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Scarborough Gets Their First Taste Of Green Party Anti-Cop Weirdness (Feat. Paisley Rae)

As an activist-driven organisation, it’s completely understandable why Elizabeth May and other Green Party candidates are more sensitive to policing issues than others. It’s almost a right of passage for a Green to get arrested, May holds the distinction being of the only party leader who’s willing to get arrested for interrupting projects approved by …

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Gregory Alan Elliott Twitter Trial Update: Crown Starts Off Relentless, Ends Hearing In Tears

Last Friday was the one-thousand and eighteenth day since Gregory Alan Elliott was arrested and charged for alleged criminal harassment of three politically connected social justice activists. The arrest caused Elliott to lose his job after over a decade of employment as a graphic artist with the City of Mississauga. Elliott’s bail terms have restricted him …

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Earth Day Gone Stupid: #Line9 Protesters Attack The Wrong Company! (Feat. Sakura Saunders)

Today was a big event for Canada’s socialist obedience cults, the 145th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birth! Most intelligent people (and dogs, my Hungarian born Beagle urinated on his tomb when we lived in Moscow) would be repelled by the idea of celebrating the birthday of such an evil man. Luckily for the obedience cults, there’s no …

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“Terrorist”, “Riot Inciter” & Circle Of Jerks Blame Police Brutality On Capitalism (Feat. Davin Charney)

One of the first things I learned when I moved to Budapest was to beware of the police. The dreaded Rendőrség were as equally well known for their low IQ’s as they were for their unpredictability and occasional violence. The Communist government liked them this way; dumb enough to be controllable, yet scary enough to …

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[Updated] Slacktivist Exploitation Of Missing Toronto Women Has Unintended Consequences

Update: The two teenage girls have now been found. Update 2: Corrected a mistake: Paisley Ray’s spreadsheet separated the men into their own tab, I missed that. Ray has created a Storify page of her tweets.I use an app on my phone to subscribe to the Toronto Police Service’s news release updates. It’s an interesting barometer of …

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