Sakura Saunders: The Lady Doth Protest Too Much Methinks…

Anarchist Sakura Saunders and her husband Darius M

Anarchist Sakura Saunders and her husband (the guy who sells plastic trinkets)

One of the most prominent bullies I met through the Occupy movement was Sakura Saunders. She was part of a group of people there who followed the Ruckus Society manual’s section on ostracism and used bullying techniques to push-out people who disagreed with their anarchist tactics. In my case, Saunders helped dedicate an entire General Assembly to the cause. Unfortunately, for her, she was dumb enough to spout out a litany of outright lies about me on recorded video.

One of the issues that get’s Saunder’s venom brewing most is when people ask questions about the sources of her funding- particularly when people mention her connections to Soros/Open Society Institute linked organizations. Each time someone mentions this fact she goes ballistic. The lady doth protest too much methinks…

I was doing some research on Saunders today and her involvement with the 2011 revolution in Egypt (story to come soon) when I noticed that she took another shot at bullying me again recently. Here’s a screenshot of her Twitter feed:



The person she was writing to runs a website called Libya 360°. The reason Saunders went so apeshit towards him was because he simply included a graphic from my story on Attawapiskat’s Troublesome Investment Portfolio. That was enough to Saunders to go on a full-out set of attacks on me. The irony of those attacks are that the website she’s referring to publishes the result of the outright lies she made about me at Occupy Toronto!

Saunder’s thread of venom got so intense at one point that one of the people in the thread decided it was necessary to complain and ask her to put some detail behind her (baseless) allegations:


And, of course, she didn’t. The lady doth protest too much methinks- put some substance behind your complaints Sakura…


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  1. She can’t, I’d like to know where her and that rap bum she married get their money from to travel all over the place promoting their lies and bull shit red political agenda??? You want to come clean and tell us who pays you lady???

    1. I’m very curious about that too- and, how she ended up in Cairo during the revolution, and has made a second trip since then…

        • Sakura Saunders on January 31, 2013 at 20:01
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        I can live like I do, because I don’t pay rent, and live at my partner’s mom’s house (when we’re in Toronto) and we get free meals, places to stay, and travel money when we tour (which actually means that we can make money on tour because my car runs on veggie oil). I also pay for what small expenses I have with money that my mom left me when she died. That will eventually run out, but I’ve been making it stretch with odd jobs and a supportive community.
        I don’t get any salary from anyone and it is you who doth protest me too much, especially since the basis (that I get money from Soros) is completely false. Also, I went to Cairo and Tanzania for my honeymoon, which my husband’s grandparents helped paid for, and I have not been back since, so I don’t know where you are getting your information, but again it is false. Please stop harassing me with these constant false accusations.

        1. If it was just a honeymoon- can you please explain how you were (alone) in the media centre for the Egyptian revolution Sakura?

          I’ve never said that you ‘get’ money from Soros-funded organizations- I’ve said that you’ve ‘got’ money from them. Big different. Will you please quit twisting the truth? You’re losing credibility because of it. Notice that when I’ve said that you have lied, I detailed what you lied about and why it was a lie.

          Do me a favour, if you are going to accuse my of lying about something- tell me what that is! Otherwise, it looks like you are continuing your recognizable pattern of bullying…

          Oh, and the reason this article was published because you were saying lies to someone about me. To quote, you said that “the info you get from Genuinewitty is totally false. If you don’t want me writing articles about your troubles with telling the truth- don’t lie about me.


    • The Hammer on January 31, 2013 at 08:30
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    Just had a look at the site she was referencing. Is she serious? That site is an absolute joke. There are about 2 posts on there from 11 months ago. The posts say they are going to expose and document supposed transgressions. But there is nothing. Just vague accusations with no evidence. It is like something a middle school student would write. It means nothing. How stupid does she think people are?

    1. She’s an anarchist- can’t help but assume that others are stupid because she’s surrounded by stupid…

    • brotherwolf1 on January 31, 2013 at 09:12
    • Reply

    She can’t expose so much as the time of day. She has been asked ad nauseum to provide even ONE fact about her baseless accusations but she was never able to, and never will be able to either. She and her rap crap hubby are filled with more hot air than a hot air balloon.

    1. Filled with money from unnamed sources too…

    • Tamara Dippel on January 31, 2013 at 13:52
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    I wonder if maybe one of the reasons Sakura is so vehement in denial is because she doesn’t want to admit to herself that George Soros’s Tides foundation could have been set up by a corrupt man for corrupt reasons? It is possible she has been tricked… most people in support of these covertly corrupt foundations don’t realize who and what the founders and high-ups truly intend. Most of the people in the mid and lower levels in the foundations don’t realize either I think. Since they believe the foundation has good intentions, they get defensive which for some people becomes aggression.

    Perhaps she is just in denial? Despite all she has done that is negative, it is possible she really is trying to do good, and really doesn’t realize Tides is corrupt. Which works to the elites full advantage, unfortunately.

    Whether she is making good or smart decisions or not is not what I am saying, just that maybe she is denying Tide’s being corrupt which will harm her and her friends/ allies in the long run, as they will take advantage of her and other’s ignorance and denial to further their corrupt ends… pretending what they advocate is good but intending it for bad ends.

    Of course, once she and her friends/ allies figure it out, it may be Tides that will have to watch out… Hopefully they will take the time to find out who in the organization is truly corrupt before taking action against them. Would be fitting if the “pawns” became aware of the lies and game, and then turned against their lying leaders (ie Tides and other elite run corrupt organizations)!

    I don’t mean pawns as any insult… the elites are tricking everybody all through society in different ways. Figuring out their game and avoiding being used is what is needed. I don’t like being used nor do I like others being used… So no offense meant y using the word pawn. I wish we could get rid of the elites influence so we could all live life without worrying about being used, lied to or abused by them anymore. It’s time to end their game… because people’s lives are not toys to be played with and thrown away! People are not chess pieces!

      • The Hammer on January 31, 2013 at 14:44
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      Well, what goes around comes around. Tides and Soros are using her just like she is using the native people. She is part of a non-native cabal that have hijacked INM from native people to use for their own selfish reasons.

      • Sakura Saunders on January 31, 2013 at 19:53
      • Reply

      Tamara… I deny this because it is simple untrue. I have no connection to the Tides foundation, Soros, or the Tides center at all right now. About 6 years ago, I did admin work for CorpWatch, which was a Tides project, which was a small, independent non-profit… but to say that that is somehow motivating me today is ridiculous. I’ve never even applied to any of these groups for funding! I volunteer with a campaign,, for which I am the main editor… I also work with several environmental justice organizations. I can live like this because I currently live at my partner’s parent’s house (when I’m in the Toronto area), and in between I do a lot of touring because I am a knowledgeable public speaker on several subject including the int’l mining industry, community radio, gold mining, and resource extraction generally, and have developed many workshops on these subjects that people enjoy and request. My husband also does music so we often tour together… and we get supported with free meals, places to stay, and gas money along the way! The irony of course about targeting me for this elaborate Soros conspiracy is that I don’t live off of any salary at all, and instead live largely by small donations, a bit of design work (I design reports), and a bit of money that my mom left me when she died. I used to work for NGOs and honestly, I’m done with it… they work you to the bone and don’t allow you to be self-directed enough.
      Greg doesn’t write all of these blogs about me because he really thinks that I’m part of some Soros conspiracy, because he has no proof of that. He targets me because I was one of the people who got him banned from Occupy Toronto on the basis that he was harassing people.

      1. Sakura, I write about you because I believe that you (and the people you are working with) present a real danger to our country. Equally, I believe that you (and Darius) present a significant danger to activist movements.

        Why is that? Well, first, you refuse to denounce violence- in fact, Darius actually promoted the use of violence during the G20. I’m not the only person who believes this Sakura, there are many of us. Actions like your recent blocking of the train line in Sarnia (btw, the Sarnia Police have taken a big interest in articles about you) hurt the very people you said you were there to help. The reality of that action is that it was planned to hurt the band council who owned an industrial park on the other side of the rail.

        Your actions, continually, hurt the 99% infinitely more than they hurt the 1%. By doing this, you degrade the purpose of social/environmental justice and make a mockery out of it.

        The outright lies you made about me (on video, silly) were bullying Sakura. That you went after the person who published my image – simply for posting an image – shows how far you will go to continue your bullying. Time to stop now.

        Oh, and you finally admit you’ve worked for NGO funded organizations- after all of the denial, I’m impressed! But, I should mention, it says that you are currently working with Prometheus Radio- right? They’re funded by OSI too, right?

        Oy vey…

  2. Tides agents typically all do live off of “small donations”. LOL who the hell does this lady think she is kidding! I’d like to see a fully auditable trail of where the small donations are coming from, it gets real easy for an organization like tides to make all sorts of small donations via all of it’s ngo’s.

    • Occultpie Myass on January 31, 2013 at 21:39
    • Reply

    I love how she says that she lives off of donations. SERIOUSLY? I wonder if she pays taxes then and I wonder if she enjoyed the Occupy Toronto donations along with her spoiled friends who also dipped into the donation pot? Corrupt to the core.

    1. Good question- perhaps someone should call the CRA and ask?

    • Sakura Sucks Other Peoples Money on January 31, 2013 at 21:46
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    Hey Sakura, do you offer talks and seminars of how to live the high life while having everyone pay for your expenses? I would like to live a life of poverty just like you~Will you donate to my charity please? I’ve always wanted to travel, have all my food and bills paid for and have free housing. Right on Sakura you are living large on other peoples dime! Where can I sign up for your teachings?

    1. try the saint suzuki foundation, they might teach you to be a freeloading activistocrat!

      • Sakura Saunders on February 1, 2013 at 09:39
      • Reply

      gimme a break. I live with my in-laws and my rent is cleaning the kitchen, helping babysit, and being an all around joy to live with. Similarly, my friends who let me crash at their place are happy to support me and I also help out with chores when I go there. You want advice on how to live a good life with little money? Do good work and make yourself helpful to the people around you… that way, people want you around. it is actually pretty simple.

        • Sakura Sucks Other Peoples Money on February 2, 2013 at 17:17
        • Reply

        You freeload at your in-laws house and your rent is cleaning the kitchen???? Not sure if this is supposed to be a joke or is she being serious?

    • The Hammer on February 1, 2013 at 12:52
    • Reply

    That Zach Ruiter article posted to the right is good. Looks like Zach has some brains after all.

    • Lawrence on February 1, 2013 at 22:43
    • Reply

    All sweetness and light my ass, you are one of the most viscous little liars I know of Sakura. All the traveling around and not working??Couch surfing??? you expect us to buy that crap??? Car payments, insurance, pot and guitar strings for the bum? Just what kind of donations and who gives you these donations??? (Or where did you steel them from?) excuse us if we know better. Life costs money baby……I for one don’t buy your bull shit story.

      • Sakura Sucks Other Peoples Money on February 2, 2013 at 17:21
      • Reply

      She uses people and pretends to be nicey nicey to get all her free stuff. She is a bum and has no work ethic at all, so much so, that she believes cleaning a kitchen is equivalent to paying rent and all that it entails to keep a household running. Here we have a prime example of spoiled rich kids who have never worked a day in their lives and have everything handed to them trying to dictate to people who actually live in real poverty what to do and what to say and what is important. She is so full of shit that she can’t even look at the truth.

    • Lawrence on February 1, 2013 at 22:50
    • Reply

    I’m still waiting for an accounting of where all that occupy money went, not to mention the student protest money, G-20 money, Idle money, union money,perks like hotel money from an assortment of funding sources……

  3. Lawrence, you will never a true and factual accounting of where the money went because , simply, some who had control of it took care of themselves first. And yes, Ms Saunders lets us she is a simple activist living on donations. Ya, right, I’ll bet is was one hell of a donation to travel to New Zealand very recently to give a speech on the Student Movement here in canada right Sakura. You know, the speech made on or about Jan 13 in Aukland by Darius ? I take it the entire trip was a donation right ?

    • Sakura Sucks Other Peoples Money on February 2, 2013 at 17:25
    • Reply

    You too can travel to exotic locales all you have to do is bat your eyes and smile big phony smiles! But wait there’s more!!! All you got to do is pick a small area of someones house to clean and you will always be granted shelter, food, clothing and whatever else your little heart desires. But wait, there’s more! Get people to donate to your important (insert social justice case d’u jouer) and then promptly lose track of the funds while insisting that the monies were spent on chips and pizza for all!!! But wait, there’s more!!!!

  4. Hi all. Sakura made another comment posting, but I will not be publishing it for two reasons. First, it’s more a set of rabid accusations than anything. But, more importantly, she took the well-worn tactic of saying she wouldn’t be responding any further after that message. I reserve the right to defeat that tactic by not publishing. If Sakura want’s to debate all of the accusations she has (and continues to) make, that’s fine though.

    • Seriously? on February 3, 2013 at 08:49
    • Reply

    I find it hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t know Soros’s purpose. It’s one of the worst kept secrets in all business. As is the billions he’s made doing it. It has a touch of genious even if it is a little diabolical.

    • Seriously? on February 3, 2013 at 08:58
    • Reply

    Why not take all this energy and help emancipate and elevate people who really need it? I understand you’re Afghani. Why not return with an NGO or go on your own to help an entire generation of your sisters elevate themselves out of real poverty and oppression? That would be more beneficial to the world than anything else you are doing. Be a real change in someone’s life who truly is suffering beyond anything you can find here in Canada

    • F*#%$ Rich Brats on February 3, 2013 at 13:00
    • Reply

    She is made because people can see who she really is and that does not bode well for her.
    Cheers Sakura keep on living the high life off of the backs of the impoverished.

  5. Hyya everyone, I too am an activist and am looking for donations to cover the cost of the following items i need to live on .I need the following:

    1) A Bentley Continental. …… its just basic transportation

    2) A Hughs 500D turbo helicopter ……… for those quick trips to protest sites

    3) A small, 50 room mansion ……… for those times I need to be at home and unwind

    4) Unlimited access to unlimited funds ………. think of it as your own tax write off

    5) maid and house keeping services…. why should i clean my house when I can get some else to do it for me

    6) first class air fare to any place i want to travel to, and don’t ask questions as to where I’m going

    Thank you, that is all, you may now kneel before me as you exit this space

  6. You know kills me about her , she is 34 years old and has accomplished absolutely nothing in her life except to protest everything she comes in contact with. Sakura, I say this with respect, if you put as much energy into something useful, constructive and productive, you really could be a corporate leader, you really can. It is sad that you hate everything around you and chose to waste your obvious skills and talents on doing nothing but create divisions and animosity . One day, you are going to look back at your life and wonder what the hell you actually accomplished , what positive changes you made and how you have made humanity a little better. I just hope that you will do this while you are still young enough make a great , long career for yourself , because at the rate you’re going, the only place you will end up is either on the streets or jail.

    • The Hammer on February 4, 2013 at 09:32
    • Reply

    Hey, at least she came on here. More than I can say for most.

  7. Sakura talks about having very little money- yet, she and her partner (who was just in New Zealand) are taking ‘Western Canada tours”. Things that make you say hmmmm…

    • The Hammer on February 16, 2013 at 12:59
    • Reply

    I hope Sakura is proud of the work she did in the Egyptian Revolution. Tahir Square has now become rape central

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