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May 11

Does Irwin Oostinde Run S&M Sex Parties At The W2 Media Centre? (Kid’s Camps Too!)

One of the more interesting things about the W2 Media Centre is the imbalance between events focussed on media, and the number of parties and social events.  Have a look at this screenshot from the events calendar on their website:

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May 10

Harsha Walia’s Gonna Get It! (Bob Ages Too!)

UPDATE: This article includes some inaccuracies, please refer to the comments section for updated information I’ve written about this issue a few times now, and posted the (very popular) video of Occupy Vancouver Gone Wild! It all started after Ben Pearson began to ask questions about OV finances. Ben’s a brave man, and I commend …

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Mar 13

This is What Happens When You Ask Hard Questions About Occupy Vancouver Finances!

A video made by Ben Pearson- the man excluded by the Council of Canadian’s Bob Ages after asking hard questions at OV’s Finance Committee… Related articles The Coc’s Cop-Out (Once Again…) (www.genuinewitty.com) Occupy Vancouver Is (Still) An Unsafe Place (Rather unsavory too!) (www.genuinewitty.com) A Letter to Maude Barlow at the Council of Canadians (www.genuinewitty.com) Canadians: …

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Feb 08

Welcome Media Co-Op Readers! (Do they receive Government Funding?)

It appears that Media Co-Op has linked to my site! This organization is one of Canada’s foremost producer of violence inciting media. Something to be proud of! (if you are a Black Bloc terrorist…) Media Co-Op is most famous for filming Harsha Walia’s racist & sexist hate video a filmed at Irwin Oostende’s  rave club/media …

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