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Analysis of an Occupy Toronto Lynch Mob!

What happened at the Occupy Toronto General Assembly last night left me deeply saddened. I was invited to this meeting to discuss people’s allegations against me, and was fully prepared to do this- wasted two days preparing a thorough response. Then, when I arrived, Alex Hundert (head of [email protected], friend of Harsha Walia, and no …

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BullyWatch: Dave Vasey Is a Coward who Uses Women as Human Shields!

On February 9th, Dave Vasey took his first shot at me- wrote this letter, asking me not to come to the Action Committee meeting that day: ——————————————————————– Greg, It has come to my attention through comrades in Vancouver that statements have been made about your behavior there. see the following http://occupiedvancouver.net/2011/12/19/statement/ In solidarity with Occupy Vancouver …

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