350.org Climate Activist Pulls Race Card On Vegan Critics (Feat. Cameron Fenton)

Cameron Fenton with Thomas Mulcair

Astroturf Alert: Cameron Fenton with Thomas Mulcair

One of the greatest challenges for radical environmentalists can be explained with the idiom “the left eats its own.” I saw this first hand during Occupy where radical-left activists tore each other apart, often for minor violations of political correctness or other perceived transgressions of lefty code. Readers who harbour fears that Naomi Klein’s revolution will take over the world shouldn’t- she and her friends will eventually eat each other up for breakfast.

When it comes to self-righteous jerks, there’s no better example than the vegan community. It’s every carnivore’s nightmare to discover they’ve invited a vegan to a dinner party. It doesn’t only screw-up your menu options, but odds are you’ll have to put up with them gloating over their lifestyle choices- and your prime rib will be a lot less enjoyable under the gaze of your vegan guest’s ugly looks.

But despite vegan’s reputations for being unbearable jerks, there’s one thing that can be said on their behalf- they actually walk the walk (at least, while everyone is looking). It might be unimaginable, but there’s a bigger set of jerks than the vegans- the jet-setting Fiji Water connoisseurs at 350.org. Cameron Fenton gave us a great example this week, pulling the race card on his vegan critics.

Fenton made a posting this week attacking the vegan community for their self-righteous demands that everyone else follows their lead and stops eating meat and dairy. Perhaps out of concern that their cause would be sucking away donations from his own, he pulled a one-up on vegans claiming:

“While Big Meat (sorry) is all kinds of evil, they’re not Big Oil evil when it comes to climate change.”

When Fenton was finished swinging around his climate change meat, he took things one step further pulling out the race card:

“One more thing, and I’m sorry but I can really only say it one way — the “go vegan to save the planet” mantra is kinda racist.”

Fenton was apparently subjected to attacks from the vegan community, as should anyone who stupidly invokes race in a self-righteous attack. He responded in another posting doubling-down saying:

“The message of “Climate Vegans” is reinforcing systemic racism when mostly white groups of people tell mostly non-white groups of people what their cultural practices should and should not be.

For example. If you show up in a climate justice space and tell an Indigenous person that the best thing they can do for the climate is go vegan, that’s racist.”

How did Fenton justify the stupidity of this statement? It’s simple dummy; he gave a link to a story on white privilege!

Fenton is right that it’s entirely uncool for self-righteous vegans to demand others walk their walk, but it has nothing to do with race, it’s about common decency. His cheap shot calling vegans racists is a great example of the left eating its own, as well as a great example of how assholes like Cameron Fenton cheapen the real life cases of racism people face in their everyday lives.


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    • Sue on December 5, 2015 at 09:47
    • Reply

    Loved the article Greg. I post this to exercise caution about people like me. I am a vegetarian. Not only do the statistics demonstrate that a vegetable-based diet is healthier, but it is an ethical one. However, I am a Conservative and never proselytize. If people want to ignore the health benefits and support animal cruelty (and I dare anyone to suggest it is anything else), so be it. But do not assume that vegetarians/vegans are all rabid liberals and protesters. Virtually all of my friends eat meat. If I am questioned about my diet, I will answer. Otherwise, I keep my mouth shut. Unless I am eating an amazing vegetable quiche. It is pointless to argue as I will never be able to get past a completely selfish desire to eat bacon (and to hell with the animals) or a belief that animals are not worthy of having quality lives.

    1. Thanks! I was a vegetarian for several years myself, and was guilty of evangelizing back when I was in college. That all ended when I moved to East Europe after the wall fell, there was no such thing as a vegetarian restaurant back then so I changed back to meat very quickly.

        • Sue on December 5, 2015 at 15:44
        • Reply

        It’s too bad the liberal fascists (aren’t they all?) have seized on the vegan lifestyle as another excuse to spread their hate and stupidity. I hope that they do not prevent people from considering it. To this day, people equate the vegetarian/vegan diet and support for animal welfare with the Left. People cannot believe I am a Conservative because of it. I guess they haven’t checked out Laureen Harper’s activities on behalf of animals. Just goes to show that one can never judge a book by its cover. I just hope that the shrill mobsters who spray paint fur coats and react like infants don’t turn off those who are considering the health and ethical benefits of eating vegetables.

  1. Can’t stop laughing!!!

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