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Occupy Toronto, Anarchists, Social Violence, Christian Peacemakers, Iran & Tax-Receipts (feat. Mennonite Church)

One of the most dishonourable people I’ve met through the Occupy movement (right up there with Dave Vasey, Sakura Saunders and Maggie Helwig) was an American who lives in Toronto named Doug Johnson Hatlem. If you were reading this site back in March you’ll remember him as the ‘street preacher’ who made-up a story that he had a …

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Last Week’s Liberal Convention Protest: Some Bullies, Liars, And 11,800 Decent Folk (feat. Sid Ryan)

Last Saturday was the “Rally For Rights And Democracy” in Toronto. It was organized by the Ontario Federation of Labour- Sid Ryan was the major star of the day. The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) had a major presence, as did the Steelworkers, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), teacher’s unions, and the …

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Attawapiskat’s Problematic Investment Portfolio- And how it conflicts with #IdleNoMore’s values…

There’s been a lot of discussion this week about Attawapiskat’s investment portfolio. Investments are made in the name of the Attawapiskat Trust- a fund that was setup in 2007 to receive payments from De Beer’s for income from the Victor Diamond Mine. The trust’s documentation is available for download from Attawapiskat website, it’s an interesting read. …

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#IdleNoMore: The Occupy Anarchists Behind The Scene At The Sarnia Rail Blockade

One of the more controversial demonstrations that’s come out of the Idle No More (INM) movement is the Aamjiwnaang rail blockade. It began on December 24th when a group of people setup a camp on the middle of a rail track in Sarnia, Ontario. And, despite that Chief Theresa Spence and INM have called for …

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Professor David McNally On Marxisms (feat. Zach Ruiter & The Occupy Hijackers…)

http://youtu.be/KrevZTxJLV8 In my very long article on the ruckus at the University of Toronto, I mentioned a professor from York University professor David McNally. In the article I called for him, and others, to take leadership in helping fix Toronto’s problem with group political bullying. Well, less than 24 hours later- anti-nuclear anarchist Zach Ruiter …

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