Apr 12

Save The Whales! Screw The Auditors? (Feat. PHS, Sarah Blyth & KPMG)

Sarah Blyth: Defender of whales and poverty pimps

Sarah Blyth: Defender of whales and poverty pimps

The Vancouver Aquarium is a beautiful facility, the first time Your Humble Narrator visited I was truly impressed- they’ve got great lighting, informative displays, and an amazing selection of creatures to peer at. That said, it was somewhat disturbing when we got to the whales. The first question I asked myself was “how did they let this happen”? Then I leaned over to my partner and commented “How does a city with such a progressive government allow this to happen? You’d think someone would have spoken out about this!”.

Six years later, they’ve finally spoken out. Vancouver Parks Board commissioners Sarah Blyth and Constance Barnes announced on April 5th that they want the Vancouver Aquarium to shut down their whale and dolphin enclosures. Blyth admitted this isn’t a new issue, and that the Parks Board has been going back and forth on it for the past 20 years. Since then, Mayor Gregor Robertson has come out in agreement.

This leads us to the question; why is this issue coming to the forefront right now? We’ve known about the problem for decades, Victoria’s Sealand of the Pacific was shut-down in 1991. Blyth’s story is that they’re motivated by Blackfish; a movie about whales kept in captivity that was released in December 2013. But is there more to the story, perhaps it’s meant to distract us from something?

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Apr 11

TDSB Students Vote To Join Protest Led By Sabotage Promoting Anarchists! (Feat. The Student School)


Every year, right around springtime, Barrick Gold holds its Annual General Meeting at the Metro Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. With this event comes the inevitable confrontation; Barrick has been targeted by professional protesters for years. The protests are rarely peaceful, and involve protesters forcefully stopping traffic, pushing into police lines, making false accusations of police misconduct, and sometimes getting arrested.

When one imagines their child being sent on a school field trip, the last thing they’d think is that they’d be communing with convicted criminals, abusing the police, and risking arrest. But, for students of one Toronto District School Board institution, this is now a distinct possibility. At 11am on Wednesday, April 30th pupils at the Student School will be at the front-line of the fight against Barrick Gold- led by an American anarchist whose activities are closely monitored by a host of US and Canadian enforcement organizations.

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Apr 08

Kevin Annett Bedazzles South Dakota Hicks! (Feat. Eugene Richard Hidalgo & The Antichrist!)

Eugene Hildago: Does he believe Jesus is a Puerto Rican guy in Miami?

Eugene Hildalgo: Does he believe Jesus is a Puerto Rican guy in Miami?

Twenty-five months have passed since Your Humble Narrator began debunking Kevin Annett’s con-artistry- and, albeit slowly, the truth about his misdeeds has spread to all corners of the globe (well, over 125 countries so far). There was a time, at the height of his fraud, when Annett lived a high-flying lifestyle: Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Rome. But as time passes his opportunities get weaker by the hour. Annett announced he was to be in Europe this week, but instead, he’s found himself (literally and figuratively) in the middle of nowhere- the town of Salem, South Dakota.

While in Salem Annett hooked-up with a group of deeply religious far-right “Freeman on the Land” types. And, get this, they’ve announced the grand-opening of the “High Court” of the “Covenanted Congregationalist Charter“! The ‘court’ is based in the heart of downtown Salem at the offices of the Sovereign Love Free Church (which Google StreetView shows as a private residence).

Anyone familiar with Annett’s story will probably find that amusing on so many levels. First there’s the obvious, Salem is a one square mile village with an official population of 1,345- a town so small it’s barely worthy of a county court no less a “high court” (delusions of grandeur much?). But, much more amusing is to see Annett working with such strange bedfellows. Do they know that Annett is a Marxist? Are they aware he works with a televangelist who calls himself the Antichrist? How about Annett’s partnership with a man who says Obama secretly travelled to Mars (and promotes Satanic ideology)- would they still be working with him if they knew this?

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Apr 02

Love Is The Movement: Joe Cressy, Elizabeth May, Linda Duncan & Parliamentary Theatre

NDP's Joe Cressy (right) leading the rabble at Parliament in 2009...

NDP’s Joe Cressy (right) leading the rabble at Parliament in 2009…

When Olivia Chow announced herself as a candidate in Toronto’s next mayoral election she also resigned as Member of Parliament for the Trinity-Spadina riding. It didn’t take long after Chow’s announcement for things to start heating up. On March 13th Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau stirred up controversy within his party by blocking Christine Innes’ candidacy. The next big news came eight days later when Joe Cressy announced his aspiration to run for the NDP.

Cressy is a long-term member of the NDP who has balanced his career between activism and political campaign management. He was a close friend of Jack Layton, and worked as Olivia Chow’s campaign manager during the election in 2011. In 2013 Olivia Chow produced a video of Cressy and Mike Layton (Jack’s son) canoeing in circles through rapids- a heartwarming family moment.

Researching Cressy’s career gives an interesting view of the ‘activist’ faction of the NDP, including his (and Olivia Chow’s) contributions to the re-emergence of political violence; but, we’ll cover that in a future article. For today, let’s start off by looking into Cressy’s most successful piece of political theatre- a protest inside Parliament that shows us how the ‘usual suspects’ in the activist community are actors playing for the benefit of our country’s politicians.

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Mar 30

[UPDATED] Did Elsipogtog Climate Activist Suzanne Patles Just Buy A BMW SUV? (Feat. Powershift)

Red Square shakes as Vladimir Lenin rolls around in his tomb...

Red Square shakes as Vladimir Lenin rolls around in his tomb…

Update: A phone call to the car dealer confirmed that the vehicle hasn’t been sold. So, no, she didn’t buy an SUV- it looks like a trick.

Many of Canada’s most prominent professional protesters converged in Halifax this weekend for a youth climate conference called Powershift. The event bills itself as a “grassroots-driven” organization, but you don’t have to look too deep to realize they’re not. Powershift is run by the The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition- who, as reported by Vivian Krause, were directly funded by the TIDES Foundation USA. (Donations to Powershift are managed through the NDP affiliated Polaris Institute).

The speakers list at this weekend’s event reads like a who’s who of NGO/union funded activists and anarchists- many who’ve graced the pages of this website. Presenters included Amanda Lickers, the distasteful beast who appropriated the voices of Vermont’s Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe and desecrated a memorial to September 11 victims in their name; Vancouver’s Sean Devlin who works with one of Canada’s foremost promoters of political violence; and today’s subject, Mik’maq warrior Suzanne Patles.

Patles recently completed a cross-country tour, celebrating her experiences at the Elsipogtog anti-fracking protests (an incident where several RCMP cars were set on fire, and police discovered guns and bombs). The official story is that, like Powershift, Suzanne Patles is a grassroots activist- no NGO funding to see here! Considering this, it’s rather curious to hear she claims to have bought a shiny “new to me” BMW SUV!

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