Oct 02

Old Stock Canadian Appropriates Native Voices, Leads Dubious Montreal Pipeline Protest

Amanda Lickers: Most hypocritical pipeline protest ever?

Amanda Lickers: The most unlikely poster girl for appropriation of indigenous voice…

Amanda Lickers is a “anarchaqueer Onkwehon:we cis-woman” from the Turtle Clan of the Onondowaga nation; her interests include “combating ecocide, hating the police, and harvesting medicines.” When she’s not using protests and rallies as opportunities to attack the police, Amanda works towards “dismantling all systems of oppression” by paradoxically “slashing at their social, cultural and material infrastructures.

Amanda works with Rising Tide Toronto, many of the same fine people who brought violence to the streets of Toronto during the 2010 G20. As a spokesperson for their protests, she plays a valuable role deflecting the media from asking questions like “how can a group consisting of 99% ‘settler allies’ have the audacity to claim they speak on behalf of entire indigenous communities,” and “why are there so many convicted G20 organizers here?”

Lickers was in the news again last week after emitting 600 kilometers of carbon traveling to fight “ecocide” in Montreal. She and fellow protesters interrupted a National Energy Board consultation on the Energy East pipeline. Standing on First Nations land unrelated to her home at the Six Nations, Amanda was an interesting choice of spokesperson- why wasn’t there someone local? Could it be that she’s following her established tradition of appropriating the voices of indigenous people outside her own community?

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Sep 30

Ontario Anarchist Wins Darwin Award In Tragic Thunder Bay “Misadventure”

RIP Anarchist Joey...

RIP Anarchist Joey…

The first time I met Joey was at an anti-police protest in front of the 52 Division police station in Toronto. Menonite “street preacher” Doug Hatlem was leading the crowd as they chanted “f##k the police!”; dressed in all black, and wearing a balaclava, Joey walked behind and tried to intimidate me into leaving. “What the f##k are you doing here?” he said, “why don’t you leave now”. I stood my ground, holding on to my camera a bit more tightly in case he decided to try and knock it out of my hands.

Always a charmer, Joey would regularly try and intimidate me at protests after that. Sometimes yelling out abuse, other times simply standing close enough to try and scare me. I’d usually just respond saying “hi Joey, nice mask!” and he’d respond by walking away.

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Sep 28

Olivia Chow, Tommy Douglas, And The Shameful History Of “Progressive” NDP Values

Olivia Chow marched with her bicycle and stolen milk crate...

Olivia Chow marched with her bicycle and (progressively) stolen milk crate…

Shortly after every debate my email box gets filled with messages from each party claiming “our guy won!” Olivia Chow sent one just a few minutes ago, beginning with the claim that “Tom Mulcair reminded us all that only the NDP stands up for Canadian values”. Next she pulled-out the Tommy Douglas card, reminding Canadians that it’s only the NDP that’s championed progressive values:

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Sep 23

Niagara Green Candidate Vandalized Mining Company HQ, Published Creepy Threats Against Their Execs (Feat. David Clow)

David Clow with Elizabeth May in October, 2014

David Clow with Elizabeth May in October 2014

In our last story about the Green Party’s Niagara-Centre candidate David Clow we discussed his close mentoring relationship with a man who promotes eco-terrorism as a way to save the Earth, and his disloyalty to the party- telling his friends to vote for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. I contacted the Greens for a comment, they promised to respond, they read the email I sent them 98 times, and they’ve still not come back with a statement.

I’ve learned a lot more about Clow since then; many people have contacted me with more information on his relationships and behavior. I’ve found a video of Clow and Toronto’s most well-known cop baiter Derek Soberal acting abusively to Toronto cops, seen evidence of his abusive behaviour towards First Nations activists, and allegations of he threatened and harassed a woman in Vancouver.

If the Greens insist on keeping him as a candidate, I’ll write more in-depth about those issues later. Today’s story we’ll focus on Clow’s criminal activities against Imperial Metals in BC. We’ll discover how the Green candidate’s extremism overrules his common sense- not only did he vandalize their property and make threats against their executives, he posted it all on Facebook for the whole world to see.

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Sep 21

Niagara Green Candidate Mentored By Eco-Terror Guru, Promotes Justin Trudeau (Feat. David Clow)

David Clow and Green Party leader Elizabeth May

David Clow and Green Party leader Elizabeth May

Four years ago, before I started my investigation into activist militancy and violence, had someone told me that Elizabeth May’s Green Party was part of the problem I wouldn’t have believed it. But then I discovered that May claimed that “breaking windows isn’t violent” after the G20, I watched as May implied that the RCMP planted guns and explosives at an anti-fracking protest in New Brunswick, and how the Greens recently backed a harebrained claim that the RCMP were planning “mass arrests” of a handful of protesters at the Unist’ot’en Camp.

Based on first impressions, the Niagara-Centre candidate David Clow looks like the perfect match for the Greens. He’s flown around the world in the name of saving the environment, and has a creepy fixation with the police. He’s been everywhere you don’t want to be including the 2010 G20 protests, Occupy Toronto, the Unist’ot’en Camp, worked with the Costa Rica chapter of Sea Shepherd, and has filmed one of the best first-hand videos of the Vancouver 2011 hockey riots I’ve seen.

That said, after researching Clow a bit further, I’m led to wonder- is it possible he’s perhaps a bit too extreme and disloyal even for Elizabeth May? Not only is his mentor as the leader of an end-of-the-world cult who promotes blowing up dams, but he’s made a posting on his Facebook page calling for people outside of his riding to vote for Trudeau and the Liberals. Oh yes, and he’s declared the only authority he trusts and recognizes on earth is the head of the violent thugs at the Unist’ot’en Camp.

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