First Nations “Steward” Risks Oil Spill In Line 9 Sabotage Stunt (Feat. Vanessa Gray)

For a criminally stupid protest...

For a criminally stupid protest…

Update: Vanessa Gray, Sarah Scanlon, and Stone Stewart have been charged with mischief over $5,000, and mischief endangering life. The courts have released all three on their own recognizance on Tuesday morning.

At 7:30 this morning a small group of protesters gathered in Sarnia, Ontario to protest Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline. Professional protester Vanessa Gray claimed “tar sands projects represent an ongoing cultural and environmental genocide.” Her partner Sarah Schanlon declared “when, not if, when it leaks it will be polluting and making water and air filled with chemicals across Ontario…we understand that bitumen is untreatable- which means that there’s no way to get it out of the drinking water, there’s no way of getting it out of the water that’s going into the food that we need consume.”

So, how do a group of anti-energy activists protest the “environmental genocide” of an future “untreatable” oil spills from a pipeline they’ve claimed is “too old” to be operated reliably? Simple – but dangerously stupid – they cut through the locks of a manually operated valve station, executed an unscheduled shut-down of the pipeline, and locked their necks to the wheel to prevent maintenance and emergency staff from turning it back on or off.

The protest was a copy-cat of the December 7th Line 9 tampering in Quebec. Both cases caused unscheduled shut-downs of Line 9, neither appear to have consulted experts who could tell them how safe or dangerous their actions were. In the worst-case scenario people could have died- if they truly believe that pipeline spills are “untreatable”, it took a special kind of stupid for them to have taken this risk.

The Who’s Who of the Irresponsible Zoo...

Dangerous and stupid...

Dangerous and stupid…

Media and observers have reported on three primary actors behind today’s hideously stupid protest; Vanessa Gray of Sarnia, Ont,  Sarah Scanlon of Guelph, Ont, and Stone Stewart of unknown. A video released by the radical-left Richochet Media appears to show all three taking turns closing the valve, and film from the earlier protest in Quebec. Also shown in the video is Vanessa’s sister Lindsay Gray.

Train tamperer Mike Roy, and Jeremy Larivee (both from London, Ont) were on the scene from the beginning. Their photographs covered the protest end-to-end from using bold cutters to break through the fence, to tampering with the valve, to locking themselves to the wheel with bicycle u-locks, and the police taking them into custody. Roy has a long history with the police including an early morning raid for vandalism charges and with his involvement in previous Line 9 protests.

Mike Roy and Sid Ryan of the OFL at last year's Common Front meeting...

Mike Roy and Sid Ryan of the OFL at 2013 Common Front meeting…

Both Roy and Gray have participated in previous Ontario Line 9 protests, and the Ontario Federation of Labour’s Ontario Common Front. Gray was featured speaker at Powershift events sponsored by the Polaris Institute, and was on the stage with David Suzuki, Neil Young, Chief Alan Adam, and Love Is The Movement tattoo cult member Eriel Deranger.  Gray was also at last summer’s Camp Line 9 in Quebec where she was joined by Alyssa Symons-Belanger-  leader of the December 7 Line 9 shutdown. Ce n’est pas une coincidence?

Vanessa Gray (far left) with David Suzuki, Neil Young, and Eriel Deranger (who wears the same tattoo as Line 9 leader Dave Vasey)

Vanessa Gray (far right) with David Suzuki, Neil Young, and Eriel Deranger

Perhaps the biggest irony of this dangerously stupid protest was that the profiled Gray as an “advocate and steward of environmental health” last year. Now she’s helping put the environment at risk with a reckless protest that puts people and the environment at more risk.

Gray, Scanlon, and Stweart are being held in custody overnight. They’ll be in court on Tuesday morning, speculation is that they’re facing serious charges.

Note: It’s my strong belief that the vast majority of First Nations activists would never consider a reckless stunt like today’s. Gray’s behaviour should not be taken as the hypocrisy of First Nations activists, but the hypocrisy of NGO Industrial Complex that Gray has got caught-up in.

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  1. These people are some of the most stupid morons I have ever come across. hey think they have some sort of entitlement to do what they wish , with impunity and then, if they are arrested for their criminal actions, they seem surprises and will no doubt play the race card in court. This is one reason refer them as eco-terrorists .. which, in my opinion, is exactly what they are .

    • Brian O'Hallarn on December 21, 2015 at 17:42
    • Reply

    It is self professed environmental activist experts like Suzuki and Neil Young that lead a bunch of hypocritical morons that think they are doing good. Well they are not but, are a danger to the people they think they are protecting with their ill conceived actions. Leave them in a cell for a week with no heat because somebody turned the valve off. These crackpots don’t do anything for the First Nations benefit.

  2. I agree with undercoverkity!! All the more reason for bill C-51!! And a lot of people are just concerned about Muslims!! Hell, we have terrorists right here in Canada who are welcoming Muslims/refugees but dissing whites/settlers and telling them to leave their land to go home etc!!!

  3. Imo, these people should have all their property confiscated ,right down to the clothes they where that were created using oil.
    Put them on a chopper and flown to Bafflin island, drop them off completely naked and not give them any time that could start a fire.

    Telling them this your penalty for hypocrisy and trying to eliminate a societal need.
    Good luck ,not freezing to death. You can protest at any tree on the island. Perhaps learning about the word hypocrite or hypocrisy might alter your mentality before doing something against society.

    • Ed on December 21, 2015 at 19:13
    • Reply

    Tired of the lies, half truths and their other bogus nonsense. They should be jailed for putting all of us at risk.

    • Mark on December 21, 2015 at 19:50
    • Reply

    Its too bad that when they lock themselves to the equipment, somebody cannot put another lock on them and then leave them them there for about a month, no food or water.

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