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Robocall “Scandal”: An Insider’s View Of The Left’s Embarrassing Fraud (Feat. LeadNow.ca)

UPDATE: I’ve made some changes to the chart, adding the TIDES Foundation and their New Age plastic shaman centre Hollyhock. I also added the Ottawa event, where Brigette DePape spoke. The results were quite telling…_____________________________When I first read about the Robocall scandal in February, 2012, the allegations shocked me. If it was true that the Conservative …

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NDP MLA Jenny Kwan, Ellen Woodsworth, DTES Corruption And The Future Of Vancity Credit Union

Correction: This article originally listed Rich Coleman as being married to Janice Abbott- this is, of course, wrong. As I wrote back in 2012, her husband is Shane Ramsay.For the past three years, this site has been pointing out the corruption in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES), the neighbourhood that brought us the phrase “poverty pimp”. …

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[UPDATED] Vancouver Coastal Health Warns VANDU About Illegal Shooting Gallery! (But Ignores the Drug Dealer?)

Update: Coincidentally, while all of this is going on, VANDU is once again hosting the agitators at Vancouver Cop Watch____________________The Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) is probably the best example of the radical left making a mockery out of the city’s taxpayers. Funded through organizations like Vancouver Coastal Health ($250,437 in 2011), the …

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Why Would CSIS Want To Spy On Emma Gilchrist And The Dogwood Initiative? (Feat. Derek Jensen & Zoe Blunt)

After studying her online presence, Emma Gilchrist comes across as a reasonable person. Her resume shows a work history with the Calgary Herald, the Pembina Institute, and more recently with the Dogwood Initiative in Victoria, BC. Building on her journalism background, Gilchrist has recently taken on the Deputy Editor position for the desmog blog.So, considering …

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The Vancouver Observer’s NEB “Spying” Story Was A Shameless Deception (Feat. Elizabeth May & Joyce Murray)

Last week the Vancouver Observer published a scare story criticising the Harper government’s extensive spying on anti-oilsands groups. The writer explained that the “federal government” (wait, I thought it was Harper?) has been “vigorously spying” on anti oil sands activists and organizations across the country. Adding some fuel to the fire, they also hinted at a …

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