Breaking: Usual Suspects Lock Necks To Kinder Morgan Gate In Burnaby! (Feat. Gandhi)


In the continuing string of evidence that anti-pipeline protests are mostly led by the same, small, cadre- a group of the usual suspects gathered at Burnaby Mountain this morning to protest the Trans Mountain pipeline. Showing an utter lack of creativity, the protesters used the tired old tactic of locking their necks to the front gate of a Kinder Morgan facility.

A protest like this usually has two goals. First, as described by Victoria based bully anarchist Zoe Blunt, it’s a form of “economic sabotage”, restricting a company’s ability to run their business. The other goal is to get the attention of the media- lazy BC reporters stenographers eat this stuff up, rarely questioning the fact it’s always the same people locking themselves to the gate.

In this case, being a Saturday, it’s unknown how much economic damage they’ll cause; but the action was timed perfectly for an anti-pipeline rally planned for later this afternoon. What better way to attract more people and media than throwing-in some Kryptonite theatrics!


Today’s planned rally is run by a familiar face, Simon Fraser University anarchist professor Stephen Collis- one of the more visible members of Occupy Vancouver in 2011. Collis is the example of why one may not wish to send their kids to SFU, an extremist who accepts the doctrine of Diversity of Tactics (use of violence) and works closely with some of the province’s most criminally minded activists. Collis is the type of professor that helps screw-up students like Mia Nissen into damaging their futures by engaging in serial criminal activites.

Mia "Gandhi" Nissen locked to gate at Burnaby Kinder Morgan property

Mia “Gandhi” Nissen locked to gate at Burnaby Kinder Morgan property

Speaking of Mia Nissen, an extremist who once compared herself to Gandhi during a 7-day hunger strike, it’s no surprise to see she’s one of the protesters who locked their necks to the gate. This site is still waiting for information on this week’s proceedings, but Nissen was summoned to court this week due to an action where she locked herself to the front gate of the Burnaby Chevron refinery. Last week Nissen released a video of her and others punishing Kinder Morgan by attacking and insulting their workers.

Dan Wallace (on right)

Dan Wallace (on right)

Also in court this week (and locked to the gate this morning) was indigenous activist Dan Wallace- an up and coming professional protester who first came to the attention of this website after openly calling for protesters to engage in violence against the police at this year’s Vancouver May Day parade. Wallace is “everywhere you don’t want to be” these days- other recent activities include acting as a spokesperson for Vancouver’s Oppenheimer Park occupation, travelling and promoting the violent Unist’ot’en action camp in northern BC, and jetting over to Ottawa last month to attend the union-led Peoples Social Forum.

For an anti-pipeline protester, this guy sure seems to travel a lot- dontcha think?

There’s a reason we always see the same people repeating the same actions- it’s the lack of action by the RCMP and the Crown to pursue remedy against people who conduct serial criminal activities. We’ve reached a point where it appears that the police have given-up enforcing the law, it’s so bad that Chevron decided to try doing that themselves taking Nissen & Wallace to court. Things are getting out-of-hand, it’s time to demand that the police start doing their jobs.

How can you help? One tactic would be to contact the Burnaby RCMP detachment and let them know how you feel about their lack of enforcement. Here are their contact details- do your part and tell them what you think! You can also help by keeping a close watch on how the media reports on the story, and calling-out the journalists stenographers who refuse (or are just too lazy) to report the whole story…

Phone: 604-294-7922
Twitter: @burnabyRCMP

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  1. As to be expected, this rag-tag group of losers got the attention they wanted when B Cs most watched 6pm news channel {Global Vancouver} gave them the attention they so desparately need to make themselves feel so supremely important!!!

    1. Thanks, I’ll have to look that up- time to name and shame the reporters stenographers!

  2. Someone should go up to these self locked up protestors and add another lock to them and leave with the key.

      • NobodyCanuck on September 27, 2014 at 17:56
      • Reply

      Ha! Perfect response! If I worked there I would back my diesel truck right up in front of them and do a couple “coal burners” on them! That’s what it’s called when you see the thick black exhaust coming from the diesel pick ups. Quite popular with the oil field workers right now to antagonize the Greens and Lefties. :)

    • Occupy a Job on October 17, 2014 at 19:04
    • Reply

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to electrify the fence

    • KE on January 19, 2015 at 23:48
    • Reply

    Adam you don’t even know the woman who is sitting in that picture beside you. Mia Nissen is a complete fraud. She gave her 13 yr old daughter up and handed her over right to the MCFD. After this, moving right on in with her boyfriend at the time into his huge house in NV. Leaving her daughter alone and scared all by herself in the hands of strangers. Before this, when her daughter was a child, she left her daughter at a mans house who was not her father leaving her to get molested by him. Mia, not asking any question as to why on earth this man would want relations with a 6 yr old girl who is not his. She is delusional and living in a fake world up on that mountain forgetting all her past and the pain she’s caused. Her daughter then met ex CFL player Josh Boden. Google his name and enough said. SHE, MIA IS APART OF THE PROBLEM. A mother completely rejecting and abandoning her young daughter. Many Many terrible things could have happened to this 13 yr old with no one caring where she was, who she was with. This feeling of abandonment and loneliness led her to be trapped in a abusive relationship and getting pimped out and working the streets. Mia has had shown zero regret for her actions and actually blames her own daughter forbthenreason she was put into foster care and blames the relationship with the CFL player on her own daughter. Mia takes no responsibility. Why would her daughter even get the chance to go out in her own and meet a man like Josh? Lack or parenting maybe? Mia’s daughter who is now 24, a single mother, asks for her mothers support all the time. Begs for it. Mia is supportive in no way. Emotionally, physically or financially. Seems she’s too busy up on that mountain being the crazy she’s always been. She doesn’t come around and uses exuses all the time. Lies. She always sick, or something comes up. (Protests) She chooses to hang out with all these protesters she likes to call friends meanwhile her grandson and daughter need her. Too busy. Chaining herself to fences and getting arrested. That’s cool for people who prioritize! This woman is completely ignoring her responsibilities as a mother/grandmother and chooses to spend her time else where. Btw, she uses Josh Boden, her daughters ex and babies father as an exuse to not come around. Not at all taking responsibility for being the reason as to how their daughter met josh. Now, after creating a bond with her grandson, Mia just disappears and blames it on her fear of Josh who isnt even around. when really it is her fault for all her neglect she did to her daughter as to why her daughter would even think it’s ok to be with a man like that. There’s so much more I could write too.. It would make you all sick! Bottom line I do support all the efforts made to try and stop the pipeline. I do. But I don’t want people like Mia doing it. Shes a big hypocrite. Trying to save the environment while ruining the lives of her family. My point is, be carful who you look up to, who you follow and who your friends are.

    1. All hail the magic nutbar! Lol

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