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Occupy Vancouver: Better than a Food Fair!

Was running down the stairs beside a CBC cameraman tonight at #OccupySkytrain. He looked tired carrying all that equipment, a soldier would have more support… So, I said to him: “Is sure is more interesting than covering a food fair, don’t you think?”  He turns to me and says “Yes, but this is more work!” …

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Occupy Vancouver and its Drug Problem…

It was the 15th of October, the first day of Occupy Vancouver. I was walking onto the grounds and immediately began to smell marijuana smoke wafting across the stage. It was a couple of hours before anything was planned, so I didn’t really pay too much attention to it.  But, as the day continued, it …

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YELLOW CARD: Undemocratic Behaviour?

A serious problem has been resonating in my head since yesterday. I’ve tried to ignore, but it is affecting my ability to sleep… First, a disclaimer. I have nothing but respect for the people I’m about to criticise – agreeing to facilitate this meeting was a heroic act. We began our meeting with the agreement …

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