May Day 2016: 2 Cops Assaulted, Black Lives Matter Call Arresting Cops Racists (Feat. Yusra Khogali)

May Day Toronto: Clueless is as clueless does

May Day Toronto: Fashionable millennials with unfashionable ideology…

Every May 1st militant extremists from OCAP and No One Is Illegal organize a May Day march through downtown Toronto. The marches feature most of the same people we see at most labour movement led protests, each year a guest of honour gets to sit on the back of a rented truck, take charge of the mic, and agitate the crowd. This year’s honoree was the now infamous Yusra Khogali of Black Lives Matter Toronto.

It was a rainy Sunday, not a great day for a parade. Between the inclement weather and dwindling support since the days of Occupy Toronto, the crowd was smaller this year- last year there were about 1500, 3,000 the year before, yesterday only about 500 participants. Curiously, it seems that none of the major unions backed the protest this year- could it be they’re starting to get afraid of the public knowing they support this crowd?

May Day is often an occasion for violence and there was no shortage of that in Montreal, where masked thugs got into a street fight with the police and smashed-up windows. Vancouver was rather tame this year, no reports of arrests or calls for violence like we’ve seen  in the past. Toronto’s march was tame at first, but all hell broke loose after a bystander senselessly assaulted two cops. And, of course, Khogali accused the arresting officers of being racists.

Yusra Khogali, and Socialist Obedience Cult Kid (foreground)

Yusra Khogali, and Socialist Obedience Cult Kid (foreground)

Toronto’s May Day march usually starts in front of City Hall but this year, perhaps due to the librarian union’s demonstration at Nathan Phillips Square, but this year they gathered at Dundas Square instead- perhaps because the librarian’s union was picketing. Like most years they rented a monster truck. This time it was a 5.7 litre Dodge Ram- not quite the choice one would think a group of self-proclaimed environmentalists would find themselves driving around in.

Shortly after Yusra Khogali took the mic, I began to notice that there was a coordinated effort to stop me from filming. About 3-4 people were assigned to stalk and stop me from filming the much of the march. One of the most active blockers was a short little blonde haired kid I’ll refer to as Socialist Obedience Cult Kid (you’ll see him hounding me in the videos).

Most of the usual obedience cults were present. NDP Socialist Caucus leader Barry Weisleder brought his Socialist Action cult, singing the Soviet national anthem while marching down Dundas. As usual, the protest was full of Bolshevik, with Bolshevik Tendency members holding up signs like “Capitalism can’t be fixed, fight for socialism!”. The Maoists carried a banner with their exalted leader’s face.

Consumers of the World Unite!

Footwear for the revolution!

Footwear for the revolution!

The march set off heading east on Dundas after rabble-rousing speeches by members of BLMTO, No One Is Illegal, and a few others. The one thing I couldn’t help but notice this year was how many of the day’s anti-capitalist marchers were proudly wearing their brand names- consumers of the world unite!

Judging from the people present, the Maoists appear to be fans of Ralph Lauren and Fila. The Trotskyites were mostly Nike fans, but one wore New Balance. One Iranian Communist Party member was a New Balance fan, one wore Nikes, and the last wore leather boots. A guy carrying a Karl Marx sign was wearing a shiny new pair of Adidas sneakers. A masked anarcho-kid wore a Vans brand “Off the Wall’ baseball hat.

The revolution might not be televised, but there’ll be no shortage of millennials carrying banners of Chairman Mao wearing the latest in consumer culture footware.

Maoists wear Ralph Lauren Polo brand shoes

Maoists wear Ralph Lauren Polo brand shoes

Man Assaults Cops, Yusra Khogali Pulls Race Card

About 45 minutes into the march a bystander ran up to a police officer standing in front of me and started taunting him. The man danced back-and-forth jumping in front of the cop, teasing him, he leaned over and pulled off the cop’s name tag, and ran away.

A few seconds later the same man began attacking a cop sitting inside of a marked car. He shoved his arms into the car a few times, it was hard to tell what he was doing. The cop jumped out of his car, a few ran to join him, and they tried to take the man into custody. The man seemed to be under the influence of something or other and he kept on struggling- even as four cops were trying to hold him down.

A crowd of May Day marchers ran over and started screaming at the cops. Some yelled the standard “let him go, let him go”, others yelled out general obscenities. Yusra Khogali ran up, pointed at the cops, and yelled out at the crowd “these people are violent!”

Likely sensing that a riot wouldn’t be good for her reputation (so recently after she was exposed for being a pro-violence supremacist) Khogali next started yelling out “don’t escalate this!”. Battling both a disturbed man, and a crowd of aggressive onlookers, it took about 5 minutes to get him handcuffed and safely locked into a cop car.

Khogali was back on the truck a couple of minutes later and started yelling out “no justice, no peace!”, and “black lives they matter there.” When the chants were finished, Khogali demonstrated Black Lives Matter’s trademark tactic of twisting the truth and making up false claims about Toronto police:

“That man did not deserve what happened to him. It’s just like what happened to Andrew Loku when they shot him in his home. In the same way they did that. Black lives they matter here, black lives they matter here. This is the racist police that we’re talking about, and the racist state that we live in.”

Besides that the man who was arrested for assaulting the cop was black, there’s no race element in his arrest. It’s pretty much guaranteed that anyone, of any race, who simultaneously assaults two cops and later resists arrest would be handled in the exact same way. The truth is that Khogali wasn’t standing in front of the cops when the man assaulted them, she had no clue about what she was talking about.

But truth doesn’t matter to Black Lives Matter, it’s no different than when they claimed that the cops were being racist for putting out an illegal open fire they set in front of police headquarters. The same also goes for the shooting of Andrew Loku, the SIU report shows that Loku was shot from 2-3 meters away when charging at cops while raising a hammer over his head. The cops he was threatening were there because he was drunk and violent, not because of his race.

It’s as much of an insult to people who’ve suffered from police misconduct (which I’ve acknowledged and reported on) when Black Lives Matter make false accusations as it is to the people of Toronto that Mayor John Tory would engage with the group. Their tactics, to call everyone they disagree with racists, is a powerful one it seems- it’s sad watching our mayor and city council give into their blackmail.




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  1. Our local nazi, yusra khogali has no concept of reality. She really should spend a little more reading books that surpass grade 2 , her intellect level , and dig really deep, read a law book or two. For if she did that, she might learn that it is a CRIME to assault a police officer, regardless of whether a person is white, green, blue,purple , spotted, or black. She is a pathetic idiot,( I am being polite ) who is so full of herself, one needs several toilets to flush the crap she spews. Khogali is a low life, pathetic racist little bitch who would make a great counterpart to hitler .

  2. My opinion is exactly the same as the person who left the comment above.

    • Bob. Beckwith on May 2, 2016 at 22:56
    • Reply

    Can. We. Send. All. These. Loonies. To. Russia. Or. China? This. Way. We’ll. All. Be. Happy!

    • Katie on May 3, 2016 at 15:28
    • Reply

    The Premier and the Mayor both know or ought to know about the plainly racist rantings of Yusra Kogali and Janaya Khan, that they won’t distance themselves from BLMTO until that organization distances itself from the racist black supremacy element within is a sad tribute to a sick society.

    • chris on May 3, 2016 at 23:21
    • Reply

    Well we see the entitled 1% doing their shit again with no legal repercussion.

    • chris on May 3, 2016 at 23:31
    • Reply

    How much more shame is she willing to impose on black, brown, red, yellow, purple people of this world. What is her end game ? What a poor confused young person that should be put in a far north community and learn what playing well in a sandbox is all about. This old guy just cannot get it.

    • Cuddle Party Boner Rampage on May 6, 2016 at 19:20
    • Reply

    Geez. Josef Mengele would approve of her “race-science”.

    • Katie on May 7, 2016 at 13:02
    • Reply

    This will never stop until it’s shut down with the proof that it’s all BS and that these people are the actual racists and the base it all on magical thinking, but in Canada the proof, crime stats based on anything that would point to race, are illegal, IOW it’s not possible to have an honest rational debate on the matter in SJWar-torn Canada because we have to accept the insanity these children preach as gospel in order to deal with them or be called racist.

    I would prefer if they call the stats racist!

    • Jack Roe on May 9, 2016 at 01:06
    • Reply

    People don’t recognize that North America is under communist occupation—they just couldn’t nationalize the land in north america due to the people’s free spirit, not directly, anyway, so they did the next best thing: they nationalized the people and imposed upon them duties not to “discriminate.” So, rather than nationalizing hotels in law, for example, making them government property, appointing government men to run the hotels, they have effectively turned all of the citizens into government men, by imposing “civil rights” obligations on them, federal obligations that interfere with property rights, which are granted by the state. There is no federal land registry, only state land registries. And the same has been done in Canada with the Human Rights codes.

    Now, I think a business would be stupid not to accept all possible clients, but it’s the owner’s decision to make. The very language of ‘racism’ is steeped in a marxist view of history and of race relations. Indeed, it perpetuates the unscientific myth of race along a broadly 19th century pseudoscientific basis, all for the alleged purpose of “combating” the very mythology it perpetuates!

    If there is indeed “racism” present in society in 2016, it’s only because marxist University profs perpetuate the notion of race—no businessman cares about race anymore, if they ever did. And if some small town lunchcounter wants to only serve Roman Catholics or Protestants or Gypsies or Spaniards or people darker than Pantone Shade XYZ, that’s not a sound business decision, but it’s all part of freedom of contract, freedom of association. Those are two things that these communist radicals disagree with. The only freedom they agree with is the freedom to obey the Party Line.

      • Fritz on May 28, 2016 at 03:46
      • Reply

      An even more blatant example of this defacto expropriation is the war on smoking whereby various levels of government ban smoking in a private institution or establishment on private property arguing that it is public property because the public can enter. What is particularly egregious about such bans is that they were imposed after the number of smokers in the general population was hitting an all time low. Even worse is the enactment and enforcement of municipal bylaws, where the bylaw enforcement officers carry the powers of investigation, prosecution, judge, and jury, all without prior notice or without warrant. I will not argue that this is a Communist plot but yet another poison fruit bared by the so called “Progressive” movements of our society.

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