Open Letter To Environment Minister Catherine McKenna About Copyright

Sue me Cathy!

Sue me Cathy!

Dear Catherine,

I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip to Washington DC. Canadian taxpayers should be proud to pay for your photo-op with President Obama. I noticed on the photograph you sent out that you copyrighted the picture- are you kidding, or do you actually think it’s ethical to spend Canadian’s money on a jolly down to the US and then tell us the photographs aren’t ours to use as we please?

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve taken the picture and posted it at the top of this story. Yes, I’m breaking your copyright- think of it as an act of civil disobedience. I dare you Cathy, double dog dare you, send me a DMCA copyright notice and tell me to take the picture down. Even better than that, why not stop disrespecting Canadians by telling them what they paid for isn’t theirs.


P.S. I notice your copyright notice is only in French. I know you’re new at the job, but don’t you understand that as a government minister you’re required to produce it in both official languages?

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