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Jun 21

Why It’s Wrong To Support The Enbridge Pipeline Hijackers (Especially if you’re an environmentalist…)

Some breaking news on the pipeline hijacking in Flamborough. New videos were released by the Hamilton Spectator that give more insight into the hijackers and their lack of respect for civil society- things are getting very interesting. But equally, things are looking potentially dangerous- some of Ontario’s most notorious militant cop haters now have control of …

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Jun 19

BC Civil Liberties Association Continues Their Tradition Of Supporting Masked Terrorists (feat. David Eby & Michael Byers)

Back during the 2010 Olympics a group of masked thugs terrorized the city smashing windows, throwing around furniture & newspaper boxes, and clashing in a street fight with the police. The violence was enabled by David Eby, then the head of the BC Civil Liberties Association. Eby had prior knowledge of what was to happen …

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May 16

Vancouver Police Ignore Anarchists With Flaming Torches, Anarchists Burn Down House…

Two weeks ago, during Vancouver’s May Day march, a group of anarchists marched down the street with flaming torches. The anarchists were carrying signs saying things like “Rich Scum Beware, CLASS WAR” and “Mayday Means Attack”. One anarchist vandalized the sidewalk writing ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards). The only action the police took that day was …

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Apr 30

Hollyhock’s Fake Pulitzer Epidemic (feat. Linda Solomon of the Vancouver Observer, Rex Weyler of Greenpeace & University of the Fraser Valley)

Hollyhock is arguably Canada’s most controversial New Age retreat. It’s set on a plot of land near the southern tip of Cortes Island in British Columbia, a sparsely populated place with only about 450 people in the off-season that at least doubles during the summer. It’s a mystical island with mind-blowing natural beauty- untouched beaches, …

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Apr 19

[UPDATED] The Pidgin Protest: NDP MLA David Eby’s Downtown Eastside Olympic Legacy…

Update: The people of Vancouver-Point Grey have now elected Eby into office, God help us all… Radical activism in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) has been getting out of hand for several years now- beginning in the early 2000’s with the formation of the infamous (and now defunct) Anti-Poverty Committee. The APC was a militant anarchist organization …

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