Earth Day Gone Stupid: #Line9 Protesters Attack The Wrong Company! (Feat. Sakura Saunders)

Anarchist Anglican priests  Maggie Helwig & Andrea Budgey protesting the wrong company

“Self-Hating” Anarchist Anglican priests Maggie Helwig & Andrea Budgey protesting the wrong company

Today was a big event for Canada’s socialist obedience cults, the 145th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birth! Most intelligent people (and dogs, my Hungarian born Beagle urinated on his tomb when we lived in Moscow) would be repelled by the idea of celebrating the birthday of such an evil man. Luckily for the obedience cults, there’s no shortage of useful idiots who are easily tricked- its easy, just re-brand it as Earth Day!

Supporters of the obedience cults might be inclined to believe that their leaders are intelligent; after all, they convinced 100’s of thousands of useful idiots to celebrate today- right? Perhaps some of the leaders are smart, but the leaders of Toronto’s big Earth Day protest are dumb as a box of rocks. You see, they led their friends useful idiots to protest the wrong company!

Today’s Line 9 protest was led by many of the usual suspects- professional protesters including anti-mining conspiracy theorist Sakura Saunders (an American followed by law enforcement on both sides of the border), her husband Darius Mirshahi (criminally charged during the 2010 G20), Jesuit Occupier Lana Goldberg (who is everywhere you don’t want to be), and professional indigenous protester Vanessa Gray.

No protest would be complete without the presence of the professional protester’s best friends at the CBC! I asked the CBC reporter if she’d report the “whole story” including the fact that today’s protesters are the same people they’ve filmed at Occupy Toronto, Idle No More, Sammy Yatim protests, Barrick Gold protests, etc. Curiously, the CBC reporter responded to me saying “no, we won’t cover that”. Your taxpayer dollars at work!

Sakura Saunders interviewed by the CBC

Sakura Saunders interviewed by the CBC

A small crowd of less than a couple of dozen activists useful idiots joined the professional protesters at a Pizza Pizza restaurant at the corner of Sheppard and Victoria Park Ave. Some of the protesters arrived early and used the time to fill themselves up on chain restaurant pizza. Others arrived and sat in their cars until the party was ready to get started- the people in the band so loved their car they bought vanity license plates for it!

The band's custom license plate...

We hate oil, but love our car so much we bought vanity plates!

Once enough fellow protesters miscreants had gathered, their pied piper leaders directed them to walk down Victoria Park until they reached the offices of Enbridge Gas Distribution on Consumers Road. The offices have zero relations to pipelines and/or oil, they provide natural gas to businesses, homes, offices, churches, etc across Toronto. So, basically, the protesters activists morons protested the wrong company!

As the climate protesters were walking around the corner they were suddenly pelted with ice and hale falling down from the sky- global warming has hit Toronto hard this year! Totally oblivious they were standing in front of a gas distribution company, many protesters yelled out “shame, shame” for their (wrongly assumed) part in the Line 9 pipeline. Sakura Saunder’s husband miscreant Darius Mirshahi began smashing on the front window- despite the presence of 8-10 police officers, no effort was made to stop him.

Darius Mirshahi smashing on the gas distribution company's front window...

Darius Mirshahi smashing on the gas distribution company’s front window…

A few minutes later the protesters walked a couple of doors over to Enbridge gas distribution’s consumer payment centre. The protesters were jubilant to discover that the centre had been closed down for the day. Of course, Enbridge didn’t lose any money from this, bills still have to be paid, the only people who suffered were the 99% who were unable to pay their bills.

Overall it was your typical Toronto protest- gullible ‘journalists’ from the CBC, many of the same old useful idiots, and leaders who are so stupid they guided their followers to the wrong building! I’m sure Vlad Lenin was truly pissed-off the day my dog relieved herself on his tomb- but imagine if he saw how stupid his birthday celebration was! Cука!

Пошел себе Сакура Сондерс!

Пошел себе Сакура Сондерс!

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