The Toronto Star Hits A Home Run For The Anarchists! (feat. Antonia Zerbisias & Alex Hundert)

Antonia Zerbisias- Journalism that makes anarchists happy...

Antonia Zerbisias- Journalism that makes anarchists happy…

In a situation that should be concerning to most Canadians, there are members of our country’s media who’ve been actively promoting the anarchists behind the chaos at the Toronto G20. Some journalists have tried to label them as ‘political prisoners’, others tried to minimize the anarchist’s crimes. Others have taken a more dangerous route- writing articles that deify the anarchist leaders as jailhouse activists and martyrs.

One of the most troubling examples was a puff piece Antonia Zerbisias wrote in her column in the Toronto Star. The article was about incarcerated G20 ringleader Mandy Hiscocks’ battle for the rights of marginalized prisoners in her cell block. She talked about being discriminated against “because I’m an anarchist”. Zerbisias’ article practically hailed Hiscocks as a courageous social justice crusader- without any mention of the damage her crimes brought to our city.

Remember how I speculated Zerbisias’ article could help embolden these criminals in the future? Well, today, it seems that speculation is now a reality…

Alex Hundert and Mandy Hiscocks are two of the key ringleaders who were arrested just before the G20. They were training groups of impressionable n how to get away with smashing windows and vandalizing the city. Hundert  provided a list of store fronts that the anarchist vandals should concentrate on. Both Hundert & Hiscocks were also found guilty of training those kids how to ‘de-arrest’ their anarchist comrades.

Pay attention to that- neither Hundert or Hiscocks smashed a single window, cop car or phone booth. Their crimes were much more serious than the rest- they were training and encouraging young kids to commit some pretty serious crimes. For all purposes, they’re anarchist Fagin’s.

But this doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Toronto Star. In addition to Zerbisias’ article on Hiscocks, they published an article helping to deify Hundert as a crusader for prisoner library book rights. When I wrote my first criticism about Zerbisias’ article she totally went off the rails- issuing threats, and claiming that everything I said was rubish. She ignored the fact that it’s dangerous to promote those who evangelize violence.

Well, today Alex Hundert proved Zerbisias was wrong. In his latest article about his adventures in solitary confinement Hundert actually used Zerbisias’ article about Hiscocks as a tool to help qualify Hiscocks (and himself) as bona-fide jailhouse activists.

Here’s a screenshot:


The majority of Torontonians view the violence Hundert & Hiscocks promote as being abhorrent. People are waking up and realizing it’s also dangerous. Journalists and publications who continue promoting these criminals will soon be seen to be equally dangerous and abhorrent.

Now that it’s obvious that these articles are being used to help build the public profiles of hardcore (and unrepentant) criminals- isn’t it time for the Toronto Star to take them down? Antonia- any comment?

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