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Activists Tampered With Rail Signalling At The December Sarnia Blockade (feat. Mike Roy & Ron Plain)

Back in December a group of indigenous people from the¬†Aamjiwnaang First Nation joined forces with members of Ontario’s anarchist & unionist community and blocked a train line. Many of the ‘usual suspects’ showed-up at the blockade including Sakura Saunders, Dave Vasey, Lana Goldberg, and Ken Lewenza of the Canadian Auto Workers. The blockade has been …

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[UPDATED] Love Is The Movement- Oka Style? (feat. Gitz Crazyboy and several NGO’s)

UPDATE: A Facebook page has been created calling for people to take action to disrupt transportation across the country in solidarity with Ryan Deranger’s call to blockade Highway 63. __________________________ Three weeks ago this site exposed the mark of the Activistocrat– a tattoo shared by many of the NGO connected environmental activists operating in Canada. …

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[Updated] Breaking: #SwampLine9 Supporters Claim Disruptions Due To Rail Sabotage…

Update: Convicted G20 ringleader Alex Hundert liked this story so much he re-tweeted it for all of his friends!   —————————————- A statement was released yesterday on an anarchist website by a group identifying themselves as “some anarchists”. In it they not only claim to have sabotaged a train line, but have also given simple …

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Does A New Supreme Court Ruling Put Idle No More Protesters At Peril? (feat. Ron Plain)

On December 21st, 2011 members of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation partnered with members of Toronto’s anarchist community and setup a blockade of a CN Rail track. They claimed that the track was unauthorized to run over their territory so they had every right to block it. The blockade was rather controversial, as not only did …

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Barrick Gold Protest Degrades Into Cop Baiting Rally (feat. Capt. Yarr, Civilian Media & Sakura Saunders!)

Wednesday was Barrick Gold‘s annual general meeting and, like previous years, Sakura Saunders and her merry band of anarchists came to protest. Barrick’s been having a hard time of things lately, between drops in the price of gold and some challenged project schedules their stock hasn’t been satisfying investors. So, it was sure to be …

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