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Sisters In Spirit: Are There Really 600 Missing Native Women? (feat. Libby Davies, David Eby & Iran)

A report came out on Saturday on CBC Radio’s The House that called to question the actual number of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada. The current (mostly) accepted number, approximately 600, is based on a report created in 2010 by the Native Women’s Association of Canada. The NWAC was commissioned and funded to …

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The Toronto Star Hits A Home Run For The Anarchists! (feat. Antonia Zerbisias & Alex Hundert)

In a situation that should be concerning to most Canadians, there are members of our country’s media who’ve been actively promoting the anarchists behind the chaos at the Toronto G20. Some journalists have tried to label them as ‘political prisoners’, others tried to minimize the anarchist’s crimes. Others have taken a more dangerous route- writing …

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Who’s Responsible For The University of Toronto’s Anti-Patriarch Hate Party? (feat. Vanja Krajina & the Old-Left)

There’s a global controversy brewing around the University of Toronto right now. It all started on November 16th when a group of radical feminists, anarchists, and some students (who said they were sent by their Women’s Studies class) showed up to blockade people from entering an auditorium. On the other side of the situation was …

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Updated: The World According To Garossino… (Feat. Joel Solomon, Thomas Mulcair & David Eby…)

Update: I just found an article linked on ExiledOnline that’s further demonstrates the dangers of the US State Department- apparently Secretary of State Susan Rice is an investor in the tarsands…   Sandy Garossino has done another hit piece on Vivian Krause today. Garossino was a little less catty this time- thankfully, she avoided getting …

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GE-Hitachi: University of Toronto Professor Jim Deutsch Defends G20 Anarchists! (feat. Zach Ruiter)

I see a lot of disturbing videos in my research. Today I saw one of the more disturbing videos I’ve seen in a while- it’s always a challenge observing people in positions of power supporting violent anarchists. The first time I saw this phenomenon it blew my mind- how could Vancouver’s David Eby, a candidate for …

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