The Continuing Saga Of Jason “Reacharound” Bowman… (feat. Mohawk Workers)

Jason "Reacharound" Bowman

Jason “Reacharound” Bowman (Neither native, nor a source of pride…)

Jason Bowman is a self-proclaimed ‘white saviour’. He first came to attention during the Kevin Annett fraud– when he and Annett made the (fraudulent) claim of filing a lawsuit against the Queen, the government and the Pope. Then there was Bowman’s infamous press conference where he asked me for a reacharound. Unfortunately for them, I was able to debunk their lies and prove that no case was filed.

At this point, the two of them broke up after Annett threw Bowman under a bus. This is where things got strange. Bowman ended up making allies with the people Annett defrauded at the Mohawk Workers. It’s strange, because only a few weeks before, Bowman was smearing Six Nations elders. It’s also quite curious how the people at the Mohawk Workers weren’t upset with Bowman for lying about filing a court case on their behalf.

Well, it seems that the Mohawk Workers are paying for this mistake. Jason Bowman’s offered them his services as a ‘citizen prosecutor’ and has failed them miserably. Bowman’s antics have not only put Mohawk Worker’s elder Bill Squire’s home at-risk, he’s also made the Mohawk Workers into a laughing stock with the Brantford city council…

The damage Bowman was doing first became apparent when he attended a city council meeting where they were deciding whether to cut-off the utilities for the building Bill Squire was squatting in. Bowman’s finest moment during this incident was when he yelled out to a city councillor:

“Are you totally ignorant!”

In the end, obviously, the city agreed to turn-off the utilities. They later voted to start pursuing the Mohawk Worker’s eviction from the building. Yet, despite this (or because of this?) Bill Squire continued using Bowman as his official spokesman.

After the utilities were cut by the city, the Mohawk Workers were able to get the electric turned back on. Unfortunately, they were not able to get the water turned on again- the city has refused to. The Mohawk Workers were also issued an injunction by the courts to quit interfering with Walton International’s construction sites.

On Monday Bowman led a group of malcontents to try and crash through the city council’s doors and do a round dance in the middle of one of their sessions. There are a couple of problems with this. First, Idle No More is a peaceful movement- and the people who stated it have asked that people act respectfully at INM events.

The next problem is that the people at the Brantford city council are already onto Bowman and the Mohawk Workers. They responded by simply locking the doors and not letting them in. Speaking to the Brantford Expositor Mayor Chris Friel summarized the situation beautifully:

“This is the Jason Bowman show – enough of his shenanigans”

Bowman has lied to and caused serious harm during his scams against indigenous people. It seems everyone but Squire see’s this- it’s hard to believe that he doesn’t. Too many disasters have happened, Bill’s home is without water and sewer services, Bowman continues his idiotic and ineffective tactics.

Bowman’s not the only white saviour who has been hovering around the Mohawk Workers. The CAW have a tightly knit relationship there, so do CUPE and the Christian Peacemaker Teams (more to come on them soon). The bigger question than why Squire is ignoring Bowman’s antics is why are they?

Something doesn’t smell right here- more to come soon…

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