Mar 25

NDP MLA Jenny Kwan, Ellen Woodsworth, DTES Corruption And The Future Of Vancity Credit Union

MLA Jenny Kwan puts on the performance of the year

NDP MLA Jenny Kwan gives us the performance of the year

Correction: This article originally listed Rich Coleman as being married to Janice Abbott- this is, of course, wrong. As I wrote back in 2012, her husband is Shane Ramsay.

For the past three years, this site has been pointing out the corruption in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES), the neighbourhood that brought us the phrase “poverty pimp”. Your Humble Narrator has shown how Vancouver Coastal Health paid double the going rent for the INSITE/ONSITE injection centre; how tax dollars are being used to fund street activism at the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (where reports indicate that drug dealers operate on their premises); how INSITE failed during Occupy and let a young girl die; the conflict of interest of how the Atira Women’s Resource society’s leader Janice Abbott is directly funded by her husband Shane Ramsay at BC Housing; and how the W2 Media Centre was used for sadomasochist parties.

So, when it was revealed in an audit that the directors at the Portland Housing Society (PHS) used their charity’s money for luxury travel, restaurants, and spas- it really wasn’t much of a surprise. Let’s face it, we all knew this was happening (albeit, who would have guessed so blatantly!).

If there’s one value to a scandal of this magnitude, it’s that they’re perfect ways to identify who the weasels are. This month’s scandal is no exception- enter NDP MLA Jenny Kwan, and her friend Ellen Woodsworth…

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Mar 23

International “Common Law Court” Indicts The Pope While Sitting On The Toilet! (Feat. Kevin Annett)

Kevin Annett indicts the  Pope from the loo!

Kevin Annett indicts the Pope from the loo!

Kevin Annett is the Energizer bunny of online con-artists. This site has helped expose Annett’s fake discovery of a mass grave at an Indian residential school, his abuse of residential school survivors, how he forged the signature of a dead woman, how he lied about filing a case in Canadian federal court, and dozens of his other foibles. Yet, somehow, Annett has still been able to recruit new followers (albeit, not very bright ones).

If you’re ever looking for an example of how the Internet is full of gullible idiots- Kevin is your man. He’s moved on from abusing indigenous people, and has now ‘officially’ dissolved the Canadian state; indicted the Pope, Prime Minister, and a couple of RCMP officers; and single-handedly issued warrants for their arrest! And, as his latest video shows us (see above picture) he broadcasts his delusions of grandeur directly to us- while sitting on the throne of someone’s toilet!

But let’s get more serious for a moment, and ask an important question- is Annett’s “International Common Law Court” in Brussels real? If you’ve been following Annett’s antics for long now, the answer will surely amuse…

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Mar 11

Maidan In Canada Part I: NGOs, Ukrainian Revolutionaries, Bulletproof Vests & Ontario’s Top Politicians

EU and XXX flags at Toronto's Dundas Square in December

EU, Ukrainian, and Insurgent Army flags at Toronto’s Dundas Square in December


When Ukraine’s Orange Revolution flared up in 2004, it was quickly alleged that many local grassroots organizers were supported by US backed civil society organizations. Groups including the US State Department’s USAid and George Soros’ Open Society Institute helped provide money and expertise to local activists for “democracy building” activities to local NGOs. A new election was called after the protest, and was monitored by ‘independent’ observers- including Freedom House, a US NGO that openly supports revolutionary movements.

Ten years later Ukrainian people find themselves in a similar situation with the Maidan revolution- only more dangerous now, there’s a genuine risk the country will fall into a civil war that could expand across borders. US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has openly admitted the Americans have spent “more than 5 billion dollars” in Ukraine supporting “development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society”. An article last week by Mark Ames exposed how Pierrie Omidyar’s Omidyar Network partnered with USAid to fund anti-government activists.

While there’s been a lot of focus on US, EU and Russian influence, there’s one Ukrainian superpower that’s been able to fly under the radar until now- measured by population, Canada is the third largest Ukrainian country in the world. Many Ukrainian Canadians haven’t forgotten their homeland; some have been openly planning a revolution for many decades. One Canadian Ukrainian group has been sending the revolutionaries bulletproof vests. And here’s the kicker, they boasted about it on-stage with many of Ontario’s most prominent politicians beside them (and none of them said a word).

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Mar 05

CAW (unifor) Follies Cost London Ontario Taxpayers $13,273 (Feat. The Indignants)


The above letter was posted on Facebook today by Mike Roy of The Indignants. You may remember Roy and the Indignants from last August when Ezra Levant exposed them as intellectually challenged “know nothings” during an anti-pipeline rally. Roy was part of the “truther” movement prior to Occupy- but, since then, he and the Indignants have kept most of their focus on union related issues. Well, that, and expressing their vile hatred towards the police.

The letter is a response to a freedom of information request to London police asking them to detail policing costs for the 2012 Canadian Auto Workers (now unifor) Day of Action- an event where the Canadian Labour Congress and Ontario Federation of labour invited 1000′s of people to march in support of a labour dispute between the CAW and Electro-Motive (a subsidiary of Caterpillar). The plant was being shut-down, and there wasn’t anything the CAW was going to be able to do to change that- particularly blocking traffic for the 99%.

Roy claims London police wasted $12,273 (which is actually $13,273) in an effort “for intimidating peaceful protesters”- without any evidence of how protesters were “intimidated”. But, is that what really happened here? Digging a little deeper into the situation, the real blame should be pointed elsewhere.

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Mar 02

Hollyhock’s Plastic Shaman Part I: Cultural Appropriation Didjeridu! (Feat. TIDES Canada)

Come experience my "indigenous knowledge" says the white guy- only $525 with half price accommodation!

Shine says “Indigenous Wisdom- only $525!” (plus tips and accom)


Hollyhock is a New Age retreat on the southern tip of Cortes Island, BC. The resort was built by Greenpeace International co-founder Rex Weyler, a controversial figure who (along with Vancouver Observer editor and Hollyhocker Linda Solomon) has falsely claimed to be a Pulitzer Prize Nominee. No other New Age resort on earth can boast the claim of having two faux Pulitzer nominees.

Hollyhock is funded through TIDES Canada, an organization led in part by Linda Solomon’s brother Joel- both come from a family with deep roots in the US Democratic Party. Hollyhock also has deep links with municipal party VISION Vancouver- mayor Gregor Robertson is a neighbour, and was on the board of the Hollyhock Farm. In 2011 Vivian Krause exposed how TIDES’s US mothership TIDES Foundation purchased land next to the mayor’s house and designated it as park land (that sounds ethical!).

Hollyhock’s programs include a curious mix of shaman, sacred healers, yoga experts, creativity classes; and foreign funded activists who gather to make plans to influence Canadian policy. As with any place where you find fake Pulitzer nominees, sacred healers and American funded environmental activists; Hollyhock has no shortage of excrement- in fact, many of the island’s residents have complained about the retreat’s overwhelming septic system!

Spring is coming, and the 2014 season is nearly here- so, what better a time to start looking into Hollyhock’s abundant program offerings! Today is the first part of an informal series (that will be released from time to time) exploring Hollyhock’s plastic shaman. If you’re looking to buy some indigenous wisdom, this is the place to buy it!

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