Jun 26

Five Things Every Journalist (And Potential Participant) Needs To Know About The Unist’ot’en Camp

Zoe Blunt (far right) and anarchists build a structure on Crown land

Zoe Blunt (far right) and anarchists build a structure on Crown land

On July 13 a new caravan of people will be bussed up to the Unist’ot’en Camp, an activist action camp it’s leaders call a “soft blockade”. Like most similar events, the media hasn’t been doing a good job at covering the camp. Movement-friendly media have been publishing misleading information- like Rabble.ca’s post that leaves the reader to believe all of the the Wet’suwet’en people “stand united” against the pipelines, others simply omit the fact that people in the community have opposing views.

Most of the information about the Unist’ot’en camp has been produced by their allies and supporters; many stories come from publications with low moral standards- the result is that there’s been a lot of misinformation circulating around. A prominent activist recently explained his theory to me about why media coverage of these events is often so dismal. Staffing cuts, and the time demands of the 24 hour news cycle can make it difficult for journalists to dig too deep. He suggested to try and encapsulate information for people in the media, “give them some bullet points they can work off, with lots of references”.

In anticipation of a potential conflict at the Unist’ot’en, and in the hope that this will help people better cover the story when it happens, I’ve compiled a list of five things every journalist should know about the camp. It should also be a good guide to those of you who are considering joining the conflict- beware of the risks you take with your dangerous new bedfellows. Not all is as it looks on the surface.

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Jun 17

Ontario’s Craziest Maoist Leads Anti-Gentrification Tent City In Kitchener (Feat. Julian Ichim)

Julian Ichim: One of Ontario's most icky 'activists'

Julian Ichim: One of Ontario’s most icky ‘activists’

Julian Ichim is one of Ontario’s most icky activists. A Maoist, who puts an inordinate amount of effort on anti-police initiatives, Ichim first came to public attention during the 2010 Toronto G20- where he was arrested, and later charged for breaking a publication ban by publishing the name of an undercover cop. Ichim is a real charmer, the type of guy idiot who goes as far as interrupting Remembrance day ceremonies.

Well, Ichim is at it again. Yesterday he and his followers held an anti-gentrification march through the city, terminating at Victoria Park where they setup a tent city. Good times for the people of Kitchener!

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Jun 16

[Updated] Port Alberni Residential School Mass Grave Is Another Sick Hoax (Feat. Kevin Annett)

Yes, another Annett fake grave...

Yes, another Annett fake grave…

Update: More details debunking this (sick) myth can be found on Heather Martin’s website here.

There’s a new, sick, hoax going around about Canada’s Indian residential schools. The story is that an “unmarked mass grave” was discovered at the site of a former United Church of Canada residential school in Port Alberni, BC. Some genius created a webpage for it on Causes.com, including the grisly picture you can see in the above screenshot.

Reflective of the Internet’s never-ending supply of idiots, numerous people have chimed in with their comments of how horrible this situation is. And, depending on the backstory, it could be a truly horrible situation, if it was true that is. The reality is that it’s an absolute fabrication- another fake mass grave brought to us by relentless con-artist (and abuser of residential school survivors) Kevin Annett.

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Jun 14

[Updated] BC Charity Publishes Eco-Terror Agitprop, Gets Caught Hiding The Evidence (Feat. Wilderness Committee)

Joe Foy: This Man Is Dangerous...

Joe Foy: This Man Is Dangerous…

Update: As of 2:56pm EST on Monday July 16th, the webpage is now up again, it wasn’t earlier this morning- bizarre.

The Wilderness Committee is a BC based ENGO with about a dozen staff and $2 million in annual (tax-deductible) revenue, they claim to have a membership of approximately 30,000. In addition to their work on the environment, the WC has served as a successful stepping stone for some high profile activists and politicians. VISION Vancouver city councillor Andrea Reimer was their executive director until 2010, Green Party city councillor Adriane Carr worked there too. Ben West recently left WC to take a position as a campaign director at ForestEthics (WC & FE partner together working on Clayoquot Sound).

In February of 2013 WC executive Joe Foy was interviewed by the Vancouver Observer on the subject of government spying on environmentalists. Foy said that he was happy about the rights & freedoms afforded him as a Canadian, but it’s “dangerous and very, very wrong” if there’s a shift to labelling “legitimate activism” as “extremism”.  Foy was absolutely correct, it would be wrong to try and label people with peaceful intentions as extremists; not only would it make it more difficult to identify the real extremists, but it’s also an assault on justice. We must not label people and organizations until we’ve done proper research.

Well, after quick look through the WC’s website and internet presence, things aren’t looking very good- it turns out Joe Foy is, knowingly or not, a dangerous man…

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Jun 13

Activists Set The Stage For Violence At The Unist’ot’en Camp (Feat. Zoe Blunt, Taylor Flook & Dan Wallace)

Bob Ages' bunk house has now been constructed...

Bob Ages’ bunk house has now been constructed…

If indications are correct this summer’s hottest pipeline protest will be at the Unist’ot’en action camp, an indigenous/anarchist ‘blockade’ near Smithers, BC that claims to be at the junction of several planned pipelines. The list of activists who’ve visited Unist’ot’en includes a who’s who of the militant community and their associated NGOs- Harsha Walia of No One Is Illegal, Harjap Grewal of the Council of Canadians, Eriel Deranger of the Athabasca Fort Chipewyan First Nation, the leaders of the Elsipogtog anti-fracking protests, and Victoria anarchist Zoe Blunt.

In the last instalment about the Unist’ot’en we discussed how Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians was leading a fundraiser to build an illegal structure. Zoe Blunt brought up a bus load of volunteers and the ‘bunk house’ has now been constructed. The next wave of visitors is expected between July 16-20, during what they call the “Summer Action Camp”. Prominent militants and anarchists have been promoting the camp, some setting the stage for violent conflict with the police.

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