Apr 10

#BLMTO Unmasked Pt I: Yusra Khogali Is Worse Than Jerry Agar Could Have Imagined (Feat Sandy Hudson)

Yusra Khogali: Social justice warrior, or black supremacist?

Yusra Khogali: Social justice warrior, or black supremacist?

On March 20th a group of professional protesters and student union leaders gathered followers in front of City Hall to protest an SIU ruling about the shooting of Andrew Loku. The SIU decided that the Toronto cop who pulled the trigger and shot Loku was justified in their decision. Loku was no more than three meters away from the cop charging at them with a hammer yelling “What you gonna do, come on, shoot me”.

Despite the complete absence of any wrongdoing, Black Lives Matter Toronto protesters demanded that the cop who shot Loku faces criminal charges for “murdering” him. Their speeches have accused the Toronto Police service of “conducting a genocide” against black people. Standing behind the curtains we see the exact same organizers who orchestrated the violence during the 2010 G20.

The protesters lit an illegal and dangerous open fire in the courtyard of police headquarters- an office tower in a densely populated downtown neighborhood. When cops and firefighters responded to their baiting, the protesters “resisted” in a violent scrum- children were used as human shields. At least one protester was caught on film assaulting a cop. Despite all of these facts, Toronto’s media has boldly put most of their focus on an offensive tweet by a professional protester named Yusra Khogali.

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Apr 02

City Councillor AstroTurfing Makes A Mockery Out Of Toronto Democracy (Feat. Wong-Tam, Layton)

Krystyn Wong-Tam with ACORN AstroTurfers

Krystyn Wong-Tam with ACORN AstroTurfers

It’s been a while since I’ve watched City Hall in action, it’s almost always a great disillusionment. Today sounded like fun, Black Lives Matter Toronto promised to show up with a message for John Tory. I’ve been investigating the AstroTurf reality behind BLMT, so it seemed like a good opportunity to peek further behind the curtain.

I arrived early and the rotunda was still closed. With fond memories of city council’s painfully long Hero Burger debate of 2013, I headed outside and got myself one of their delicious hot chocolates. Hot drink in hand I headed up to the 1st floor for what looked like a media conference. Turned out it was ACORN Canada, an AstroTurfer’s AstroTurfer. They were accompanied by two city councillors and a representative from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).

It’s a rare opportunity when two Astroturf events cross paths like this so I figured it would be an interesting afternoon. And I was right, it was seriously interesting, as it was also seriously disillusioning. I had a front-row seat, watching councillors make a mockery out of Toronto’s democracy. On Friday I witnessed what a sad, sick, joke our dysfunctional city council has become.

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Mar 24

Photos: Topless #Femen Wannabe Arrested At Jian Ghomeshi Verdict!

As the obligatory radical feminists screamed “I believe the victims” (who lied) and the media scrummaged around a lawyer who was about to give his speech, a lone ginger ran out into the crowd topless protesting. The media abandoned the lawyer and filmed as the ginger got arrested. A good time was had by all…


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Mar 22

Torontoist Features Anti-Black Racist In “Faces of Black Lives Mattter” Pictorial (Feat. Davin Ouimet)

Davin hates blacks, Jews, Italians, Chinese, and whatever else you got...

Davin hates blacks, Jews, Italians, Chinese, and whatever else you got…

Springtime is coming to Toronto which means, of course, that silly protest season is here and the usual suspects have tried to setup a makeshift camp in front of police headquarters on College St. The players are the same as Occupy, Idle No More, and most of the other big protests we’ve seen in Toronto since the violence of the 2010 G20. I’ll get into the details in more depth in my upcoming series #BlackLivesMatters unmasked.

But, for now, some evidence of how dismal the Toronto media’s reporting is on our city’s cadre of professional protesters, and evidence of their absolute hypocrisy. The Torontoist’s photo essay Faces of Black Lives Matters is a brilliant example of both. Regular readers of this website will likely pee themselves laughing learning that one of the featured faces was no less than Davin Ouimet- long time professional protester, and one of the most racist people in the city’s protest circuit.

Davin is one of the most racist people I’ve met in the activist community- curiously (considering the protest), he has a serious hate-on for black people. Last year he was caught marching with a Confederate flag. When he attended the Sammy Yatim protest he was filmed being racist to a black cop, complaining how he was “oppressing” the crowd saying “you probably did that to your own people back in Africa” (the cop wasn’t from Africa).

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Mar 21

Vegetative Liberal MPP Nominates Tomatoes As Ontario’s Official Vegetable! (Feat. Michael Colle)

Michael Collee: Smarter than he looks

Michael Colle: Dumber than he looks

Ontario has been going through a bit of a tomato madness the past few weeks. It all got started when Heinz shut down their Leamington, Ontario plant. The shutdown was part of a manufacturing industry exodus from the province, a trend many argue is in part due to Ontario’s outrageously high electricity costs. Each shut-down factory makes the problem worse, it’s expensive to operate our province’s bloated and inefficient power system. The lost revenue, of course, end up on everyone’s monthly power bill.

In a move that has all the hallmarks of a brilliantly operated public relations campaign, French’s announced that they’d be buying their tomatoes from the farmers in Leamington who lost their main source of income when Heinz shut down their plant. Social media went apeshit and people started sharing memes of “Ontario made ketchup” (manufactured in Ohio, USA). Loblaws supermarket briefly announced they’d stop selling French’s ketchup, they quickly reversed the decision, a leaked memo came out indicating they were trying to prop-up their (higher profit margin) private label President’s Choice brand.

This brings us today, and to a vegetative member of Ontario’s parliament named Michael Colle. Being a man who’s obviously smarter than he looks, Colle decided to piggyback off of the ketchup spin and announce a special designation for Ontario’s tomatoes. Ignoring the fact that he’s adding flames to the fire of what appears to be a cheap corporate PR stunt, Colle’s proposed bill, Tomato Act 2016 demonstrates a special kind of stupid. Demonstrating his background as an economist, and not a botanist, the genius Liberal MPP plans to make tomatoes “the official vegetable of Ontario.”

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