Vancouver Activist Promotes Violent “De-Arresting” Tactics For New Protest!

Tamp Campos, Jakub Markiewicz & Dan Wallace after their Burnaby Mountain arrests

Tamp Campos, Jakub Markiewicz & Dan Wallace after their Burnaby Mountain arrests

Vancouver activist Dan Wallace has become a fixture at local protests over the past couple of years. His first high-profile moment was shortly before last year’s May Day march when he called on a group of masked anarchists to use violence against the police. If there’s one thing that can be said for Wallace it’s that he’s got cajones, he was surrounded by at least a dozen cops when he said that. Curiously, despite the fact protesters used violence against the police, he walked free without charges.

Since then Wallace has been everywhere you don’t want to be. He was one of the primary figures at the Oppenheimer Park occupation, was arrested protesting Chevron on Burnaby Mountain and later arrested there protesting Kinder Morgan. He started off this year’s May Day celebration manning the BBQ during the daytime, and inserting himself at the front of the police line where a gang of rabid protesters clashed into the cops. Some protesters got arrested, but Dan walked away that night.

This week the same thugs activists degenerates who organized May Day have announced a new “Commercial Drive Street Party”, inspired by the violence we saw on May 1st. The event page is only about 4-5 days old, but we’ve seen some of the usual suspects- including Dan Wallace, who appears to be promoting a crime that sent two people to prison after the Toronto G20.

New “Street Party” In The Works:

Dan Wallace (on left) with We Love This Coast sign in-back

Dan Wallace (on left) with We Love This Coast sign in-back

The last street party was part of a larger set of events when anarchists and extremist socialists celebrated May Day. Dan Wallace was working the BBQ in the afternoon, a “hero” giving free food to his army of useful idiots- the only thing missing was his pipe, balaclava and Subcomandante Marcos apron.

Later in the evening Wallace was raising his fist at the front of an (inadequately staffed) police line while his compatriots blasted loud music at them using a giant speaker system. If you watch the video you can see severe discomfort in the eyes of some of the officers being surrounded- the protester’s behaviour was outright thuggery.

The next protest is still in the planning stages but it sounds like they’re organizing more of the same:

“This year’s May Day demonstrated what can be achieved when a community gets together to create something without asking for permission. After a free concert and barbeque [sic] in Grandview Park, up to ten thousand people participated in a massive renegade dance party which took over Commercial Drive for a few glorious hours.”

One of the formulas to being able to get away starting street clashes with the police is to cloak your activities under the banner of “activism”- the new protest explains their “activism” saying:

“As our city continues to face rampant privatization, it is becoming increasingly important to show the power that we hold collectively. As we continue to reclaim public space, our hope is that more and more pockets of resistance will emerge, against capitalism, against pipelines, and against everything that keeps us from realizing our autonomy and self-determination.”

One would think it’s crazy for the organizers to setup a replay after having so recently got away with what happened on May Day. Indeed, one smart cookie on Facebook page wondered if it was all some kind of a setup:

Yeah, kinda is...

Yeah, kinda is…

Dan Wallace, pulling out his Subcomandante Marcos apron, suggested that there should be a BBQ, and “perhaps speeches”. He explained that the organizers have “really good legal contacts to help take care of legal issues that may come up…”. At the bottom of his thread he hinted that the handling of the money at Burnaby Mountain was less than transparent- once again, like Occupy, only a privileged few know where all of the money is going.

Funding, you mean like Occupy?

Funding, you mean like Occupy?

Did Dan Wallace Just (Again) Call For The Use Of Violence? 


Wallace’s most interesting comment was posted on May 18th, saying “my personal suggestion is to practice de-arrest tactics…”. “De-arresting” is the process of using mob force against the police to force them to release people they are trying to arrest. Ontario courts sent two people to prison for encouraging and/or training people how to de-arrest.

Like I said, Dan Wallace has cajones- it will be interesting watching what comes next…


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