May 31

Burnaby Chevron Protesters, Threats Of Violence, And The Perversion Of Mahatma Gandhi

Who paid for the sign?

Hey, doesn’t that sign look familiar?

Activists interrupted a Burnaby, BC fuel truck refilling station yesterday, protesting Chevron’s involvement in the Pacific Trails Pipeline project, and showing ‘solidarity’ to the (violent) Unist’ot’en Camp. Replicating Greenpeace’s similar stunt in October 2013, three of the protesters locked themselves to the front gate. Their message for Chevron was to ‘frack off’, a slogan as stale as their tactics. But of  course, the media ate it all up!

Talking to the media, the group and their representatives stressed that they’re just “ordinary citizens” who’ve decided that enough is enough! But, are they just ordinary folk or is there more to the story that the media didn’t tell us? I’m sure you’ve guessed the answer already, there’s much more to be told- including how one arrestee was recently filmed advocating for violence (and how another tried to cover it up).

Let’s have a look at who got arrested…

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May 29

[Updated] Slacktivist Exploitation Of Missing Toronto Women Has Unintended Consequences


Update: The two teenage girls have now been found.
Update 2: Corrected a mistake: Paisley Ray’s spreadsheet separated the men into their own tab, I missed that. Ray has created a Storify page of her tweets.

I use an app on my phone to subscribe to the Toronto Police Service’s news release updates. It’s an interesting barometer of what’s happening in the city, and perhaps a good way to catch a story or two- but most of the time it’s a lot of white noise.

There’s rarely a day when I don’t see missing persons alerts; for people of all genders, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The alerts are almost invariably followed by an announcement that the person has been found. I see so many of these messages each week that I often tell myself I should find an app that can filter them out.

The alerts turned into a minor, and questionable, controversy on Tuesday. Three women were reported missing near Queen St West and Osslington, two were teenage friends who were known to have been together; the third case was unrelated, a 40 year old Asian women. The story quickly caught the attention of the slacktivist class- outspoken radical New Brunswick feminist Kathleen Pye announced the hashtag #TorontoWomen. Everything started going downhill from that point.

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May 27

Eco-Terrorism: The Scariest Part Is Watching The Enablers (Feat. Daryn Caister & Kevin Farmer)

Kevin Farmer and Daryn Caister scare me...

Kevin Farmer (a.k.a. Tweedledee) and Daryn Caister (a.k.a. Tweedledum) scare me…

On Saturday afternoon I got a tweet from Antonia Zerbisias at the Toronto Star. She and I’ve had a bit of a rivalry over the past year, Antonia got quite upset after I criticized her reckless support of militant activists who promote violence (she got quite nasty in return). So, considering Antonia’s past behavior (and questionable ethics), I figured I was in for a treat.

Meet Daryn Caister and Kevin Farmer, the subject of today’s story. Caister runs a syndicated (on university radio stations) and presumptively named radio show called The Green Majority, Farmer is a regular guest. They used this week’s show to attack my first appearance on Sun News- unfortunately for them, even Sun News has torn apart my work better (Michael Coren makes them look like amateurs).

Their attacks were juvenile and, quite frankly, lame. Let’s hope (for the sake of environmentalism) that these two don’t represent the majority.

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May 20

A Drive-By Report On Today’s (Sad) Line 9 Protest (Feat. Usual Suspects)

Anarchists huddled under a tarp made of oil

Anarchists huddled under a tarp made of oil

Update: This report initially said that the Line 9 spokesperson claimed this dig would fix 400 defects, that was inaccurate, and has been fixed.

If you read my story Yawn, Another Line 9 Pipeline Occupation, then you probably don’t need to bother reading any further, today’s 12-hour ‘blockade’ of a Line 9 site is pretty much the same. The protests themselves are no longer very interesting; the tactics don’t change, they’re led by the same group of professional protesters, they keep using the same signs. Quite frankly, today was a dud- but that was to be expected, right?

What’s also to be expected is that the media would eat this up and spit-out some crap regurgitating the protester’s message. For the most part this was true; but, refreshingly, a couple of journalists were bold enough to question the gaps in the blockader’s logic. You’ve probably figured this out already, but the CBC’s reporting was deeply lacking.

UndercoverKity and I hopped in his car today and made out way out to Burlington to find out what the media wasn’t telling us…

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May 19

LeadNow’s Anti-Social Climate Rallies Leave Vandalistic Legacy! (And what we can do about it)'s posters are plastered across the city’s posters are (literally) plastered across Toronto

Last weekend organized their Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities rallies across the country. LeadNow claimed they had events in over 100 locations (some possibly in people’s living rooms), and that many thousands of people showed up in support. The two largest gatherings were in Vancouver and Toronto- many of the usual suspects appeared, including (of course) leaders from the Occupy movement.

Like many Vancouver and Toronto protests, LeadNow’s rallies both had their moments of hypocrisy and anti-social behavior. Each protest left their own legacy too- Vancouver protesters spray painted a counter-protester’s sign, organizers in Toronto left scores of promotional posters wheat pasted on street furniture across the city. The former is a criminal act, cleaning-up the latter will take money out of the city budget.

That’s not fair, is it? LeadNow should be made to pay! (Keep reading and I’ll show you how…)

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