this young girl and violating Canadian law- it’s strictly not allowed to publish the name of a child who is under the care of CAS.

Kevin Annett is a monster whose actions only serve to discredit the (very real) claims of abuse by indigenous people. He’s been denounced by communities across the country and asked to stop- each time this happens he slanders and abuses residential school victims. By promoting Annett on your website, you’re only helping to continue his pattern of abuse.

Roseanne, I beg of you, please take down the links about Annett on your website- it’s not right that you let this man use your good name to continue his crimes and abuse. If you need more information on Annett, you can read through the many articles I’ve written exposing him. If you need more information before you make a decision, I’ll be happy to introduce you to some of his victims- the damage he’s done has been far and wide.

Once you’ve read through and understand Annett’s history, you’ll understand what a mistake you’ve made. Don’t take it personally, Annett is very good con-artist, many intelligent people have fallen for his tall tales. And, perhaps once you know, you can help us stop the pain he’s been causing- with all your fans and followers, you’d be a great help getting the word out.

[email protected]

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  1. Rev Kevin Annett lost all his Irish support as a result of him using the names of three Irish people he claimed were conveners of his ITCCS Court Tribunal.
    They only became aware of their names being used when Rhianne Baines ITCCS Coventry UK posted comments on her You Tube Channel after their ‘protest’.

    Further investigation revealed these shocking videos.

    Rev Annett makes similar claims in the UK as he does in Canada (Kanata) that all laws are dissolved and that ‘his people’ are allowed to take the law into their own hands,using his common law rules and regulations.

    Recent events in the UK,where an individual used Rev Annetts fake documentation has resulted in that individual apparently losing his job (among other things)

  2. Hi Greg,

    While researching data for a comment I was about to leave on Roseanne Barr’s blog, what should I stumble across but this post on your new site:

    Well, good for you.

    I don’t know whether she’ll post mine, as it’s awaiting moderation, but here’s what I wrote and if she DOESN’T post it?

    Feel free to post it to your comments on your blog!

    Everything I said is true, and more: I feel like such a SCHMUCK (if I had a schmuck) for promoting this grifter for as long as I did. Now, I do my best to undo any damage that caused, which was minimal, since I only sent a few head’s up links of his work to a few online friends, who posted links on a few minor forums, etc.

    I have sought to mitigate even that minimum amount of damage by referring the same folks to your work and Heather’s, since I discovered it last year.

    Thanks for setting my head straight on this douche!


    My comment to Roseanne’s blog: as yet unmoderated/unpublished

    Hi Rosie et al,

    I have been following and promoting Kevin Annett’s activities for several years, however a couple of years ago, some serious red flags went up for me, so I went digging around a bit.

    I believe there is good reason to believe what’s been revealed by a couple of reporters, radio talk show hosts and investigative researchers.

    What I discovered by doing my own research disturbed me to the point of deciding to (reluctantly) post this comment on your blog as well as links to that research in the hope that you and yours readers wish to delve into the controversy regarding Kevin Annett’s activities yourselves.

    Sorry to report this but this guy is looking dodgier by the minute.

    Start here:

    Beginning in mid-2012 and ending her blog only recently after a year and a half of dogged research, Heather Martin dedicated a good portion of her time to exposing fraudulent behaviour and wrongdoing committed by Kevin Annett, mostly in the name of First Nations residential school victims, who have never asked that he represent them nor to speak for them.

    In fact, several First Nations individuals have made it very clear that Kevin Annett does NOT represent them, and that if he ever was affiliated with certain First Nations entities, he no longer is, and that was by their request.

    Moreover, Kevin Annett has been discredited regarding “children’s bones” which his “team” purportedly discovered in a dig dubbed “the mush hole”, located on the grounds of a former residential school in Brantford Ontario in 2011.

    Please read the correspondence between 2 forensic anthropologists at The Smithsonian Institute and Heather Martin, the investigative journalist who was researching the veracity of Kevin Annett’s public claims, which he has done purely for the purposes of self-promotion.

    Furthermore, in his documentary film and book on the genocide of First Nations people, Kevin Annette publicized, without any permission to do so, the names of survivors and their personal stories, etc., and he and he alone profits from that work…

    I also want to mention that Kevin Annett’s press advisories sought to mislead people and were grossly misrepresented with regard to his trip to Italy and the “rally” held in St. Peter’s Square to “confront the pope”:

    The rest of Heather Martin’s research can be found on her website:

    All the documents and pertinent data cited in her expose have been moved to this repository:

    I send this in Peace, as a long time supporter of you since years and years before you became an activist: I hope you’ll consider removing this piece supporting Kevin Annett and his activities from your blog.

    Frankly, I’m of the opinion that he does not deserve support, he deserves serious public scrutiny, so I, like many others, withdrew mine from him long ago.

    • Pearl on February 7, 2014 at 08:31
    • Reply

    Kevin Annett is being promoted as a ‘Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Anyone know anything about this?

    1. Annett is a con-artist, it’s completely made up…

    • Pearl on February 7, 2014 at 16:55
    • Reply

    I had a look at what you have to do to be a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. A Qualified Nominator – see link – can nominate anyone. All you have to do is know someone who meets Qualified Nominator status and is willing to put an application in for you. Old Kevin must have quite an ego! The question for me is – 1. Is he a straight-forward con artist – most con-artists have a personality disorder such as psychopathy or 2. Does he believe it all in which case he’s got a Delusional Psychosis.
    There are quite a few conspiracy theory ‘leaders’ suffering from either 1. or 2.
    The next question is why the heck would anyone be sucked into this?
    I watched a video on You Tube the other day of some of Kevin Annett’s people trying to shut down a church in Coventry, England. Their lack of understanding about the law and the implications of their actions was mind blowing.

    • Pearl on February 8, 2014 at 10:36
    • Reply

    (I thought I’d sent this info already. If another message is waiting like this please delete one of them.)
    I had a look at what you have to do to be a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. See
    Basically anyone can do it – if you can find a Qualified Nominator you can be nominated. If Kevin Annett has been nominated it would be interesting to find out who his Qualified Nominator is.

    Of course he may be lying about the nomination.

    My questions about Kevin Annett are 1. Is he telling lies and knows it – in which case he may have a personality disorder such as psychopathy. There are other conspiracy theory ‘leaders’ who fit this profile or 2. Does he believe what he’s saying – he therefore might have a mental illness – Delusional Psychosis? If this is the case those around him need to get him psychiatric help.

    • Chief Grey Raven on May 20, 2014 at 16:34
    • Reply

    “My questions about Kevin Annett are 1. Is he telling lies and knows it – in which case he may have a personality disorder such as psychopathy. There are other conspiracy theory ‘leaders’ who fit this profile or 2. Does he believe what he’s saying – he therefore might have a mental illness – Delusional Psychosis?”

    That’s what makes Annett so interesting. The million dollar question: does he honestly believe in all this stuff or is he just a “sour grapes” agitator. Personally, I think he is delusional and actually believes that the ITCCS has power and that he is actually going to prosecute the Queen and Pope and that there actually are tens of thousands of murdered children just waiting to be dug up.

  3. Do they realize that this so-called court isn’t real?

    1. Many people do. But as PT Barnum used to say- “there’s a sucker born every minute”

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