Sakura Saunders: The Lady Doth Protest Too Much Methinks…

Anarchist Sakura Saunders and her husband Darius M

Anarchist Sakura Saunders and her husband (the guy who sells plastic trinkets)

One of the most prominent bullies I met through the Occupy movement was Sakura Saunders. She was part of a group of people there who followed the Ruckus Society manual’s section on ostracism and used bullying techniques to push-out people who disagreed with their anarchist tactics. In my case, Saunders helped dedicate an entire General Assembly to the cause. Unfortunately, for her, she was dumb enough to spout out a litany of outright lies about me on recorded video.

One of the issues that get’s Saunder’s venom brewing most is when people ask questions about the sources of her funding- particularly when people mention her connections to Soros/Open Society Institute linked organizations. Each time someone mentions this fact she goes ballistic. The lady doth protest too much methinks…

I was doing some research on Saunders today and her involvement with the 2011 revolution in Egypt (story to come soon) when I noticed that she took another shot at bullying me again recently. Here’s a screenshot of her Twitter feed:



The person she was writing to runs a website called Libya 360°. The reason Saunders went so apeshit towards him was because he simply included a graphic from my story on Attawapiskat’s Troublesome Investment Portfolio. That was enough to Saunders to go on a full-out set of attacks on me. The irony of those attacks are that the website she’s referring to publishes the result of the outright lies she made about me at Occupy Toronto!

Saunder’s thread of venom got so intense at one point that one of the people in the thread decided it was necessary to complain and ask her to put some detail behind her (baseless) allegations:


And, of course, she didn’t. The lady doth protest too much methinks- put some substance behind your complaints Sakura…


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