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Political Violence: Elizabeth May Labels The Council Of Canadians As An Illegitimate Organization!?

Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May is a strange duck. On the one hand she’s one of Canada’s most outspoken figures against activist violence- consistently insisting that it’s “unproductive” and has a negative impact on the environmental movement. But equally, she so often comes out spouting nonsense in regards to the people committing the …

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The Video Harjap Grewal & Harsha Walia Don’t Want You To See… (feat. Council of Canadians & NoII)

UPDATE: Harjap just filed another “privacy complaint” with YouTube- if people like him get in any sort of power, the world will be ugly and filled with censorship… — On Friday I got an email from YouTube saying that an individual had made a ‘privacy complaint’ about a video I posted showing clips of an …

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Kent County Protests: Why We Can’t Trust The Sierra Club & Council Of Canadians To Protect The Environment…

People have gathered in Kent County this week to protest an energy company that’s recently begun exploring for sources of natural gas in local shale formations. SWN Resources has brought in ‘thumper’ trucks to do the job- seismic surveying tools that send (harmless) shock waves into the earth that are used to map underground rock …

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Black Bloc Courthouse Theatre (feat. Julian Ichim, Sakura Saunders & The Council Of Canadians)

Someone shared an interesting video with me on Friday- it brings together a lot of my research on Canada’s problem with Black Bloc anarchists. It’s about George Horton, one of the vandals from the Toronto G20 who got caught kicking in the door of a police car. Horton was sentenced on Friday to ten months …

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Occupy Vancouver Has An Asshole Problem! (so do the Council of Canadians & Van Media Co-Op)

NOTE: The title of this article is based on an article that was quite popular during the early days of Occupy Vancouver: Occupy’s Asshole Problem I’ve written about this issue before. Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians has been involved in vicious character attacks after Ben Pearson, a member of Occupy Vancouver, started asking …

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