Jan 23

Court Ruling Makes Serious Mistake Judging Gregory Alan Elliott’s Character

Three years & two months later, Elliott is not guilty

Three years & two months later, Elliott is not guilty

Courtroom 125 was quickly packed when the doors opened on Friday morning. Gregory Alan Elliott’s family and friends congregated towards the right side of the gallery, Stephanie Guthrie and her supporters on the left, and journalists dotted in-between. The room was overflowing by the time the judge walked in, he first ordered extra chairs and later allowed observers to sit in the empty chairs normally reserved for a jury.

Judge Brent Knazan stepped up to the bench with a whoppingly large 89-page ruling and warned observers to look forward to a long day as he read through all of it. Moments before he started reading, the judge matter-of-factly looked up and said “oh, and Mr Elliott, you’ve been found not guilty.” It came so quickly I looked next to Lauren Southern to confirm, she nodded saying yes and we both tweeted out the good news.

But despite the liberating feeling of the judge’s ruling – Twitter will stay free place for the time being – there was one part that left a bitter taste in my mouth. The judge stated four separate times that Elliott had made homophobic comments, a stain on a historic and important court victory. I was having a difficult time reconciling my conversations with Mr Elliott with the person who wrote “Enjoy your AIDS, #TOpoli faggots”. How could this be the same man? Well, it turns out it wasn’t Elliott’s tweet.

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Jan 21

Eight Important Things To Know About Gregory Alan Elliott’s Twitter Trial

Yes folks, the media's probably gonna tell you she's a victim...

Yes folks, the media’s probably gonna tell you Stephanie Guthrie is a victim…

On Friday morning Ontario Court Judge Brent Knazan is expected to give his ruling on the Gregory Alan Elliott Twitter trial. Elliott was charged with criminal harassment in 2012 for his communications with three politically connected social justice warriors over Twitter- the case has implications over all of our online freedom. I’ll be there to report and will be live tweeting as information comes available- find me on Twitter @grenouf.

The media’s coverage of Elliot’s case has been generally dismal- some stories contained outright defamatory claims, others looked a whole lot like vindictive attacks. In July 2015 Christie Blatchford wrote an accurate analysis of the case’s weaknesses and its implications on free speech- this was followed by a wave of hate, smears, and misinformation attacks from people who didn’t agree with her analysis.

There are some powerful stakeholders standing behind the curtains, some might have difficult questions to answer if Elliott wins- cops, city councillors, journalists, and the Crown to name a few. If the media’s response to Friday’s ruling is anything like it’s been in the past there’s a solid chance Canadians will be flooded a tidal wave of misinformation over the weekend. In the interest of helping ensure there’s more truth and less shameless spin- here are eight key facts every journalist and Canadian should know before tomorrow’s decision:
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Jan 07

Globetrotting Anti-Capitalist Macbook Lover Doesn’t Want Poor Canadians To Fly

Clayton Thomas-Muller celebrates new job with airplane selfie

Clayton Thomas-Muller celebrates new job with airplane selfie!

350.org middle-manager Clayton Thomas-Muller is one of Canada’s most jet-setting climate activists. Clayton’s recent journeys have included far-flung destinations like Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and the Mediterranean island of Malta. If he’s been smart enough to have always stuck to the same airline alliance, the indigenous activist’s status card is probably bordering on Super Elite.

Doubling down on hypocrisy of a being a high-flying climate activist, Clayton is also a brand loving anti-capitalist. He proudly wore his Boston Red Sox cap in his airplane selfie celebrating his employment at 350. In a recent Facebook discussion on notebook technology with Greenpeace’s Melina Laboucan Massimo Clayton expressed his love for Apple Macbooks. On his September 2015 trip to New York City Clayton washed-down his Boarshead sandwich with a plastic bottle of Fiji water.

One of the biggest items of discussion amongst frequent fliers this week was the introduction of Canada’s newest ultra-discount airline. Newleaf might not fly to places like Paris – Clayton will still have to schlep it on a top-tier carrier like Air Canada – but their low-cost fares will open up travel opportunities for less fortunate Canadian proletariat who’ve been pining to see long-lost friends & family. This makes Clayton Thomas-Muller unhappy, in his world, flying isn’t for the little people.

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Jan 04

Updated: “Activists” Sabotaged Enbridge’s Line 7 Pipeline (Feat. Sakura Saunders)


Update: A story just released by Reuters has confirmed that the protesters “partially” shut-down Line 7, there was no impact on deliveries. Once again, this site beat the mainstream media to the story by many hours.

According to a posting on Reddit’s Anarchist News page this morning, criminalized activists took the dangerously stupid path of shutting down another pipeline last night. This time, they’ve switched from the recently reversed Line 9 to Line 7, a regional pipeline that runs between Sarnia and Flamborough Ontario. CBC’s Adam Carter reported last year that the pipeline recently increased capacity from 147,000 to 180,000 barrels per day, but his claims must always be viewed with a grain of salt.

The posting claimed that the so-called activists “stole into the dark near so-called cambridge [sic] and used a manual pipeline valve to restrict the flow.”  The protesters claimed they sabotaged the pipeline “to show our ever lasting love and support to the brave folks who’ve taken similar actions” who face “grossly inflated charges.” Bravely speaking behind the shield of an anonymous account, they claimed with much dramaticism that they’ll “not be cowed” and will “fight for the land and water; and we fight for our lives.”

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Dec 31

6 Stupidest Canadian Social Justice Warrior Moments Of 2015!

Tamo Campos, Jakub Markiewicz & Dan Wallace after their Burnaby Mountain arrests

Tamo Campos, Jakub Markiewicz & Dan Wallace- three of Canada’s stupidest SJWs

If there’s one thing Canadian social justice warriors, like SJWs in most countries, have no shortage of it’s anger and stupidity. Sometimes this combination brings hilarious results, other times it’s a toxic mixture that’s dangerous to all Canadians. 2015 was a banner year for SJW stupidity- from the hilariously stupid, to the stupidly dangerous.

Here’s a selection of six of 2015’s most stupid moments in Canadian social justice. If you think I’ve missed one, share it on the comments at the bottom of the article- there’s so much idiocy in the Canadian SJW community it’s very possible I missed one. Happy New Year!

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