Dec 21

First Nations “Steward” Risks Oil Spill In Line 9 Sabotage Stunt (Feat. Vanessa Gray)

For a criminally stupid protest...

For a criminally stupid protest…

Update: Vanessa Gray, Sarah Scanlon, and Stone Stewart have been charged with mischief over $5,000, and mischief endangering life. The courts have released all three on their own recognizance on Tuesday morning.

At 7:30 this morning a small group of protesters gathered in Sarnia, Ontario to protest Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline. Professional protester Vanessa Gray claimed “tar sands projects represent an ongoing cultural and environmental genocide.” Her partner Sarah Schanlon declared “when, not if, when it leaks it will be polluting and making water and air filled with chemicals across Ontario…we understand that bitumen is untreatable- which means that there’s no way to get it out of the drinking water, there’s no way of getting it out of the water that’s going into the food that we need consume.”

So, how do a group of anti-energy activists protest the “environmental genocide” of an future “untreatable” oil spills from a pipeline they’ve claimed is “too old” to be operated reliably? Simple – but dangerously stupid – they cut through the locks of a manually operated valve station, executed an unscheduled shut-down of the pipeline, and locked their necks to the wheel to prevent maintenance and emergency staff from turning it back on or off.

The protest was a copy-cat of the December 7th Line 9 tampering in Quebec. Both cases caused unscheduled shut-downs of Line 9, neither appear to have consulted experts who could tell them how safe or dangerous their actions were. In the worst-case scenario people could have died- if they truly believe that pipeline spills are “untreatable”, it took a special kind of stupid for them to have taken this risk.

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Dec 07

Anti-Pipeline Extremists Tamper With Enbridge Line 9

Yesterday the Canadian Press published a story based on a Transport Canada intelligence report outlining the risk of extremists might inflitrate pipeline protests and use them as a cover to engage in violence. The report, of course, is way off mark- most of the pipeline protests I’ve been to and reported on were already led by people who promote and engage in activist violence. Stay tuned for a story listing some of the most extremist activists involved in the anti-pipeline movement.

A video was released this morning by Al Jazeera associate Franklin Lopez of a Quebec protester tampering with Enbridge’s recently reversed Line 9 pipeline. In the video a village idiot named “Jean” simultaneously complains about how “old” Enbridge’s recently inspected and upgraded pipeline is while manually shutting it down. This is outrageously stupid, and not the action one would expect from someone who respects the environment- they know nothing about how pipelines work, shutting it down without notifying the control room could cause serious environmental damage.

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Dec 04 Climate Activist Pulls Race Card On Vegan Critics (Feat. Cameron Fenton)

Cameron Fenton with Thomas Mulcair

Astroturf Alert: Cameron Fenton with Thomas Mulcair

One of the greatest challenges for radical environmentalists can be explained with the idiom “the left eats its own.” I saw this first hand during Occupy where radical-left activists tore each other apart, often for minor violations of political correctness or other perceived transgressions of lefty code. Readers who harbour fears that Naomi Klein’s revolution will take over the world shouldn’t- she and her friends will eventually eat each other up for breakfast.

When it comes to self-righteous jerks, there’s no better example than the vegan community. It’s every carnivore’s nightmare to discover they’ve invited a vegan to a dinner party. It doesn’t only screw-up your menu options, but odds are you’ll have to put up with them gloating over their lifestyle choices- and your prime rib will be a lot less enjoyable under the gaze of your vegan guest’s ugly looks.

But despite vegan’s reputations for being unbearable jerks, there’s one thing that can be said on their behalf- they actually walk the walk (at least, while everyone is looking). It might be unimaginable, but there’s a bigger set of jerks than the vegans- the jet-setting Fiji Water connoisseurs at Cameron Fenton gave us a great example this week, pulling the race card on his vegan critics.

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Dec 03

City Councillor Helps Make Ryerson University Less Safe (Feat. Kristyn Wong-Tam)

Kristyn Wong-Tam is making Ryerson a less safe space...

Kristyn Wong-Tam is helping make Ryerson a less safe space…

On December 1st, the Ryerson Feminist Collective held a rally about “reclaiming” safe spaces on the university’s campus called Take Back The Campus. The event was lead by the collective’s two founders; Social Work major and Planned Parenthood volunteer Jackie Mlotek, and another Social Work major named Alyson Rogers. Prominent speakers included Associate Professor of Social Work Cyndy Baskin, and city councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam,

The protesters gathered to complain that Ryerson’s campus isn’t safe for them. They labelled the event as “an opportunity for people who have experienced discrimination, marginalization and hate on campus to take up space and share their experiences” and to send “a clear message that Ryerson is an equity-based campus and hate will not be tolerated.”

If genuine, their demands are absolutely fair. Universities are not a place for hate, discrimination, and marginalization- they’re meant to be spaces where people of all backgrounds and belief structures can grow and learn from each other. The problem is that they’re not as genuine as they frame themselves. Ryerson is one of the most left-leaning and feminist friendly universities in the country, what it isn’t is a safe space for people with opposing points of view.

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Nov 19

Jet-Setting Extremist Says Climate Change Will Lead To Canadian Civil War! (Feat. Eriel Deranger)

Eriel Deranger: Love is the movement!

Eriel Deranger: Love War is the movement!

In our last story about the zaniness of the climate change movement we covered how jet-setting activist Clayton Thomas-Muller celebrated his promotion at with an airplane selfie! Clayton was in California last month with fellow Love Is The Movement tattoo cult member Eriel Deranger where they both spoke to the groovy California new age social engineering group Bioneers. Deranger and Thomas-Muller are both gearing up for the UN’s Paris COP climate change talks.

Two days later Deranger has decided to go all Bernie Saunders on us in the APTN article Could climate change lead to civil war in Canada, where she claimes that “It’s climate change that brought that country (Syria) to its knees.” Forget ISIS, Assad, and the influence of the Saudi’s, it’s all about climate change! Deranger, and APTN’s article, goes on to say that Canada is at risk of similar “civil unrest.”

It’s moments like this I’m thankful the RCMP is tracking these people…

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