Nov 08

Kinder Morgan Protest Unmasked- Part 0: The Interactive Chart

Halloween was a whole lot scarier this year for five of the people behind the Burnaby, BC protests against Kinder Morgan. After weeks of rallies, delaying construction, and allegedly assaulting and harassing Kinder Morgan’s staff; the company decided to protect themselves by filing a $5.8 million lawsuit.

The protesters were in court this week and, needless to say, the media have rewarded them with the attention they so desperately crave. Fortunately for the protesters, and not so much for the public, most journalist’s reports are lacking in substance- providing their audience with little to no background on who’s really behind all of the ruckus.

Unfortunately, the fact that most reports that are lacking in substance is the good news. Outsiders who are trying to understand the truth face a bigger challenge- stories from some protest friendly media outlets demonstrate all the integrity of Pravda’s farm productivity reports circa 1932. (Yes Linda Solomon, that means you).

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Oct 31

When Kinder Morgan Served Protesters With $5.8 Million Lawsuit Their Response Was a Laugh Riot! (Feat. Stephen Collis)

Nutty Professor Stephen Collis at the protest site...

Nutty Professor Stephen Collis at the protest site…

Earlier this year a small group of anti-pipeline protesters kicked off a series of direct action protests in Burnaby BC. Their first high-profile action happened in May when three of them locked their necks to the front gate of Chevron’s refinery “in solidarity” with the anarchist/native led Unist’ot’en action camp. One of he protesters was already known to this website, Dan Wallace had openly promoted violence against the police at this year’s May Day march. The other was Mia Nissen- a deluded character who’d previously compared herself to Gandhi after announcing plans to start a “hunger strike” (which was really a 7 day fast).

The protest was shut down after Chevron successfully applied for an injunction. Curiously, the RCMP allowed the protesters to walk away without facing any charges. Like any crime victim who’s watched the perpetrator set free, it appears that Chevron was disappointed- in August, they decided to take their own action to pursue justice through the courts.

Wallace and Nissen were back in the spotlight in August when, demonstrating a shocking lack of originality, they locked their necks to the front gate of a Kinder Morgan facility; this time joined by a young man named Adam Gold. Protesters have been bird-dogging Kinder Morgan staff ever since- often swearing at them and yelling insults as they tried to do their jobs. Like Chevron was in August, it appears that Kinder Morgan has finally had enough- they responded yesterday serving protesters with a $5.6 million lawsuit.

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Oct 22

Anarchist’s Toronto Defence Attorney Posts Chilling Harassment On Assault Victim’s Website


I had a long night on Monday working early into Tuesday morning finishing off my story analysing Toronto city councillor’s expense reports. It was nearly daybreak when I got into bed- exhausted, I slept like a log. I was awakened by someone telling me the police were at the front door- quickly throwing on my clothes I went downstairs to see what was happening. The was a miscommunication, Victim Services told me they would send a notice before I was called to testify but it appears it was never sent.

After taking a few minutes to straighten myself up I went outside to meet the officer again. He was gracious enough to offer me a ride to the court in his police cruiser only with one catch, there was no room in the front passenger seat so I had to sit in the back. It wasn’t a comfortable ride, the police car’s steel barrier reminded my why I always hated New York taxi cabs- both can be highly unpleasant experiences if you’re tall, my knees banged into the steel every time we hit a pothole.

I read through the messages on my phone as we made our way to the court; emails, Facebook, Twitter and comments submitted to this site. One of the comments got my heart beating more quickly; it appeared to have come from someone at the courthouse, and was a direct reference to a video where I was previously assaulted by Black Bloc anarchist thugs. It felt like a classic scene in a mob movie where the defendant’s allies try to shake-up the witness – but, as I’d learn a couple hours later, real-life can sometimes be more surreal than Hollywood.

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Oct 19

Which Toronto City Councillors Spent The Most Taxpayer Money On Their Personal Websites?


City Council Big Spenders: Joe Mihevc, Shelley Carroll & Janet Davis

One of the most interesting resources published on the City of Toronto’s website is a detailed listing of councillor’s expense reports. Councillors are given a fixed annual budget each year ($30,815.40 in 2014), details of their spending (and reciepts) can be found at this link.

The data can’t be downloaded in spreadsheet form, and it can be time consuming to look through all of the reports, but there’s a lot of interesting information to explore. A wise old audit partner once told me the quickest way to judge a person’s character is by auditing their expense reports- following his advice, I began digging to see what I could discover.

The one red flag that immediately jumped-out for me was how city councillors are individually responsible for contracting their own ward’s websites. It’s an classic example of technology mismanagement- not only are councillors forced to reinvent the wheel with each website (it would be more effective to use a shared template), but there were wild variations in how much each councillor paid to create them. Today we’ll explore who was careful with taxpayer’s money, and who wasn’t.

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Oct 19

Former TIDES Canada Exec Joel Solomon Organizes In California With RCMP Designated Extremists

Joel Solomon- the lighting is purely coincidental...

Hollyhocker Joel Solomon- the lighting is purely coincidental…

Correction: Joel Solomon resigned from TIDES in April 2014

On Friday Jorge Barrera of the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) released one of the most fascinating stories I’ve read in months. His article RCMP tracked movements of Indigenous activist from ‘extremist’ group discussed an access to information request filed by Carleton University criminology instructor Jeffrey Monaghan that confirms much of this website’s research into Canada’s growing problem with environmental extremists.

APTN reports that the documents (which they neglected to release, tsk tsk) came from the RCMP’s Suspicious Incidents Report database and that they detailed how police have been tracking the movements of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), including a 2010 incident where one IEN member was recorded visiting the Unist’ot’en camp in northern BC. And, according to APTN, the documents indicate the RCMP have designated the IEN as “extremists”.

But while it may be validating and useful to learn that the RCMP understand the dangers of the IEN, none of this is new information- readers of this site are already familiar with the extremist rants and nefarious networks of IEN’s Canadian leader Clayton Thomas-Muller. There was however some exciting new information, a list of organizations the RCMP identified as “involved persons”. So, what’s the connection with Joel Solomon of TIDES Canada? They converged this weekend at conference in San Rafael, California.

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