Idle No More Co-Founder Praises Zimbabwe Dictator Robert Mugabe’s Race Based Evictions

Nina Wilson Co-Founder of Idle No More

Nina Wilson Co-Founder of Idle No More

Nina Wilson is one of the more interesting characters to come out of Idle No More. She and two other women co-founded the movement with the intention of protesting federal government budged bill C-45. Shortly after INM’s launch, the founders were contacted by the David Suzuki Foundation who helped boost the movement into a ‘natural phenomenon’.

Wilson appeared to be one of the more sensible people at INM. When she noticed how her new “allies” in the social justice industry were collecting money for INM with zero transparency, she didn’t hesitate to speak out. Clayton Thomas-Muller of the union backed Defenders of The Land responded by telling Wilson to “check” herself. Shortly after, Wilson walked-away from the movement she helped to create.

But, as it turns out, Wilson may not be as palatable of an individual as she looks on the surface…

Nina Wilson: White Folk No More?

Nina Wilson: White Folk No More?

On August 3rd Wilson posted a link to a story on her Facebook page, praising Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe after he called for white farmers to be forced off of their land. Accompanying the story, Wilson exclaimed “Now this guy knows WTF is up :)”.

Robert Mugabe is a vicious dictator. It’s estimated that between 1982-1995 at least 20,000 people were ethnically cleansed under his government, many were buried in mass graves. Zimbabwe is listed as 163rd out of the 176 countries listed in Transparency International’s corruption index. Mugabe refers to lesbian and gay people as “worse than dogs and pigs”.

It didn’t take long for one of Wilson’s Facebook friends to point-out her mistake:

nina-wilson-2-mugabe-dictatorTo which Wilson responded saying:


The “right idea” Wilson is referring to was labelled as a disaster by Human Rights Watch. Mugabe sent armed militias to terrorize white families into abandoning their land- many fled to Canada, where the Immigration and Refugee Board has recognized Zimbabwe’s persecution of white nationals. The country had 5,000 white farmers when Mugabe initiated the terror in 2000, there are only 500 today. Zimbabwe’s economy nosedived after the purge.

A couple other of Wilson’s friends pointed out her folly, including someone from South Africa:


Wilson began to back off after that stating “we cannot allow tyrants to run anything”, but also saying “he is making a case tht he is in his homelands and that ppl need to respect that”. The “case” Mugabe was making was that white people should be thrown off of their land.

It’s obvious that Wilson didn’t understand Mugabe’s history when she made this statement, this article wasn’t written to imply she supports mass murder. But her enthusiasm for Mugabe’s efforts to forcefully evict families from their land – justified because of their race – is deeply concerning (and, dare I say it, racist?).

If this is the future Nina Wilson sees for Canada, let’s hope she slips back to idle sometime soon…

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