Oct 03

[Updated] Why Do We Always See CUPE & Fred Hahn Hanging Out With Anarchists? (Feat. Brian De Matos)

Fred Hahn with Brian De Matos...

Fred Hahn with Brian De Matos…

UPDATE: Brian De Matos responded to the video Your Humble Narrator created on the YouTube page. It leaves me with a new question- why do so many people who hang out with Fred Hahn and CUPE feel the need to make threats when they’re exposed for their ignorance? Just another union affiliated thug who can’t take responsibility for his own actions (Notice how he neglected to make excuses for his dancing on a memorial to the dead…)



Last Saturday a group of people showed up to protest a men’s rights rally in front of Queen’s Park- led by Zach Ruiter, one of the most distasteful professional protesters in Toronto. Ruiter is known for his juvenile stunts like waving doughnuts on strings in front of police officers, appropriating indigenous causes, and generally acting like an idiot wherever he goes.

A new idiot showed up on the scene on Saturday- his name is Brian De Matos, and he too made a complete idiot out of himself. Besides showing his lack of understanding of the word ‘suffrage’, he and Ruiter reached new heights of distastefulness by dancing on top of a memorial for the dead. This time, Ruiter and De Matos were representing a new anarchist group called Bash Back! (Hahn is wearing a Bash Back! pink triangle in this picture)

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Sep 30

Radical Feminist Protester Gone Stupid!

Both sides have people who aren’t quite there, more to come soon…

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Sep 24

Open Letter To Elizabeth May About the Green Party’s Position On Political Violence…

Elizabeth May says that this isn't a violent act...

Elizabeth May says that this isn’t a violent act…

Dear Ms. May,

First, let me begin by saying that I come to you in peace. I grew up in Sidney and, if the people of my town voted you into office, I believe there must be some good in you. I’ll also state that I care deeply about the environment- this is one of the reasons I’ve put so much focus into understanding and exposing the violent people who are discrediting the movement.

Last week you contributed to a conversation I was having on Twitter making it clear that the Green Party is “the only party specifically grounded in non-violence”. Responding to that, I asked you to clarify your party’s position on Diversity of Tactics (DOT)- a doctrine used by radical environmentalists (and others) to justify the use of violence at protests. I was genuinely disappointed that you neglected to respond.

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Sep 23

CUPE Assists OCAP Lawbreakers In Their Stupidest Protest Ever! (feat. Alex Hundert)

Wherever there are violent anarchists you'll probably see the CUPE bus!

Wherever there are violent anarchists you’ll probably see the CUPE bus!

Events led by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty always make for an exciting story, yesterday’s housing protest was no exception. The fun began at Alan Gardens park where OCAP members bribed about 200 useful idiots to show up with food, free bus tokens and a license to create mayhem on the streets of Toronto. It was the perfect anarchist Sunday.

The protest began peacefully at the park, revolutionary music was blasting through the PA system while OCAP’s cannon fodder lined up for free food. When everyone was finished eating they moved on to giving speeches, and the obligatory indigenous drummers. Many of the ‘usual suspects’ were present, but there was also an interesting new contingent of anarchists from Montreal.

The real fun began when they began to march…

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Sep 22

Will Toronto Police Allow OCAP To Setup Occupy Toronto 3.0 At Allan Gardens Park Tonight?

Will OCAP's dogs be allowed to run wild tonight?

Will OCAP’s dogs be allowed to run wild tonight?

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) has made an announcement that they plan to setup camp and occupy Allan Gardens Park tonight as part of a protest against gentrification. OCAP is a union sponsored organization that’s closely related with Sid Ryan at the Ontario Federation of Labour. They’re probably most well known for leading the Queen’s Park Riot in 2000 were one of their members threw Molotov cocktails at police officers who were guarding the steps of the Ontario Legislature.

The sponsorship list for this illegal occupation is quite interesting. As most OCAP events it includes the usual trouble makers, socialist obedience cults and anarchist groups. But, one sponsor stands out- George Brown College. How did that happen?

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