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#ShutDownCanada Fails: Small Crowds, Aborted Train Sabotage & Unabashed Racism

In early January Vancouver activist Dan Wallace announced a potentially exciting protest called #ShutDownCanada. The organizer’s goal was to get people to join in from coast-to-coast-to-coast, block critical infrastructure, and “severely impact: the country’s economy”. Adding to the anouncement, Wallace declared the event would “respect diversity of tactics”- activist code that means it’s acceptable if …

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Breaking: BROKE Burnaby To Join Pro-Violence Anarchist For Kinder Morgan Protest Planning Session!

There was bad news for the protesters who’ve been causing trouble on Burnaby Mountain the past few weeks. After spending the past week in damage control, trying to reassure their followers there was no way Kinder Morgan could win their injunction, KM won in a very big way. Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen made it clear …

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[Updated] BC Charity Publishes Eco-Terror Agitprop, Gets Caught Hiding The Evidence (Feat. Wilderness Committee)

Update: As of 2:56pm EST on Monday July 16th, the webpage is now up again, it wasn’t earlier this morning- bizarre.The Wilderness Committee is a BC based ENGO with about a dozen staff and $2 million in annual (tax-deductible) revenue, they claim to have a membership of approximately 30,000. In addition to their work on …

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LeadNow’s Anti-Social Climate Rallies Leave Vandalistic Legacy! (And what we can do about it)

Last weekend LeadNow.ca organized their Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities rallies across the country. LeadNow claimed they had events in over 100 locations (some possibly in people’s living rooms), and that many thousands of people showed up in support. The two largest gatherings were in Vancouver and Toronto- many of the usual suspects appeared, …

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[Updated] Anarchist Mayhem In Vancouver: Three Pipeline Protesters Arrested!

Update: Someone just shared an interesting video of Sasha Wiley-Shaw (sharing a stage with NDP MP Libby Davies) saying that Davies “has been a political mentor of mine since my childhood”, and then discussing the incident in 2012. Very interesting, and answers a few questions…Update 2: The arrested cyclist is Jakub Markiewicz, whose prior claim to fame …

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