[UPDATED] Vancouver Coastal Health Warns VANDU About Illegal Shooting Gallery! (But Ignores the Drug Dealer?)

Update: Coincidentally, while all of this is going on, VANDU is once again hosting the agitators at Vancouver Cop Watch____________________The Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) is probably the best example of the radical left making a mockery out of the city’s taxpayers. Funded through organizations like Vancouver Coastal Health ($250,437 in 2011), the …

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Toronto Police Arrest ‘Veteran’ At Remembrance Day Ceremony (Feat. Davyn Calfchild & Gary Wassaykeesic)

It’s Remembrance Day in Canada, a time when Canadians remember the great sacrifices made by people who’ve served in past wars- this is a solemn event in most cities. Not so in Toronto, last year a group of misguided protesters tried to interrupt the ceremonies and got into a scuffle with the police.The Toronto Sun’s …

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It Looks Like Toronto’s Anti-Gentrification Battle Is Heating Up… (Feat. Sigrid Kneve & OCAP)

George Street is one of the most depressed parts of Toronto. Situated to the east of downtown, it’s the home to a number of shelters and rows of abandoned houses. Drug addicts roam the streets, with dealers waiting on the sidewalk to fulfil their addictions. It’s a lot like the worst parts of Vancouver’s Downtown …

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The Video Harjap Grewal & Harsha Walia Don’t Want You To See… (feat. Council of Canadians & NoII)

UPDATE: Harjap just filed another “privacy complaint” with YouTube- if people like him get in any sort of power, the world will be ugly and filled with censorship…—On Friday I got an email from YouTube saying that an individual had made a ‘privacy complaint’ about a video I posted showing clips of an organization called …

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Activists, Anarchists, Arson, Political Theatre And Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Peter Principle…

Yesterday Vancouver’s Gastown Gazette published a story calling on Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson to “Take Action Before Arson”. The article was in reference to the alleged violence and mayhem being caused by the city’s anti gentrification extremists. They’ve been harassing business owners (and their customers), vandalizing, and marching down the streets with lit torches- yet, …

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