Gregory Alan Elliott’s Twitter Criminal Harassment Trial Back In Court This Morning

Why would WoTOPoli  want to stop this guy?

Why would #WiTOPoli want to stop this guy?

There might be big news to report about Gregory Alan Elliott’s Twitter criminal harassment trial tomorrow. Elliott’s next court date was originally set for October 6th but, in a surprise move, the court will be called into session this morning at 10 am. No further information is available at this point, the court will be open to the public and I’ll be there to give as impartial of a report as I can.

The last time the court’s proceedings were interrupted in this case was after the judge received a letter from a “stranger” claiming that Elliott’s alleged victims “conspired, in my presence, to fabricate a criminal harassment complaint” against him. The letter went on to allege the conspiracy leads “to the ministry of the attorney-general”. The judge claimed the letter was signed and included contact information.

There are many possibilities tomorrow. Speculation has included that the potentially politically damaging case might get shut down on a technicality, the court might have received other new information, or that one of the two remaining alleged victims will be withdrawn from the case (one already has), or perhaps the judge has seen the video of city councillors encouraging Guthrie’s vigilante behaviour. But regardless of this morning’s outcome there’s one thing we’ll know for certain…

Kristyn Won-Tam (left) with Steph Guthrie (right)

Kristyn Won-Tam (left) with Steph Guthrie (right)

The answer, of course, is who can we trust in the media to tell the story as it is. Some Toronto Star articles have come across as horribly one-sided or potentially vindictive. Christie Blatchford’s coverage generated a lot of controversy, but has equally been pretty damn accurate. Canadaland jumped the shark by posting a damagingly inaccurate (fixed after I pointed it out, but no retraction and still many problems) accusation about Elliott’s behaviour. At one point I saw two CBC producers were spreading other damagingly inaccurate misinformation.

Stay-tuned for more reports on what happens in court this morning, and further reports analysing the media’s response…

Are these the words of a victim, or a predator?

Curious how so few have mentioned how ugly Guthrie and her friends got…

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    • Kevin K on August 5, 2015 at 03:05
    • Reply

    Hoping for good news! At this late stage where the trial has concluded and the court has heard closing arguments I wonder if it is even possible for one or more of the complainants to back out? I think it is too late! They have already testified! Also if the charges were going to get thrown out this should have happened three years ago (still don’t understand how this got past a preliminary trial). I think it is also too late to introduce new evidence. Apparently the person who wrote the letter to the judge skipped out of town otherwise he would have been put on the stand as a defense witness. I suspect that the judge has already come to a final decision. I suspect he has decided to acquit (how could he not based on the facts) and he is not going to wait till October to make his announcement. I believe he is doing the humane thing and putting and end to GAE’s misery and is setting him free after three years.

    I am also hoping that the judge will announce that he is charging Heather Reilly with perjury. She [editor:allegedly] LIED under oath as to the reason why she changed her avatar and the judge must not let her get away with lying under oath.

    If as I suspect that judge has decided to acquit I HOPE that in his statement he has scathing remarks for the TPS detective Jeff Bangild and Crown Marnie Goldenberg for being so stupid and unethical in bringing these baseless charges before the courts.

  1. I’ve been to enough trials to accept that nothing is predictable, particularly in a case that’s been as interesting as this one has. I’m at the court waiting for the trial to begin, stay tuned for more information as it’s available…

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